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My blog ( explores social and political issues affecting parenting. I am a freelance writer having written for Essential Baby, Kidspot, Child Magazines and The Big Smoke. Previously I was the Session Co-ordinator of the Digital Parents Conference in 2012 and 2013.

Essential Kids
Baby, it's true: 5 ways the fourth child raises itself

Ten years ago when I announced my fourth pregnancy I was met with the expected congratulatory response. In the midst of the "how lovely/nice/wonderful" responses, two distinct camps began to form on the fringes. The first camp was slightly alarmed and asked, "Are you a glutton for punishment?"

8 activities toddlers and babies can do together

Entertaining a toddler and a baby all day can be tricky and exhausting with both being at different developmental stages. Play is the perfect way to help babies and toddlers develop new skills. One-year-olds enjoy sensory-based games that include pulling, touching, manipulating, shaking and crushing, whereas three-year-olds tend to participate in more purposeful play such as role playing and imaginative play.

Child Magazines
Life with Leukaemia

Maria talks to a family whose 3 year-old boy has been diagnosed with leukaemia about the challenges they face fighting this disease.

The Sacred Cow - Single Sex vs. Co-Ed Schools

No opinion, no practice, no lore is immune from question or criticism. Welcome to The Sacred Cow, where we ask, "Is it really so?" IN THIS ISSUE...Do single-sex high schools have better academic outcomes than co-educational high schools? In Australia, we're blessed with choice when it comes to our children's education.

CHILD Magazines | Helping A Child With Depression

As numbers of young people with mental health issues increase in children, there's a real need for parents and schools to understand the signs and symptoms, and to work together. According to The 2015 Australian Child and Adolescent Survey on Mental Health)almost one in seven children aged four to 17 years in 2014, were coping with a mental health issue.

CHILD Magazines | How To Realise Your Potential

We all have potential, or so the rumour goes. If someone asked you to explain what potential is exactly, what words would you use? Is it an end goal? Is it a journey? Is it a quality within you? Is it a skill you have yet to discover?

Provocative Aussie Sequel Ups the Ante

Immortality is a death sentence. That's the tag line for Skinford Chapter Two that perfectly sets up the moral premise: that there is no golden ticket in life without a considerable cost attached.

The Big Smoke
Film Review: Amy - A moving, breathing epitaph - The Big Smoke

Maria Tedeschi watched the tragically muted Amy Winehouse speak again in the documentary Amy and while Winehouse remains enigmatic, her talent lives on. Amy Winehouse. What can anyone say? Everyone knows who she is, everyone has an opinion about her. Hers is a tale we've all heard before: a wickedly talented, desperate soul who was gone before her time.

The power of pet therapy for children with autism - Kidspot

Every afternoon after school, like hundreds of other kids, Bianca runs up to her front door to be greeted by her labradoodle, Daisy. But Daisy is no ordinary labradoodle. Daisy is a Tamaruke Labradoodle - specifically bred and trained to be a pet therapy dog for children with autism.

Punishing mothers is no fix for childcare system - The Big Smoke

Assistant Minister for Education and Childcare, Sussan Ley, has been reported as saying that one of the reasons working parents struggle to find a childcare place for babies and toddlers is that stay-at-home mums are clogging the system. Really? It's an alarming statement to make for various reasons, but let's start with the basis of the argument.

Child Magazines
Same Sex Marriage, What About The Kids?

Who gets to decide who can marry whom and what are the outcomes for children raised within a same-sex marriage? CHILD Mags Editorial Assistant and mother-of-four, Maria Tedeschi looks into the current debate in Australia.

Portraits of meningococcal disease

Baby Health Meningococcal disease survivor Danielle Weymark with photographer Anne Geddes. Danielle Weymark was 14 months old when she woke one night vomiting and with a high fever. Her mother, Leanne, tried to give Danielle paracetamol, but she had trouble keeping it down. By the next morning, Danielle was limp.

Brandis will rip heart out of Racial Discrimination Act

Emma Alberici: The judge (Justice Bromberg) concluded that the case (against Andrew Bolt) was not about freedom of opinion, it was about freedom to spread untruths. Are you saying that freedom should exist? Senator George Brandis: Yes I am.

PPL: having kids is not a lifestyle choice

' I just think the forklift driver in Mount Druitt shouldn't be paying his taxes so a pretty little lady lawyer on the North Shore earning $180,000 a year can have a kid. ' Remember that line from the last of the three election debates?

Child Magazines
At Home With Two Dads

With the current debate surrounding marriage equality in Australia we spoke to Geoff, who has three sons (a four year old and three-year-old twins) with his partner of 10 years, Nagel, about his family and his thoughts on the issue.

S&M: Shelving of 18C changes - gone or just gone for now? - The Big Smoke

Maria Tedeschi, outspoken in opposition to the proposed 18c changes, joins many others (Tim Wilson? Ah, no) in applauding the "leader's call" on the contentious issue... "A good government governs for all Australians, including those who haven't voted for it", Prime Minster Abbott said during his election winning speech.

An open letter to Year 6 kids on their last day of primary school

Education for Older Kids Time to celebrate ... Photo: Getty Yesterday was tough. We can see that. You've finished your time at primary school and it's an end you probably didn't ask for. I mean why would you? You're at a school with friends you've known most of your life.

The Big Smoke
The homeless - A nine-year-old's guide to helping - The Big Smoke

Maria Tedeschi learns a valuable lesson about the homeless from her son Christian - that anyone can help, even a nine-year-old. #OutoftheHeartsofBabes What can I tell you about the homeless that you don't already know? On any given night, around 105,000 Australians will be homeless. About 6% sleep rough on the streets.

Web Child
What's the Rush?

Are you always in a hurry for your child to reach their next milestone?