Mark Gimein

Examples of my writing and editing. My articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Fortune, Bloomberg and other outlets. I've worked as an editor at The Week, Bloomberg, and The Village Voice.

The Atlantic
AI's Spicy-Mayo Problem

A chatbot that can't say anything controversial isn't worth much. Bring on the uncensored models.

The Week
Examples 2020-2022

Examples of sections I oversee and edit at The Week, including some of my editor's letters.

Coda Story
Deadly Spiral

BY DARIA LITVINOVA - EDITED BY MARK GIMEIN - As an AIDS epidemic runs out of control and deaths rise above 30,000 a year, Russians look for scapegoats.

The Week
Examples 2018-2020

Examples, 2018 to 2020, of the business, technology and other coverage that I oversee at weekly news magazine.

Village Voice
Keepers of the Secrets

BY JAMES SOMERS - EDITED BY MARK GIMEIN - I was told that the most interesting man in the world works in the archives division of the New York Public Library, and so I went there, one morning this summer, to meet him.

Village Voice
Dying in Solitary

BY JAMES RIDGEWAY AND KATIE ROSE QUANDT - EDITED BY MARK GIMEIN - Adam Hall was originally sentenced to a year in prison. The he tried to kill himself. With each suicide attempt he got more time - six years for the last attempt. After the story came out, Hall was finally transferred to a psychiatric facility.

Village Voice
Bernie, the Musical

BY MICHAEL APPLER - EDITED BY MARK GIMEIN - After the election has come and gone, a small troupe of Bernie Sanders die hards take their act on the road.

Bloomberg (republished via Chumpchanger)
4 BRs, $29,750 a Month: a Story of Inflation

The most expensive apartment in the twin towered Art Deco masterpiece looking out over Central Park, the San Remo, rented for $900 a month. The tenant was a stockbroker named Meno Henschel who, according to what he told the Census Bureau, lived in his apartment together with his wife, a cook and two maids.

New York Magazine
Medical Malpractice - Nashaba Torres's Fight for Her Son-- New York Magazine - Nymag

Halfway through the first day of the trial, she sits alone in the courtroom. First the judge left, then the doctor watching from the front row, then the lawyers, until finally it was just her, a hot day outside, white sleeveless top showing off a tattoo and only if you asked would you know it was of the name of her dead son.

George Soros Is Mad as Hell

The billionaire philanthropist who made billions anticipating blowups stakes his reputation on an epic fight against George Bush.