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DS Burge & Co
Limited Company Expenses Guide | DS Burge & Co

Limited companies can claim a wide range of business and business-related expenses. This guide outlines limited company expenses, what you can claim, and the exclusions that may apply.

Carbon Desktop
Supporting the Net Zero strategy * Carbon Desktop

How energy monitoring software can increase energy efficiency, improve energy planning, track progress towards net zero, and increase transparency in the transition to a low-carbon future.

AIM Escape

Aim Escape rooms in London is the most advanced escape room experience ever designed.

Wilder Coe
What is a trustees role? - Wilder Coe

The role of trustees is vital for helping charities meet organisational goals, strategies and vision. We look at what is required when you become a trustee.

Wilder Coe
Charities and Net Zero - Wilder Coe

Charities need to take more drastic measures to meet NET ZERO targets and need help with emissions reporting, pensions, investments and procurement

A Quick Guide to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next digital revolution. It's will transform the way we interact with devices and looks set to deliver a range of benefits.

Hague Group
What is hybrid mail? - Hague Group

Hybrid mail solutions are transforming the way in which letters and documents can be printed, communicated, and shared. It can streamline the mail process, allowing companies to save money and reduce their environmental footprint. What is it and how does it work? Hybrid mail makes use of an online interface where users are able to [...]

Protein Rebel
What is pea protein? - Protein Rebel

Pea protein has many health & nutrition benefits. Learn more about pea protein, where it comes from, and how you can benefit from including it in your diet.

Concept Elevators
Carbon Footprint Report - Concept Elevators

We're committed to playing a constructive role within our community. With that in mind, we're proud to partner with housing associations to help install and maintain a range of access solutions for social and affordable housing.

Cabinet Top Planters - PlantCare

Cabinet top planters are a new and innovative approach to having a plant display in your office. Find out more information about indoor plant cabinets here.

Qualified Candidates

Finding the right candidates for your vacancy can be time-consuming and often feel like a hit-or-miss process. In an increasingly competitive recruitment market, it's important that your organisation does all it can to better increase its chances of finding the best candidates.

Developing a culture of courageous leaders

Courageous leaders create teams who are willing to take risks, step outside of their comfort zone and go the extra mile for the customer and the company.

One-to-One Leadership Coaching

One-to-one leadership coaching can help people develop new insights, transform the way they think about their role, and help them to develop new skills.

Drax Executive
Executive and Leadership Change

We act as both an 'insights' and 'delivery' partner: we advise our clients and deliver executive change, having evaluated the fit of the individual and team.

DevOps - What you need to know

It increasingly plays a role in delivering bespoke software solutions. What exactly is DevOps and what role does it play in helping organisations deliver applications and digital services?

Venn Accounts
Making Tax Digital for VAT Explained

Is making tax digital mandatory? From April 2022, the compulsory MTD requirements will extend to all VAT-registered businesses and organisations.

A Brief Introduction to SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy)

Scanning electron microscopy, or SEM, produces detailed, magnified images of an object by scanning its surface to create a high resolution image. SEM does this using a focused beam of electrons. The resulting images show information about what the object is made of and its physical features. Watch and learn...

An Introduction to Ion Beam Milling (IBM)

Ion beam milling produces a sample which is thin, smooth, and free of surface debris. The technique is suitable whenever a high-resolution cross-sectional image is desired. Polymerics Ceramics Metals Geological specimens What are the components of an Ion Beam Mill?

Enviro Chill
Which air conditioning is best for the home?

The British weather is famously unpredictable, with fluctuations in temperature across the year. We can go from sub-zero to heatwave within a matter of days, making heating or ventilating your home a constant challenge. Staying comfortable during those extended heat waves and icy blasts isn't always straightforward.

Calibre Control
How is pet food tested? | Calibre Control

We love our pets. They are companions, loyal friends and even devoted work colleagues in some instances. For that reason, we want to do the best for them, and that includes what we feed them. Pet food is an increasingly big business, with manufacturers creating ever more high-quality products for our pets.

Calibre Control
Is Wheat a Good Source of Protein? | Calibre Control

Protein has become big business. Protein powders are an increasingly popular way to support a healthy lifestyle, manage your weight and achieve your fitness goals. They deliver a range of benefits to users, not least ensuring that people are consuming their recommended protein intake on a regular basis.

Woodbourne Group
How biophilic design is helping to improve the built environment

Biophilic design is helping to address that disconnect by embedding green elements into the built environment. What was once a fringe concern within architecture and construction is now going mainstream as concerns about well-being and sustainability come to the fore.

Woodbourne Group
Can a building ever be future proof?

A famous quote by Benjamin Franklin says that death and taxes are the only two things about which we can be certain. As anyone who has attempted to predict the future will tell you, it's a quote that contains some truth.

The top 10 cyber security measures every law firm needs

To properly protect your law firm's data you should develop a comprehensive security policy to ensure that your security isn't compromised. This will usually combine a range of administrative, physical and technological safeguards that minimise the risk of your practice becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Freeman Jones Solicitors
Can I Ask My Employer For A Settlement Agreement? | FJ Solicitors

In most cases, an employer will usually be the first party to offer a settlement agreement to an employee in the case of a dispute. They may also offer a settlement agreement if they believe you are no longer a good fit for your job.

Concept Elevators
How we work with schools, colleges and universities - Concept Elevators

Home Services Maintenance Modernisation Installation Emergency Breakdown & Repair Mobility Access About Downloads Contact Facebook Twitter Linkedin Midlands Office 01543 273673 Northern Office 01928 594790 Logout CUSTOMER ACCESS Midlands Office 01543 273673 Northern Office 01928 594790 How we work with schools, colleges and universities Get in Touch Access for all is crucial in educational settings.

Concept Elevators
How we work with housing associations - Concept Elevators

At Concept Elevators, we're committed to playing a constructive role within our community. With that in mind, we're proud to partner with housing associations to help install and maintain a range of access solutions for social and affordable housing. Housing associations need to provide a range of accommodation to meet the different needs of a diverse range of clients.

Concept Elevators
Carbon Footprint Report - Concept Elevators

If the UK is to meet its ambitious Net-Zero targets as part of a global push to tackle global warming then businesses are going to have to play their part. At Concept Elevators, we're serious about doing our bit to tackle climate change.

SSO International Forwarding Ltd
Freeports in the UK | SSOIF

A freeport is a type of special economic zone that is designed to encourage trade and investment by offering tax and other incentives to businesses that locate there. Freeports are typically located near ports or airports, and are designed to facilitate the import, export, and processing of goods.

Why automatic sliding doors are good for commercial properties?

One of the means through which us at Safetell help businesses achieve greater better on-site security and accessibility is through the installation of automatic sliding doors. We bring a range of benefits to commercial properties while playing a part in the overall security set-up in the building.

How do you maintain automatic doors? - Safetell

Looking for automatic door maintenance service with years of trusting experience and knowledge, then look no further than Safetell, the automatic door servicing and maintenance specialists. Call us today on 01322 428 971 To ensure the safe and reliable operation of automatic doors over any length of time requires regular automatic door maintenance.

Rowan Executive Search
Chief Operating Officers & Their Importance | Rowan

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) has a position of key importance in any organisation. In an ambitious SME, their role can be particularly pivotal. Any small or medium-sized business that is looking to grow, diversify, develop, and expand will lean heavily on the skills, vision, and expertise of its key personnel.

Mandla Bhomra
Child Contact Arrangements At Christmas | Mandla Bhomra

Christmas can be an emotionally charged time of year. This is particularly the case for divorced parents. Arranging how children will spend Christmas with each parent after separation or divorce can easily become contentious. All too often, breakdowns in communication lead to conflict and isolation over the festive period.

TW White & Sons
Hybrid vs Electric Cars Pros and Cons | TW White & Sons

Although Hybrid and Electric cars remain a niche market in the UK, their popularity is growing. A brief look at the SMMT registration data for 2022 can give you an idea of where the market currently stands: Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs): 267,203 cars sold in 2022. A 40.1% increase from 2021.

Venn Accounts
What are annual accounts | How to prepare company accounts

Annual accounts can be time-consuming and concerning for people who run a limited company. They are a legal requirement for almost all UK registered companies so it's vital that you understand what they are, how they need to be prepared and how they're submitted.

Right to Work

Ensuring that your staff are fully compliant in their role can be challenging. Many would-be employees may state they have a right to work, perhaps believing that is the case when in actual fact they don't meet the necessary criteria. When this happens, the penalty for the employer can potentially be huge.

Qualified Candidates

Finding the right candidates for your vacancy can be time-consuming and often feel like a hit-or-miss process. In an increasingly competitive recruitment market, it's important that your organisation does all it can to better increase its chances of finding the best candidates.

Benefits of Online Training

Professional training across almost every sector is increasingly being delivered online. As a mode of delivery, it has a range of benefits for both employers and learners alike, embedding greater flexibility into the learning process. It makes learning more accessible, enabling people to learn at their own pace.

Measuring the impact of leadership development programmes

Measuring the impact of leadership development programmes is not an exact science but there is a range of metrics you can use to assess how far your objectives have been met. Any leadership development programme needs to deliver tangible results. What these results are and how they are measured will differ from company to company.

Developing a culture of courageous leaders

Courage is a key part of leadership. Courageous leaders create courageous teams who are willing to take risks, step outside of their comfort zone and go the extra mile for each other, the customer and the company. We all know courage when we see it but it can sometimes be difficult to define.

How coaching helps Leadership Development?: An experts guide

Coaching is an effective tool in the development of leadership capabilities. For example, the choice of coach is a key decision for any serious athlete. Anyone who gets to the top of their chosen sporting discipline will always do it in partnership with an effective and inspirational coach.

H1 Healthcare
What is revalidation and why is it required?

Nurses, midwives, and nursing associates in England need to go through the revalidation process in order to maintain their registration with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). This is designed to promote good practice, helping nursing and midwifery professionals to gain confidence and broaden their abilities while strengthening overall public confidence.

H1 Healthcare
Benefits of working for a healthcare agency

Many healthcare professionals at some stage in their careers may opt to work for a healthcare agency. It might be because they're between full-time contracts or are looking for a new challenge. Perhaps they've relocated to a new area, or they're looking for work that better fits in with their other responsibilities.

The services a software development company should offer its clients

A software development company creates bespoke software solutions for their clients. They listen, design and create solutions that solve problems, helping companies become more efficient. Although there is always an initial outlay when it comes to commissioning new software, innovative and tailored solutions can deliver considerable cost savings over time.

Why is software development important?

Software development is vital to how we live. It helps us to find solutions to problems, open up new creative and commercial opportunities, communicate and socialise. In fact, software development is an essential component of modern life culminating in products we largely take for granted.

What are the most in-demand programming languages right now?

The modern world depends on programming languages. They are used in app development, software and websites and a range of other digital products. To keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape, programming languages are continually developing. It's important therefore for developers to remain up to date with the most in-demand programming languages.

Should You Build or Buy Software?

Most companies will need a range of software solutions to help them run their business, meet customer needs and stay on top of their essential activities. There is a wide variety of off-the-shelf software solutions available enabling businesses to quickly access at least some of the tools that they need.

Gurjeet Jutley
What artificial lenses are available?

Lens replacement surgery, also known as lens exchange or lens replacement, is a surgical procedure in which the natural lens inside the eye is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. It can be a very valid option instead of wearing contact lenses or glasses.

Video production | Manchester | Eight Engines
What Is a Corporate Video? Explained by Eight Engines

Looking to create a corporate video for your business? Eight Engines explains what a corporate video is, its benefits, and how it can help grow your brand. Read our expert article and discover the key elements of a successful corporate video

Candy MC
A guide to obtaining your ISO 9001 certification - Candy MC

Many companies are aware of the existence of ISO 9001 and may understand that it's desirable but do not fully understand how it's obtained. Alternatively, they may feel that the benefits of obtaining ISO 9001 are outweighed by the effort required to secure it. Or they might feel that ISO 9001 isn't for them.

School Exclusions Solicitors - IBB Law

If your child is excluded from school, it can be highly distressing, confusing, and disruptive. Knowing how to respond can be stressful, particularly when your primary concern is to ensure your child receives the best possible education. IBB Law can provide advice to help you decide the best course of action and then professional legal support throughout any subsequent appeal process.

Blank Canvas
Unique warehouse event spaces London - Blank Canvas

Our exciting portfolio includes a selection of industrial warehouse event spaces located all across London. With no two alike, we can be hired for a plethora of events and offer full-service event management. We love the use of our warehouses for parties and each space brings its unique charms to the occasion.

Wilson Browne
A Guide To Wills

"Nothing is certain except for death and taxes"... Regrettably one can't escape either of them, no one likes to think about death, but if we don't make plans regarding how we would like to distribute our assets amongst our loved ones, it could be storing-up problems for later: in essence, you may be leaving a tangled mess for your grieving family to resolve or not leaving the most tax efficient legacy.

How technology is moving law firms forward

UK law firms have historically been a slower adopter of technology, however they are catching up other professional services sectors, such as banking with technology and client data management, which we explore here in more detail.

Amber Valley Developments LLP
Guide to the Direct Vision Standard

In our guide to the Direct Vision Standard systems, we will take a look at what DVS is and explore how you can ensure that you're compliant.

Venture Labels
A look at labelling in industrial environments - Venture Labels

Durable and clear labelling in industrial settings can serve several purposes. It can be deployed to make product or component identification easier in warehouse or production line settings for example. Or it may serve an altogether more safety-critical function. Here we explore the latter in a little more detail.

Venture Labels
How labelling can help prevent pharmaceutical fraud - Venture Labels

It's never been easier to purchase pharmaceutical drugs that were previously only available via a pharmacist. Online services of differing degrees of reputability now make all kinds of pharmaceutical products available to customers worldwide. There are a number of inherent risks to purchasing drugs in this way, not least the lack of quality control, dosage advice and ongoing health monitoring.

Richardson Lissack
Corporate Insolvency Solicitors - Richardson Lissack

Corporate insolvency is a complex and often sensitive topic that requires a careful and considered approach, both from the parties involved and legal specialists. Whether you face insolvency as an individual or a company, the quality of the advice you receive can have a huge impact on the overall outcome of the process.

SSO International Forwarding Ltd
How has Brexit affected Asia to UK shipping rates? | SSOIF

While most of the focus of Brexit has been on the impact it has had on trade between the UK and the EU, it has also had a broader knock-on effect on other aspects of global trade. One impact that grabbed the headlines earlier in the year was the knock-on effect on Asia to UK shipping.

Dawn Creative
A Guide To Website Development - Dawn Creative

These days, websites are design-led, user friendly and immersive. They should ideally centre on the requirements of visitors and offer a depth of insight into the brand. To create these kinds of websites takes vision, creativity and advanced technical know-how.

Woodbourne Group
What can we expect from COP27?

It's hoped that this year's COP will bring concrete actions and binding commitments on radically reducing emissions. Another key strand of this year's COP is the push to ensure that the losses and damages caused by climate change in the global south are properly financed

Woodbourne Group
What tech developments are shaping the sustainability landscape?

Tech innovation is at the forefront of our development approach here at Woodbourne Group. To drive sustainability in our projects we use pioneering technology to achieve the type of legacy that we want to leave behind. Through our Woodbourne Ventures initiative we champion the tech innovators and the burgeoning entrepreneurs looking to make their mark and unleash the potential that tech gives us.

Woodbourne Group
How retrofitting buildings for new use can help to achieve net-zero carbon targets

Ambitious net-zero carbon targets are going to require a new approach to the built environment. At Woodbourne Group, we're embracing the challenge with our imaginative approach to regeneration. We're also backing entrepreneurs who are powering up the net-zero agenda and raising the bar when it comes to innovation through our Woodbourne Ventures initiative.

Woodbourne Group
Woodbourne Ventures - Woodbourne Group

Woodbourne Ventures is an early-capital and pre-seed accelerator fund enabling remarkable entrepreneurs to build breakthrough businesses. Scroll Down Woodbourne Ventures champions the next generation of entrepreneurs and wealth-creators, striving to build exciting breakthrough businesses. We take our inspiration from the ideas, dreams and goals of talented individuals looking to take their vision to the next level.

Wilson Browne
A Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions

Many people use merger and acquisitions as interchangeable terms, when in fact they are not: * Merger is when two companies join to become one, usually through an exchange of shares * Acquisition is when one company buys the assets or shares of another company.

Loans for health and social care workers

Even with the most careful financial planning, unexpected and unavoidable costs can throw our budgeting awry. A car repair bill, appliance failure or a central heating breakdown in the middle of winter can all prove costly. In such instances, it may be tempting to visit a pay-day lender for a quick accessible loan.

Hague Group
How Hague can help UKAS and non-accredited laboratories meet compliance standards - Hague Group

When testing for Covid-19 and other viruses, the professional standards of the testing facility must be beyond question. To help build confidence in testing systems, the government provides accreditation and conformity assessments - compliance with these standards is monitored through testing, inspection, and calibration. UKAS is the National Accreditation Body in the United Kingdom for [...]

Hague Group
How to get the most out of your warehouse labels - Hague Group

At Hague, we provide labels for a wide variety of applications. Our barcode warehousing labelling can help to improve the efficiency of your operational processes. Over the years the use of barcode labels within warehouses has significantly increased as companies have seen the benefits they can bring.

Murria Solicitors
Company Administration

Meeting the challenges of businesses in financial distress The cost of living crisis is having serious repercussions for UK businesses. It's not just households that are feeling the squeeze, as utility costs spiral and small businesses in particular struggle to keep afloat. With tighter household budgets, consumers have reduced their discretionary spending taking money out of the economy.

Optical transceivers for 5G networks

There's an incredible buzz around 5th Generation wireless systems (5G). 5G is the next-generation network evolved from the existing 4G/LTE network. It's key features are its higher capacity and lower latency. This will enable it to support a considerably higher density of mobile users as well as providing the foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M Communications.

Hanbeck Natural Stone
Our Brand Story - Hanbeck Natural Stone

Our brand story A Business Built on Tradition And Expertise A Proud Local Tradition Hanbeck Natural Stone is a business built on solid foundations and you don't get much more solid than the Lincolnshire Limestone Belt. This ridge of Jurassic Limestone begins way down on the Dorset coast and stretches up through the middle of [...]

Hanbeck Natural Stone
About us - Hanbeck Natural Stone

Our vision is to provide a top quality product, finished to an excellent standard whilst exceeding our customers expectations of service. Hanbeck Natural Stone are a producer of Natural Stone building products situated within the famous Lincolnshire Limestone Belt. Founded in 1998, Hanbeck is committed to remaining a family owned and run business.

Hanbeck Natural Stone
How We Work With Builders & Developers - Hanbeck Natural Stone

Builders & developers How we work with together. The Lincolnshire limestone supplied by Hanbeck Natural Stone is a distinctive natural material that is synonymous with the built environment of much of England. It can be found in countless prestigious buildings across the world and has been used widely in Ecclesiastical buildings.

Hanbeck Natural Stone
The Art of Drystone Walling - Hanbeck Natural Stone

DRYSTONE WALLING The history & the how to... Dry stone walling is an ancient craft that's still carried out across the world. In fact, it's one of the earliest building techniques that humans developed. Some of the oldest dry stone walls in continuous use date back to the Neolithic Age, and some can even be [...]

Hanbeck Natural Stone
Tips For Choosing Natural Stone (Part 1) - Hanbeck Natural Stone

Tips For Choosing Natural Stone Part One 1. Type of stone Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, you need to consider which type of stone you wish to choose. Ideally, you should choose the stone that's local to your area. Across much of England, that stone is limestone.

Hanbeck Natural Stone
Tips For Choosing Natural Stone (Part 2) - Hanbeck Natural Stone

Tips For Choosing Natural Stone Part Two 6. Ask about the manufacturing process High-quality stone is the result of its natural qualities and the manufacturing process. Ask yoursupplier to outline their manufacturing process. How is stone selected and what is the qualitycontrol procedure? 7.

What is ICP-MS?

Atomic spectroscopy is the technique for determining the elemental composition of an analyte by its electromagnetic or mass spectrum. Several atomic spectroscopy analytical techniques are available and selecting the most appropriate one is the key to achieving accurate, reliable, real-world results.

What are the most effective COD analysers?

Chemical oxygen demand (COD) measurements are used to assess water quality and are frequently used across a range of sectors. The level of water contamination is determined by measuring the amount of oxygen required to oxidise any organic matter found in the sample.

What is chemical oxygen demand (COD)?

Chemical oxygen demand, or COD, is the measure of the capacity of water to consume oxygen during the decomposition of organic matter in the water. In other words, it's the amount of oxygen that's needed to oxidise the organic matter present in a quantity of water.

Creating Better Homes
Kitchen Showroom | Creating Better Homes

Shopping online has never been easier. While it's perfectly possible to buy big ticket items without leaving the house. it's not always the best option. If you're considering buying a new kitchen you might be tempted to limit your search to the internet.

Elmbridge Farm
Tipi Wedding Venue in Worcestershire - Elmbridge Farm Weddings

It's not difficult to see why tipi weddings have become fashionable over the past few years. A photographer's delight, there's something uniquely romantic and atmospheric about the happy couple and their guests gathered in a beautifully lit tipi. Tipi weddings are weddings to remember. They can be transformed into truly unique wedding venues.

Elmbridge Farm
Unique Wedding Venue in Worcestershire - Elmbridge Farm Weddings

Trying to find amazing wedding venues online can be a taxing job! Whether you're looking for wet or dry hire, a wedding venue with a view or just a plain old simple wedding venue, it can be hard to narrow down your search. Where is it located? What does it offer?

How to recycle your waste coffee grounds at work - bio-bean

16th January 2023 As coffee enthusiasts, we tend to focus more on what type of coffee beans and blends we're drinking and not so much on what happens to the coffee grounds once they've been brewed. Let alone how to recycle your waste coffee grounds!

Why We Love Worms - Seedball

Super simple wildflower gardening, scatter seedballs and become a hub of wildlife activity! Best Wildlife Gardening Product 2019 and Gift of the Year 2017

Richardson Lissack
A guide to insider dealing - Richardson Lissack

Insider dealing is a serious charge, one that comes with considerable consequences if an individual is found guilty. It's a complex area of law which can create confusion. In this guide, we look at insider dealing, defining what it is and the actions or behaviour that constitute insider dealing.

Richardson Lissack
Preparing your business for an IR35 Investigation - Richardson Lissack

Despite best efforts to ensure that your business is compliant with IR35 legislation, HMRC may still open an investigation. If you receive notification of an investigation , it is important not to panic. Being prepared can make the process less stressful and increase the chances of a satisfactory outcome.

Richardson Lissack
Civil Litigation from both sides - Richardson Lissack

Litigation is the principal means by which parties in England and Wales attempt to resolve civil disputes. The process is governed by the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), and each party has to persuade a judge of the merits of their case on the balance of probabilities.

Richardson Lissack
What are the penalties for tax evasion in the UK? - Richardson Lissack

If you are being investigated for tax evasion it is highly likely that HMRC has discovered irregularities which it believes are suspicious or has found inconsistencies in your tax return or company accounts. Using a database called 'Connect', which analyses large amounts of data and which produces patterns and reports, provides HMRC with leads.

Aqueous Digital
What is SEO? - Aqueous Digital

If you're marketing your business online, SEO is a term that you can't escape. You may have a vague idea of what it's all about. but perhaps don't quite understand how it works. and why it's so important to the success of your business.

Aqueous Digital
How long does it take for SEO to work? - Aqueous Digital

Even subtle changes to SEO can have a dramatic impact on where you appear in the rankings. Conversely, wholesale changes can barely shift you at all. In fact, anyone who tells you they can accurately predict how long it will take for your SEO to have an impact is probably not being completely honest.

Aqueous Digital
How online reputation management works - Aqueous Digital

When you work hard and try to provide an excellent service to customers, it can be frustrating to see your business reputation take a hit. Sometimes these things are out of your hands. No matter how exacting our standards, and how hard we work, customers can take issue with an aspect of the service they received for all kinds of reasons.

Dawn Creative
How to choose a branding agency - Dawn Creative

Branding is one of the most important investments you will make in your business. Whether or not you give your branding much thought, your business will still communicate a set of brand values to your customers and potential customers. It's entirely possible for businesses to accidentally find themselves with negative branding, that acts to the detriment of their business.

Dawn Creative
How to get started with digital branding - Dawn Creative

Sounds good, but is that something that smaller businesses need to think about, particularly in the early days? The often-cited statistics about small businesses stand as a warning to anyone who thinks going it alone is easy. Around 660,000 startups are launched every year, but 20% of those won't be around by the end of their first year of trading.

Dawn Creative
Why Is Typography Important In Web Design? - Dawn Creative

Content plays an important part in any website, and how these words are presented is crucially important. Typography therefore plays an important role in how a website is designed and presented. Typography web design needs to be considered to ensure that it creates the maximum impact.

Dawn Creative
Why Is Digital Branding Important? - Dawn Creative

How does your website, social media and email marketing communicate what your business is all about and what makes it different? Increasing traffic to your website can be pointless if visitors don't engage with your content and that content doesn't communicate something important about your brand.

Dawn Creative
Do I need a bespoke website? - Dawn Creative

It therefore needs to combine high levels of functionality with real impact in terms of design. How do you make sure that your website does the job you need it to do? While template, or 'off-the-shelf' websites can offer a quick and affordable way to get your business website live they are by their nature limited and are often generic.

Video production | Manchester | Eight Engines
Video production for small businesses by Eight Engines specialists

As well as being about making a profit and earning a living, businesses tell a story. As human beings we love narrative, and if you can tell a compelling story about your business, then customers will engage. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Video production | Manchester | Eight Engines
Video production in education | Eight Engines

Live video, making use of internet technology such as Zoom, requires both students and teachers to share a virtual space at the same time for learning to take place. This can be hugely disadvantageous for a number of reasons. Not all students have equal access to the technology required or may have to share it with other members of their household.

Video production | Manchester | Eight Engines
What is a Video Marketing Strategy? - Video Production Manchester - Eight Engines

The internet is now dominated by video content. Internet users are now bombarded with streams of video content being created by individuals, artists, brands or enthusiasts. This has had a profound impact on how brands promote themselves online. In the US alone, digital video marketing is already worth an incredible $135 billion.

News | Global Investment Strategy

Prime brokers offering trade execution services to clients in Hong Kong are expected to comply with regulatory requirements of the territory, regardless of where the risk positions are located. Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has recently clarified this position in a circular that was forwarded to prime brokers.

How shares move through a settlement system

Whether an individual is looking to purchase shares as a medium to long-term investment or is looking to maximise profit on those shares as quickly as possible via trading, two key dates are important in the buying and selling process. These two dates are the trade date and settlement date.

How to Choose A Clearing Broker

One of the most critical decisions faced by any trader is how to select a clearing broker with whom to partner. The broker that provides your clearing services will play a significant role in the success or otherwise of your trading activities, be that on your proprietary behalf or on behalf of a client.

Clearing Services, Mechanisms & Risk Management

Clearing services play a crucial role in the architecture of international financial markets. This architecture is a complex web of interconnected institutions and processes which have developed and evolved over decades. Taken together, it creates a robust framework that provides both stability and a means to generate profits.

What is Corporate Finance?

Corporate financing is a broad term covering the finance division that deals with how companies approach funding sources, reach investment decisions, and their capital structure. It aims to maximise shareholder value through financial planning for both the short and long term.

A CEO's Guide to Corporate Finance

Strong financial understanding is a prerequisite for an organisation's leadership team. Corporate financing is a broad term. In brief, it's the division of finance that covers how companies approach different funding sources, investment decisions and their overall capital structure. The aim is to maximise shareholder value by utilising both short and long term financial planning.

Investment Banking vs Corporate Finance

The roles, responsibilities and functions of investment banking and corporate financing are sometimes misunderstood. There is overlap between the two, but some key differences make each role unique. A key difference is that corporate financing will deal with short and long term business goals while taking an overview of day-to-day financial operations.

Flow Office Furniture & Interiors
Modern office design - what you need to know | Flow Office Design

Office design trends are always evolving. They change to take account of working practices and to better reflect current commercial needs. For obvious reasons, we've seen a lot of change over the last couple of years in modern office design and one of the exciting things about working in this industry is that it never stands still.

Flow Office Furniture & Interiors
How to Design an Inclusive Workspace | Flow Office Design

As Generation Z enters the workplace and Millennials move into senior management positions, expectations around inclusivity and diversity are changing. Companies who want to compete in today's increasingly dynamic marketplace need to focus on building an inclusive work environment and diverse culture and workforce.

SSO Logistics
How does freight forwarding work?

Freight forwarding is one of the world's most important service industries. It ensures that global trade can happen as seamlessly as possible, helping businesses to fulfil orders, grow their turnover and keep the economy moving. Without professional freight forwarding the whole process of importing and exporting goods would be considerably more difficult, convoluted and subject to delays.

Concept Elevators
How we work with housing associations - Concept Elevators

At Concept Elevators, we're committed to playing a constructive role within our community. With that in mind, we're proud to partner with housing associations to help install and maintain a range of access solutions for social and affordable housing. Housing associations need to provide a range of accommodation to meet the different needs of a diverse range of clients.

Enviro Chill
Cold Room Installation Near Me

Enviro Chill provide businesses across the North West with an unrivalled cold room installation service. Call us on 0151 285 1818 for a free quote for walk-in cold rooms.

Freeman Jones Solicitors
All About No-Fault Divorce | Ground for divorce | Divorce Lawyers Freeman Jones

Have questions around no-fault divorce? Keep on reading as we answer to the most frequently asked questions around no-fault divorce. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 (the "Act") introduces a new no fault divorce. The bill entered parliament in January 2020 and received the royal assent in June 2020.

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What can a lasting power of attorney do?

With life expectancy increasing many more of us will face challenges to our physical and mental capacity as we grow older. The Alzheimer's Society estimates that, as of 2021, there are around 1 million people in the UK suffering from dementia, with that figure likely to steadily increase in the future.

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How Computer Recycling Works | Concept Management

Technology is developing quicker than ever. Eventually we have to update our hardware to keep pace. But what happens to our old technology? There are thousands of computers discarded and replaced in the UK every week. The majority of these still end up in landfill. This is potentially harmful to the environment and wastes resources.

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Find Out How Computer Recycling Can Help The Environment!

With most of us updating our computer equipment every few years, it can be easy to let our old computers and laptops start to pile up. Often our reticence to do anything with our old computer equipment comes from a fear about data.

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How To Dispose Of An Old Computer | Concept Management

Concept Management's skills are in data security and asset disposal but more importantly maximising revenue and profit from retired or non-working equipment and this is why we can offer a completely free of charge service but more importantly offer a rebate on computer equipment such as PCs, laptops and monitors, although this is determined by equipment value and volume.