Mary Otte

Journalist specializing in the cannabis industry and traditional marijuana culture

United States of America

From crafting book reviews for The New York Post to my long stint as poetry editor of The Portland Alliance, my skills and experience within the world of writing are extensive. I've contributed to The Huffington Post, The New York Pamphleteer, (Dominican Republic), Tamirindo News (Costa Rica), Jaco News (Costa Rica), and among others. I've also written copious amounts of creative, keyword rich content for the leading U.S. automotive accessories site,

A frequent contributor to HIGH TIMES Magazine since 2004 and to the Fresh Toast since this year, I am well versed in all things cannabis, including marijuana infusions and edibles, pot pop culture, the drug war, hemp, psychedelics, psychotropics, pharmaceuticals, legal and illegal mind altering substances and the policies that surround them. I've also contributed to Hydrolife Magazine and Maximum Yield. In 2005 I was personal assistant to famed hemp and marijuana author, activist and personality, Jack Herer.

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The Fresh Toast
Mary Schumacher

Mary Schumacher is a contributing writer at The Fresh Toast.

Review of Amber Ladd album, HEARt

This is my latest music review for HT. I've had at least one music, book or movie review published in each monthly edition of the magazine for years now.

High Times
The HIGH TIMES Interview: Adrian Grenier

By Mary Ought Six, Photos by Katy Winn Best known for his role as Vincent Chase, the laidback heartthrob movie star at the center of HBO's hit series Entourage, Adrian Grenier is also an active, multi-instrument-rocking musician, a part-time Brooklyn-based band promoter and an avid environmentalist.

High Times
On The Road Again

On September 18, the legendary and perpetually touring Willie Nelson played to a full house at the historic McMenamins Edgefield venue in Portland, Oregon. Except it's not really a house, it's a lawn, and in true Oregon fashion it rained nearly an inch for Nelson's set.

High Times
Jack Herer Remembered

By Mary Otte This 4/20, stoners around the world, in all their respective time zones, will be celebrating their love of marijuana with a sad note in the air. Jack Herer - the Hemperor, father of the modern hemp movement, outspoken cannabis champion, and a hero to us all - is gone.

Caregiving Lessons from the Oscar Winning Film, Amour

If you have not yet seen the French film, Amour, you should. This is a suggestion that I've made to several friends, especially those who do not work in the field of aging, yet live life in an aging body like the rest of us.

The Huffington Post
The Hemperor is Dead, Long Live the Hemperor

Jack Herer, father of the modern hemp movement, passed away last Thursday, April 15, in Eugene, Oregon, his wife Jeannie at his side. Herer's health had been more than struggling since a debilitating heart attack in September 2009, when Herer was kept alive for over twenty minutes using CPR before help could arrive.

High Times
Munchies: Dixon's Doozies

This month, we have a very special treat: A good friend of the magazine, activist and cannabis baker Louie Dixon Jr., has shared one of his potent medical pot recipes with us. These cookies are simple and sweet, and they're guaranteed to knock your pain, nausea, or appetite loss right out the window.

High Times
American Drug War 2

From the creators of American Drug War and How Weed Won the West, comes their most compelling documentary to date -- and the other ones were damn good.

High Times
Main Street Marijuana, Open for Business

Twenty months after Washingtonians voted yes on recreational marijuana, the first pot shops have been cleared to open for business. July 8th was the official first day, but the 9th was the opening of the first pot store in SW Washington's Clark County, just a hop, skip and a joint from the Oregon border.

High Times
New Flame: Jamaica's Jah9 Lights Up the Reggae World with Her Own Special Fire

No matter what genre an artist is working in, she always seeks to bring something of herself to it, to donate something to an already-existing bigger picture. That contribution may be as small as a splotch of yellow appearing on every canvas produced by a painter, or, as it is for Kingston, Jamaica-based Jah9, as impactful as a whole new style of music.

High Times
Tim Pate on Pumpkins and Pot

Tim Pate is known around the world for his pumpkin carvings. He's pretty well known for his music, too. And his hemp and marijuana activism, kung fu practice, ministry counseling and other endeavors are even talked about in varied circles. Along with the human nuances that make us who we are, they create the Tim Pate package, and creativity abounds.

High Times
Victory for Hemp

On September 28th of this year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 566 into the law. Its language, authored by California Senator Mark Leno, is a preparatory outline for farmers and enforcement agencies to be able to move forward with the cultivation of agricultural hemp come January 1, 2014.

New York Post

"Give me an E, give me a Z, now E-K-I-E-L 25:17!" That's right: Before Samuel L. Jackson was a Bible quoting, cinematic badass, he had another activity occupying his school time: cheer squad. (Slightly less famously, so did George W. Bush).

New York Post

It's not every advice-book writer who can boast that his business acumen once earned him a spot a Fortune magazine Top 50 list. Fewer still can claim to have made the list Michael Franzese appeared on in 1986, when he was No.