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My passion for writing can trace back to the second grade and a well-received poem about snow. Since then, I've done a few things to refine that passion, like graduate from college with a bachelor's degree in English/Communications and gain professional experience through various internships and creative positions. I have done work with digital marketing, corporate blogging, social media, creative writing, editorial writing, and copywriting, as well as editing for all the above. I think learning new things is what it's all about. If you come away with nothing else, at least know that I have a sense of humor, could spend the rest of my days writing, and am actively trying to hang out with Bill Murray.


Company Blogging / Marketing Writing

Imbue Creative
8 Tips for Making Your Blog (and ROI!) Successful

According to the experts, 2016 will be the year of content. While content has been an essential part of marketing for years, it has seen a rise popularity over the last few months. This is because time and time again, quality content has been proven to be an effective, engaging way to attract and inform Read more...

My 5 Takeaways from Content Camp + PodCamp Philly 2015

I had never been to an "unconference" before. Although, to be fair, I had never been to a conference before, either - Content Camp + PodCamp Philly 2015 (#CCPC15) was the first industry event I attended as a real-life working adult (i.e. since graduating from college).

Imbue Creative
Recently Imbued: Equality Charter School Logo Design | Imbue Creative

When it came to designing a new logo for Equality Charter School, the Imbue team knew that it needed to be a strong, clear symbol to emulate the organization's approach. Equality is a charter school located in the Bronx that focuses on educating scholars of all backgrounds and has a simple philosophy: equality in opportunity.

Imbue Creative
Finding A Friendly Audience Through Facebook Advertising

Most smartphone users check their devices several times each hour with the average American spending 40 minutes on Facebook daily. If my "friends" are any indication, I suspect typical Facebookers spend way more time than that. Many folks view their Facebook feeds anywhere from 14 times a day to many times an hour.

Digital Dog Direct
Top Direct Mail Company in New Jersey

Here at DDD, our love for mail knows no boundaries. We love mail of all different shapes, sizes, weights, materials and classes. However, there is one class of mail that has a particular soft spot in our heart: Priority Mail.

6 Core Values That Shape Our Culture

We have a multifaceted business, but our recipe for success is simple. There are six core values that inform and inspire what we do as a company, and when you blend equal parts of each of these values together you're left with the unique flavor of 50onRed culture.

12 Acronyms Affiliate Marketers Need to Know

Do you know the CTR to your LP? Does it have a good CR%? To somebody new to the affiliate space, reading that sentence could be like reading a foreign language. Acronyms, while often helpful, can sometimes lead to confused communication (and a Google search on the sly).

Another Company Perk: Coffee Club

It all started after a few 50onRed employees ordered Death Wish. Not a literal death wish, of course (Mondays are hard, but they're not that hard). Rather, one 50onRed employee, Software Engineer Jeff Segall, finally decided to order the ultra-caffeinated coffee that had been on his mind; he wanted see if the flavor was as intense as its name.

Meet the 50 Team: Chief Financial Officer Ingrid Pierce

Welcome to our Meet the 50 Team series, where we give you the lowdown on how the people at 50onRed get stuff done. This time we're sitting down with our Chief Financial Officer, Ingrid Pierce! I was essentially hired in to help the company accelerate its growth.

How We Used Open Source Technology to Democratize Our Office Playlist

One of the first things you'll notice when walking into 50onRed's office at The Cira Center is the great music emanating from the sound system. You may hear hip-hop, punk, pop, 90s R&B, a movie soundtrack or some grungy black metal. Are these tunes from our local radio station, Pandora, or an employee's personal playlist?

Improving our (Work)out: Introducing 50onWellness

This was the message that 50onRed Business Analyst David Leek wrote the day he inadvertently founded the 50onWellness club. This announcement came as the result of an epiphany that David had experienced a few days prior: "I realized it didn't matter how much I did outside of work.

Digital Dog Direct
The Power of Letting Customers Hold Your Brand

Marketers should not underestimate the power of print advertising. Sure, digital marketing appears to be a more robust and contemporary way to advertise, but its power is limited. Consumers can interact with your brand online to an extent, but not in physical way-that's where print comes in.

Fetch Inbound Marketing
4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Team Needs A Blog Content Calendar

When it comes to blogging, most of us wish that it was easier done than said. No, that's not a typo. Time and time again, marketing teams vow to make blogging an initiative, promising that it will stay at the top of their to-do list even in the face of all other tasks and projects they have on their plates.

Enjoying A Great View of Q2

Work hard, play hard: It's a mentality that 50onRed believes in and puts to action. That's why, to celebrate the company's second quarter, we worked (by organizing and attending a company-wide Q2 overview presentation), and then played (by going directly to Morgan's Pier waterfront bar to eat, drink and be merry).

50Volunteers: Breaking Bread at Broad Street Ministry

On Thursday, September 24th, some members of the 50onRed team donated a few hours of their morning to volunteering at Broad Street Ministry, a not-for-profit corporation that helps Philadelphians experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, abuse, and other forms of social trauma.