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Falling in Love with Northern Portugal

I am just returning from a seven-day trip to Porto and the Douro valley in Northern Portugal, but my head is filled with so many images and memories-it feels like I spent a full...

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Visiting Paris with a Baby

Last year, we went on a trip to Paris with our then-7-month-old baby. It was a long trip to undertake, but we wanted to quickly get some practice at travelling as a family and...

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Staying at a Ryokan in Japan: Helpful Tips + Dos and Don'ts

Of all my travels, my trip to Japan stands out as the one that surprised, unsettled, and amazed me the most. Out of everything I did during my stay in Japan, my experience in a...


10 Reasons Why You Should Go to Venice

So, E and I spent the first part of our 10-year anniversary vacation in Venice. "Of course," you're thinking, "Venice is so romantic!" The thing is, we were actually joining...


A Visit at Tokyo's Famous Tsukiji Fish Market

Anyone that's curious about food cannot go to Tokyo without visiting its famous Tsukiji fish market. More than just a market, it's a city, really, with 2,000 tons of almost 500...

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Brunch at the Sugar Shack

When I was growing up, visiting a sugar shack in March was a tradition. It was the quintessential Québécois family activity.


Meeting the Dom Pérignon Cellar Master: Inside the Mind of a Champagne Creator

The very name Dom Pérignon conjures up history. The famous champagne production house is associated with tradition, reliability, and luxury, a reputation it has maintained since...


What to Eat in Sicily

While 5 days in Sicily was certainly not enough to experience all the deliciousness the Italian island has to offer, I went prepared (and hungry!) and was able to taste lots of...


A Hidden Gem in Paris: Passage du Grand Cerf

Paris is well-known for its many passages; hidden shopping arcades that were created at the end of the 18th century. They were typically dug through existing building or created...


Saba: An Unspoiled, Beach-Less Caribbean Paradise

I had never heard of Saba before E forwarded me a travel article presenting the island as a diver's paradise. We had been looking for a sunny and warm vacation destination, but...


Cooking on a Sailboat

I feel relaxed, peaceful, and calm even if I'm overwhelmed with deadlines to meet and e-mails to reply to. What's happening with me? I'm just returning from a week of sailing...


Falling in love with Amsterdam and its culinary delights

Researching Amsterdam's food scene before leaving for my 10-day trip to the Venice of the North, I quickly discovered that Dutch cuisine didn't have such a great reputation....


A Chocolate and Pastry Tour in New York City

If you're following me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you know that I was in New York last week attending the International Association of Culinary Professionals' Annual...

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Five Gourmet Lunches in Miami

During our stay in Miami a few weeks ago, we rediscovered the pleasure of gourmet lunches. Not only did it fit our new "with baby" travel schedule better than did going out at...

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Where to Eat in Big Sur

Note: This post is published in partnership with Expedia Canada and Food Bloggers of Canada. All recommendations and opinions are my own. I had long wanted to go on a road trip...

Restaurant Reviews


Kadeau, Copenhagen

Reviewing this restaurant has long been on my to-do list, and I initially planned on naming this post "A Hidden Gem in Copenhagen." Well, after Kadeau received its first...


Panache is a long-time favorite of locals and visitors alike. Located in a riverside warehouse dating back to the 19th century, with plank floors and foot-thick stonewalls, the...


There's More to Copenhagen than Noma: A Gastronomic Lunch at Geranium

More people asked me "Will you go to Noma?" when I announced I was heading to Copenhagen than I can even count. After I came back, only the tense of that question changed, as...