Maggie Glover

Senior Copywriter and Marketing Consultant - AI, Cybersecurity, Web 3

United States

15+ years experience in marketing and copywriting with an emphasis on AI, cybersecurity, and Web 3. Currently: Spring Marketing Group. Recently: Google Bard, Sarama, Pango (AURA), Viator (TripAdvisor), and Jobar International.

Seasoned content creator for globally recognized brands like LinkedIn, DermStore, and Vacasa. Drove foundational brand development and meaningful growth in early leadership roles with impactful start-ups, including ipsy and

Curious, scrappy, impact-driven, and a natural-born storyteller, this nationally recognized writer and former college professor is passionate about balancing the efficacy of creative work with inspired craftsmanship and intentional aesthetics. An experienced manager and mentor who thrives in collaborative workplaces that offer the opportunity to learn, create, and innovate.


Web 3

Cybersecurity Assets

Cybersecurity: UltraVPN Website

Features - UltraVPN

Private and Safe UltraVPN gives you the privacy and security you need and the connection speed and quality features you want. PassWatch Password Manager Streamline your online life while protecting your data and safely storing user log-ins and account information with PassWatch Password Manager. This premium feature prevents unwanted access from hackers, identity thieves, and [...]

Locations - UltraVPN

Number of Servers Our server network includes 830+ bare-metal UltraVPN servers in more than 125 server locations so you can access content at top speeds no matter your location: North America (USA, Canada), Australia, Japan, France, or anywhere in the world. India - via Singapore 34 North America 43 Europe 26 Asia India - via [...]

Reviews and Ratings - UltraVPN

We know you're probably wondering: Is UltraVPN legit? Is UltraVPN the best VPN? That's why we've created this page featuring quotations and UltraVPN reviews from verified VPN experts and real-life UltraVPN users. UltraVPN ranks among the best VPN services according to industry experts and the cybersecurity community.

Jobar International Brands

FLOOF! Pet Brand Rebrand Pitch

Like the rest of the world, the FLOOF! team spent most of 2020 and 2021 in isolation, working from our homes. Despite the many challenges we faced during the pandemic, we found joy in spending more time with our families , including our pets (& some of us even welcomed new pet pals into our lives). Caring for our pets around-the-clock brought deeper insight regarding opportunities in the pet market for fun, creative, & innovative products. As pet owners, we want products that oer the best...

Handy Gourmet Brand Amazon Product Description: Handy Gourmet Eco Collapsible Microwave Cover

Made with 40% less plastic than standard microwave cookware, enjoy the eco-friendly experience firsthand with the natural wheat fiber look and textured feel. QUICK & EASY MEALS: If you're looking for speed, this quick pressure cooker can cook your meals in minutes. COOK YOUR WAY: Whether you need a simple rice cooker, a chicken rice cooker, a vegetable cooker, or a microwaveable pasta cooker, this simple-to-use kitchen pressure cooker can serve various cooking needs. WHAT'S INCLUDED: This...

Brand North American Wellness: About Us Copy

At North American Wellness, we believe that good health starts at home. We started North American Wellness with a single purpose: to provide home-support solutions that make life more comfortable while fostering an independent & active lifestyle.


Intellipse Home Page

The Most Engaging SMS Experience Intellipse is the human-centric SMS marketing platform empowering brands to build customer loyalty via authentic engagement, actionable insights, and customized conversational experiences.


Franz Skincare USA
Product Description: Stem Cell Ampoule

his stem cell serum uses the power of stem cells to target and repair damage on your skin. Anti-aging benefits include diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, activating collagen production, and locking in moisture. The result is hydrated, refreshed, and younger-looking skin. Our serum ampoule is made by breaking down stem cells so that they can more easily absorb into the skin. It includes an easy applicator, making it more accessible over the counter and for at-home...

Local World Staffing Inc.
Three Trends to Watch in 2020: SAP Recruitment Trends -

Written by Christoph Piepenstock on . Posted in General. 2020 is well underway and economic experts have published their take on the trends to expect this year in SAP recruitment and employment. The best SAP recruiters incorporate trends and patterns in employment in order to ensure success for their clients, increase retention rate, and improve SAP consultant satisfaction.
Advice for SAP Staffing and Onboarding in 2020 -

Local World Inc. is your go-to-resource for sourcing the best SAP consultants for your 2020 projects. We provide guidance not only on hiring the best talent but also on how to quickly onboard your new hires and get them acclimated to the team, setting the foundation for long-term success.

ZipRecruiter Blog Posts

How To Prepare Your Small Business for Black Friday

The term Black Friday makes most people think of doorbuster deals, long lines at local department stores, and the news stories about extreme shoppers camping out the night before in a parking lot (or doing much, much worse) to get their hands on some discount items. But the name wasn't coined as a reference to the doom that employees of retail stores might feel as the day approaches; it's actually a reference to old-school, by-hand, accounting methods.

How to Handle Political Discussions at Work

With the 2020 presidential election in full swing, political topics are more likely than usual to pop in the office. Since politics revolve around human rights and have a direct impact on how American citizens live their lives, earn their money and raise their children, it's no surprise that many of us harbor strong political opinions.

Should a Social Media Profile Affect your Hiring Decision?

Taking a candidate's social media profile into consideration when making a hire is always risky. Though social media itself is pervasive it is still relatively new, and many businesses lack clear guidelines as to how to utilize it safely and effectively during the vetting process.

How to Manage an Employee You Don't Like

It's pretty standard to hear folks complain about their boss, but there's definitely a flip side to that coin. If you're a manager, then you're probably familiar with dealing with reports that you just can't stand. In many ways, this is more difficult than facing a manager or boss that you dislike because you are considered a mentor to your report.

Should Employee Relationships Affect How You Run Your Business?

Even if we don't consider our co-workers friends or family, the truth is that we spend most of our waking hours in their company. We learn each other's habits and personality quirks, how we prefer to communicate, our strengths and weaknesses - in fact, co-workers often establish a relationship closer with one another than is possible with friends outside of our workplace given the busy, hectic nature of our adult lives.

How Important are Holiday Parties for Company Morale?

It's understandable to question the relevance of holiday parties in the 2015 workplace after hearing the holiday party horror stories that have led to dismissals, legal trouble , or worse. With many companies taking more steps to incorporate casual gatherings, lunches, and happy hours year-round, holding a big company party during the busiest time of year might even seem counterintuitive.

How To Discipline an Employee That's a Friend

One of the drawbacks of being in management is that you're occasionally put in awkward positions, especially if your company has a culture that encourages friendships among its employees. In fact, the subject of performance management in a friendly office culture isn't discussed as often as you'd expect given how much anxiety it causes many managers.

The Employer Guide to Office Gift-Giving

As the air turns frosty and Christmas decorations fill more and more department store displays, it's hard to ignore that gift-giving season is right around the corner. In anticipation of the biggest shopping days of the year starting next week, it's time get an early start on gift-giving strategy in the office.

How to Handle Religious Holidays in the Office

A personal topic like religion can often be a sensitive one, especially in the workplace. Conversations surrounding the subject can become more frequent in the Fall and Winter when many celebrate their beliefs with religious holidays. Here are some tips and insights to help you navigate this topic sensitively.

How to Start Managing an Established Team

Whether you're a new hire or an existing manager taking on new team members, thought has been put into a fundamental structure change when you begin managing an established team. The best way for you get off on the right foot with your boss and the existing leadership team is to get a clear understanding of why you've been asked to take on this responsibility.

Vivant Aesthetics


9 Ways to Use Salicylic Acid in Your Skin Care

Salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid (BHA), is one of the most popular ingredients in skin care for good reason: it neutralizes breakout-causing bacteria while cleansing pores, reducing inflammation and boosting cell turnover rate to heal skin more quickly.

Dermstore Blog
5 Things Nobody Tells You About Getting a Crazy Hair Color

Up until a few months ago, my whole style was centered on the bright-red hair color that my San Francisco-based hair stylist and I had nicknamed "Jessica-Rabbit Red." I love being red but I was beginning a new life: moving to Los Angeles, starting a new job and writing a new book.

Dermstore Blog
7 Tips and Tricks We've Learned About Caring for Naturally Curly Hair

BY Maggie Glover · July 14, 2017 Naturally curly hair is-if you ask us-naturally sexy hair! The key to realizing its full potential? Proper care, of course. Whether you have wavy, coily or kinky hair, we can all agree that curly hair needs a special kind of love.

Save on Cannabis SEO Blog Posts, Product Reviews, and Social Media

Four Must-Know Facts About Cannabis Concentrates

Four Must-Know Facts About Cannabis Concentrates Learn about the basics of cannabis concentrates. Check out our overview of cannabis concentrates and don’t forget to save on cannabis by checking out our online cannabis coupon codes and cannabis concentrates for sale!

Save On Cannabis * Marijuana Coupons
About Cannabis Terpenes - Meet Eugenol, Sexy Librarian Terpene

Meet the cannabis terpenes in our blog post series. This week, we introduce you to Eugenol, a pleasantly pert and spicy terpene found naturally in cannabis sativa, clove, and turmeric. Learn the medical uses, health benefits, flavor profile, and even the zodiac sign of Eugenol and other cananbis terpenes.

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CBD: The 8 Most-Asked Questions, Answered.

Local dispensaries, health food stores, and even juice bars are featuring cannabidiol (or CBD) flower strains, oils, tinctures, droplets, and even beverages. What's behind the surge in CBD's sudden popularity? In the past ten years, medical research studies discovered that CBD, the second-most prevalent compound in cannabis,produces many of the benefits once attributed only to THC.

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CBD Review: HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats - Review with photos & coupons.

9.6 My three cats have tried many different brands and types of treats: dry, crunchy, organic, gluten-free, raw, wholegrain, etc, so I knew their well-honed pallettes would be game to try HolistaPet CBD cat treats. Believe it or not, there have been cat treats that all three of my cats have sniffed and refused to eat (my 14 yr.

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"Meet the Terpenes" * Weekly Blog * Learn about cannabis terpenes.

Get introduced to the powers and science of cannabis terpenes! Over the next few weeks, we are going to break down terpenes in regards to their complex structures, medical benefits, and other uses plus take an in-depth look at the most common terpenes in our new blog series: "Meet the Terpenes!"

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CBD Review: Infinite CBD Hands On Product Reviews

Users score: 0 with 0 votes Flavor Topicals are lightweight & non-greasy. Great variety of products. Tinctures do not have the oily, cannabis-aftertaste common in other drops. Terpene added flavoring Topicals are coconut oil based, which is a notorious pore-clogger.

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Latest Cannabis News - Plus, CBD and Federal Drug Regulation Overview

CBD (or cannabidiol) has been found to have many medicinal uses, but the federal government won't legalize it, citing a lack of evidence. But the feds actually own a patent on the medicinal use of marijuana, which can be viewed here...