Felix Luca King

Fiction & Nonfiction Writer

United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Felix! I'm a UK-based fiction writer & storyteller with experience in academic and general-purpose editorial & social media writing.

KiOD Modern AU
A Hunter and His Dog

A dysfunctional assassin and his lycanthrope are lost in America with a job to do.

Horsemen & a Lycanthrope Boy

Trouble finds a young lycanthrope when his peoples' island home is set upon by strangers. Anachronism fantasy setting.

Method Acting
Method Acting

A ghost and his plane-shifting husband find a life outside of time, because it is fair.

Sapphire, Violet

A supplementary Rosegold piece, written as a gift for my co-writer & partner.

Friendly Encouragement

A former villain receives some advice from an enemy-turned-companion in putting himself out there.