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Canvas & Glass
The Sustainable Study

A double page InDesign spread which I researched, wrote (including shooting images) and page designed

Top 10 Alpine Adventures

There's more to summer in the mountains than hiking routes - Lucy Smith picks 10 epic alpine adventures. Strap in - it doesn't get more exhilarating than flying full-pelt over the Swiss Alps on a zipline. The famed First Flyer is 800 metres of panoramic meadow and mountain views over the Jungfrau region, quite literally the roof of Europe.

Real Homes
Birmingham and Leeds are UK's smart tech capitals

Residents in Birmingham are among the highest in the UK for smart appliance usage, according to new figures. Residents of Leeds and Cornwall follow just behind. These figures have been released as part of a survey that reveals just how fast the population of the UK is moving forward technologically at home.

Humanists lend hand in life v death case - alt.cardiff

Yalgoz, whose name has been changed for his protection, faces death as attempts to claim asylum from Afghanistan have been denied. Because he rejects religion, the 23-year old asylum seeker's life will be at risk should he be deported. Cardiff Humanists are working to raise £2,500 in order to fund legal aid for Yalgoz's case.