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Financial Times
Six materials, six experimental spaces -

Until prefabricated housing moves into the mainstream, the best places to find it are often in exhibition spaces. Throughout this year, Jacaranda Square at Sydney Olympic Park has hosted a showcase of sustainable design and environmental innovations

Australian Financial Review & syndicates

Road home from Afghanistan won't be easy

Withdrawal from Afghanistan will be a logistical challenge for the ADF. Photo Angela Wylie Marian Edmunds As the Australian Defence Force prepares for a staged withdrawal from Afghanistan, a variety of options are being considered for the redeployment or disposal of vehicles and equipment.

CIO New Zealand
New technology offers an intimate audio-visual presence

Les Williamson sometimes gets out of bed to drive to his office for a 2am meeting with colleagues in the US and Europe via telepresence technology. For Cisco's chief executive of Asia Pacific, it's far easier than all that goes with making a long-haul flight.

ASR — Anne Summers Reports feature story

Anne Summers Reports
Six Every Day

Every day in Australia six people take their own life. This feature in Anne Summers Reports Issue 5 asks who are the people behind the statistics.


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Till death do you part

A business partnership can be as productive as marriage-and sometimes, just as devastating. Marian Edmunds looks at protecting yourself in the boardroom. When business partnerships break down, the clean-up effort can be messy. Everything is thrown into the aftermath-from homes to relationships, personal savings and even the very business itself.

Byron Bay Writers Festival Blog

Marian Edmunds

Jeanette Winterson held up her latest book The Daylight Gate on Saturday afternoon at Byron Bay Writers' Festival. "It's a true story and a nasty little book," she said. Winterson gave the keynote address for the Byron Bay Writers' Festival on Friday.

Fat Cat


Do you spend your life watching fuel prices? Are you always on stand by for those fleeting hours when the bowsers won't guzzle your weekly income? Our scrutiny of fuel prices is set to become more intense with the launch this year of a national FuelWatch scheme.


Do you study the supermarket leaflets for bargains then shop at a convenience store every day? Australians' shopping habits are influenced heavily by lifestyle but the global hike in food prices is starting to bite us. Food prices have been rising globally at a level so concerning that aid agencies are warning of famine casting a wider swathe across the planet.