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Published author, provide SEO and Social media business plans and implementation,SEO training,Publishing training.
Writer (Ghost Writer)and Blogger. Areas of expertise Mental Health,Marketing, Career, SEO,PR.


Career/Job HUnt

How to Keep an Entry Level Job
When we watch television or movies we see these sleek looking individuals in jobs that seem to have an amazing work life.As in all good television shows everyone walks, looks...
6 Steps To internet Job Hunt Success
The job hunt market has changed due to the fact that there are so many options for the job hunt. Today, you can do a job hunt primarily in the comfort of your home using the...
3 Simple Steps To A Great Cover Letter
The term cover letter in theory is a misnomer, because the word letter implies telling a story which is the opposite of the desired affect of your cover letter.
Telecommuting: Another Work Option
Telecommuting opportunites have been available for a long time especially in areas of medical and legal transription.
Does Cyberspace Invite Cybercrime?
Crime is something that we unfortunately accept as a by product for human nature and society. Off line crime seems to result in a faster response time than cybercrime.

Mental Health

Laws and Disabilities: Know Your Rights
Having a disability is difficult enough, there are a lot of learning and studying involved to find the best possible way to make your or your child's life comfortable.
Crushing The Autism Stereotype
It is important to clarify that not all people with autism are the same, autism is different in everyone who has the disorder. Other disorders and diseases and have their own...

Press Release

Now Every Teen,Man & Woman Have a Store on TV
News Butterfly Market Place TV Show on the Fox News channel is a way to create a more user friendly and interactive advertising experience.
Homegrown Computer Solutions and Accessories
Computer Solutions and Accessories has created an all in one place repair environment and home and business solutions. The store opened in November of 2010.


Top 5 Tips To Increase Website Traffic And Rank
by Malka Maxwell (re-print)Search engine marketing or optimization is a buzz word that has taken on a life of its own. Evey one seems to be offering these services. What the...

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