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I create engaging lifestyle content and whip words into shape for major brands and publications. I'm also the Australian Editor for Apple Retail at Hogarth Worldwide.

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Asia's Best Female Chef 2017, May Chow, on her favourite Hong Kong eateries

Known for her modern take on bao (steamed buns), Toronto-born chef May Chow is creating waves around the food world. Her restaurant Little Bao is one of Hong Kong's hottest eateries, with an outpost in Bangkok, and Chow recently took home 2017's Asia's Best Female Chef award, from the prestigious Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Article - Coastal Kitchen Renovation

The abundant use of white for walls, cornices, skirting and architraves invites a contemporary refinement and a stunning reflection of light throughout the home. Painted cabinetry also followed the radiant theme, using Laminex ColourTech doors in Polar White Satin finish. "My favourite colour is white - it's clean and fresh," explains Nicole.

Article - The New Landscape Series

The collection incorporates 17 distinctly Australian colours, spanning the length and breadth of the country. Muted greens sit perfectly alongside smoky neutrals, giving a strong sense of realism to our native woodgrains. Brilliant metallics deliver radiant sophistication and a hint of drama.

Article - Introducing the White series

For more than 80 years, Laminex has guided Australians through a range of white colour choices. And now, we're offering even more. White is a classic colour choice when it comes to decorating. The right shade of white has the power to radically transform your space.

The future of flying

Air travel in and out of Australia has almost doubled in the past decade. What's next on the horizon for our globetrotters?

RoyalAuto Magazine, RACV
The great waste challenge

Living Well | Lucy Cleeve | Posted on 21 March 2019 Bright ideas for reducing waste from the 2019 Victorian Design Challenge. More than four million tonnes of waste is sent to landfill in Victoria every year.

MPLS to NaaS - Remasys

Many large organisations are replacing MPLS with NaaS solutions for improved network connectivity and capacity, but the impact on users can be devastating.

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The local labels leading the charge against fast fashion

"Look at the rise in popularity of our local beer industry - imagine if that could happen in the fashion world too," muses Tessa Arnold, designer and owner of local label, Coco & Max. "Melbourne is a growing city full of fast-fashion giants, but that's strengthening our point of difference,"

6 ways to update your bathroom, 2019 style

Enhanced wellness and life balance continues to drive residential design throughout 2019. The best space to introduce this trend is into the ultimate personal retreat - your bathroom. Laminex Design Marketing Manager, Catherine Valente, has over 20 years' interior design experience and is a master at creating innovative yet intimate spaces to soothe and engage.

The Weekly Review
Meet The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have just sold out a world tour. The duo also present a hit podcast, have produced an award-winning doco and write bestsellers. But they aren't rock stars, they're minimalists. And their message is making waves all around the world.

Public transport tips for teens | RoyalAuto | RACV

Chloe, 14, travels to and from school using trams and trains, and also uses them on weekends. "I love public transport. It's so easy to use and I get to be with my friends. I feel safe because there are so many people around, and if I know I'm going to be delayed, I can just text someone," she says.

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Victoria's most romantic drives

Get back to romance basics and take your sweetheart for a spin this Valentine's Day, with our four best drives for couples.

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A Polish Holiday Home by Loft Kolasinski | est living

Sitting pretty by the seaside, this restored Polish holiday apartment by Loft Kolasinski presents a valuable lesson in restrained refurbishment. As seen in their previous holiday home transformations, the acclaimed design studio has stayed true to the building's early existence by allowing the original features of this 1920s home to shine through.

Shop ethically: brands that are embracing sustainable style - SilverKris

Responsible style mavens are embracing sustainable chic. Ethical labels endorsing upcycling and recycling are kinder on the planet, and they are finally getting the attention they deserve. Renewed vision "We are passionate about reducing plastic pollution," says Sjoerd Hannema, managing director at sustainable eyewear brand Dick Moby, "and all our frames, handmade from processed acetate ...

Laminex Essastone brochure

15-page brochure for Essastone 2018 Collection – a range of engineered stone surfaces by Laminex.

Why Millenials Are The Most Stressed Out Generation!

Why Millenials Are The Most Stressed Out Generation!, recent article from CLEO Singapore Magazine November 2016. Do the words "don't worry" feel impossible? You're not alone. Dealing with the demands of everyday life has left millennials more confused, overwhelmed and stressed out than any other generation.

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From pollution to product: brands recycling for fashion

Would you wear rubbish? To save our planet, we may have to start. We all know the modern mantra "reduce, re-use and recycle", but the world's war on waste is still far from over. Australia has the dubious honour of being one of the world's top producers of garbage and the average Aussie family creates enough waste to completely fill a three-bedroom house every year.

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Music with Mates helps migrants feel at home in Australia

Music bursts through language barriers, so it's only natural that Melbourne - Australia's spiritual home of live music - would welcome new migrants through gigs. Christine Leahy, Kevin Mitchell (a.k.a.

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Open House: 127 Wellington Parade South, East Melbourne | est living

For inner-city living, it's hard to imagine a better location in Melbourne. Wellington Parade South in East Melbourne is surrounded by prominent landmarks - Melbourne Cricket Ground, Fitzroy Gardens, Parliament House, St Paul's Cathedral - just to name a few. But inside this exquisite residence, you could be forgiven for forgetting where you are.

Shop at these cafes around Asia - SilverKris

Nothing perks you up like great coffee and a spot of shopping. More and more cafes are realising the power of their brand and treating latte lovers to extra take-home treats. We round up some of the best lifestyle cafes in Asia where you can browse while you enjoy a brew.

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Secrets of the SQ Girl

She's graceful and she's poised - even at 30,000 feet. We caught up with a former Singapore Airlines wonderwoman to find out their superpowers (which are all very applicable for life here on ground too). Sharifah Almaghbouly worked as a member of Singapore Airlines' cabin crew for 12 years and there's just something about her.

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A Mid-Century Sensation by Mim Design | est living

A firm favourite here at est, the talented team Mim Design are no strangers to redesigning classic gems for modern times; in fact it was only recently we explored another of their fabulous local projects with this elegant Edwardian transformation.

Est Living Free Digital Design Magazine
50 Shades of Pale with the PS3H House | est living

Adopting key elements of Nordic design, Ukrainian architect Igor Sirotov has created a stylish home in Guldboda, a picturesque Swedish port town south of Stockholm. Sirotov's great skill in demonstrating simplicity while assuring functionality, makes this superb home pleasing on so many levels.

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Make your mark with One of a Kind Denim's bespoke clothing art

What happens when you can't decide on a tattoo? If you're a fashion illustrator, like Melbourne style maven Sarah Darby, you draw on your jeans instead. Sarah's new label, One of a Kind Denim, creates bespoke art on vintage denim and leather, and her pieces are both sustainable and spectacular.

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App happy: five of the best wellness apps

Today, there's an app for everything. You can date, shop, bank and even order takeaway, all from tiny magical boxes on your phone. We know we need to spend less time staring at screens, but some apps can actually help boost your mind, body and spirit. Here are a few

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Solo travel is on the rise, especially for women

Don't wait for someone else to join you before you jet away. Solo travel is on the rise, especially for women. What's your idea of a perfect holiday? Maybe it's trawling Parisian markets for vintage treasures, discovering the freshest sushi in Osaka, or lying flat on a Mexican beach.

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5 ways to add a little lagom to your life

You've heard about hygge - now meet lagom. It's the latest Scandi lifestyle philosophy that's sweeping the world, and here's how we can bring a little of it into our own lives. Scandinavians are winning at happiness.

The Weekly Review
7 stylish wearable tech trends

We take a look at the very latest in wearable technology - that's actually, you know, wearable. Is it just us, or is everything 'activated' these days - almonds, now apparel. Wearable tech is super cool, but let's be honest, it can also be super ugly.

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4 Australian bespoke fashion labels to fit your personal style and size

Fast fashion is fun, but it doesn't let you show off your individual flair. Savvy style hunters wanting to put their own stamp on their look are in luck - the customisation trend is gaining momentum. New brands aren't just winning over customers who want something different.

The Weekly Review
7 new workout trends you need to try

Move over Bikram and barre - there are some hot new ways to get sweaty. Brace yourself for the latest workouts from around the world, coming soon to a gym near you. Technology is changing everything, including the way we work out.

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Manon bis: A Hawksburn Treasure Trove | est living

Master spotter of head-turning fashion and homewares, Hilary Gwillim is one of Melbourne's true curators of cool - and her lifestyle emporium, Manon bis, continues to inspire. A 15-year career in advertising took Gwillim all over the world. And in her downtime, she pursued her real passion - scouring hidden away bazaars and boutiques for eclectic homewares and eye-catching style.

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Belgian Barn Conversion by CAAN Architects | est living

There's not much call for flax mills these days - but in historic areas such as Kortrijk in Belgium, they're everywhere. A mere stroll from the French border, the Flemish Kortrijk region prospered following the French Revolution of the late 18 th century, thanks in part to the immense growth of its flax industry.

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A Modern Makeover in Malibu by Denise Kuriger Design | Architecture | est living

If this house looks strikingly familiar, it has good reason to be. The cinephiles among us will recognise it as the bachelor pad of George (Colin Firth) from Tom Ford's superb 2009 film, 'A Single Man', while design lovers will recall John Lautner's Schaffer House, which was recently given a thoroughly modern makeover.

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Peak kombucha? Here are the next big trends in wellness drinks

Melbourne looks set to reach peak kombucha in 2017 as the famed fermented tea well and truly hits the mainstream. Booming "booch" sales across Australia are estimated to top $100 million this year - and more than $1 billion in the US.

The Weekly Review
Holistic holidays: 5 of the best wellness resorts

Remember that mindfulness app you downloaded back in January (but never used)? We've all been there. Trying to work wellness into your everyday is exhausting. Instead, why not dive straight into a head-clearing holiday. Whether you're desperate to detox, anxious to unplug or just want a fabulous massage, we've rounded up five of the very best.

MMA world champion Angela Lee on what to do and eat in Hawaii - SilverKris

Recently defending her world title in the atomweight category against Taiwanese opponent Jenny Huang, Mixed Martial Arts champion Angela Lee (above) shares her favourite things to do and places to hang out in Hawaii. Born in Canada, she lives with her Singaporean father and South Korean mother in the sunny US state.

11 great gin bars around the world - SilverKris

Love gin? Here's how to make the most of the distilled spirit, wherever you are in the world. Don't let the rustic, warehouse vibe fool you. This spruced up shophouse serves top quality bevvies to the coolest kids in town. Don't miss their specialty Thai Tea G&T.

Harper's Bazaar Singapore
Fun Salutations

We all know yoga is good for us - but is class really a place for kids?

No need for a husband, women can now marry themselves

Image: Jon Bor / 123rf It was a perfect, sunny day. The bride, Sophie, wore a gorgeous vintage gown and was attended by 15 beaming bridesmaids. Under a rainbow of bright confetti and smiling faces, she was 'given away' by her adoring Dad. Sophie felt nervous as she prepared to say her vows.

Solo extreme walker Sarah Marquis on what scares her the most in the wild - SilverKris

Swiss explorer Sarah Marquis has trekked solo across continents, including a historic 16,000km walk from Siberia to Australia, which took three years to complete. Along the way, the intrepid 44-year-old has swum crocodile-infested waters and survived on moth larvae in the outback - which she details in her memoir Wild by Nature.

13 best lightweight travel jackets for men and women - SilverKris

Whether you're exploring rugged coastlines, hip city laneways or just kicking back, you'll need a clever, go-with-everything top layer to finish your look. We've rounded up 13 of the best cover-ups to keep the chill at bay without hogging precious luggage real estate.

13 best farmer's markets around the world - SilverKris

Heading out to a farmer's market on your travels is a great way to learn more about an area's food culture and a chance to taste some weird and wonderful fare. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to get chatty with the locals.

10 heavenly hammam and spa experiences around the world - SilverKris

Thousands of years ago in the Middle East, the divine hammam bathing ritual was born. Comprising of multiple steps all aimed at cleansing and relaxing both body and spirit, this ancient spa ritual has been embraced throughout the modern world. And emerging from a magical hammam experience, we think you'll agree that some things should never change.

17 must-visit destinations around the world for chocolate lovers - SilverKris

Good news chocolate lovers - we've found your happy place. In fact, we've found 17 of them, from hotels set among cocoa bean groves to master classes with the world's finest chocolatiers and chocolate museums. Travel the world for your passion and make your next holiday just a little bit sweeter.

13 best backpacks for hands-free travelling - SilverKris

No longer just for students or sporty types, luxury brands are creating beautiful backpacks for sophisticated urban explorers. Once used for hiking and adventuring, this multitasking accessory is now attracting a more refined wearer. Yes, backpacks are back.

Her World Singapore
Uniqlo Advertorial

Your holiday destination may be chilly, but you don't have to be. Stay toasty with Uniqlo travel basics.

Expat Living Hong Kong
Future jobs: Occupations for the next generation | Expat Living Hong Kong

When you were little, did you dream of doing the job you're actually doing? We lean into our brother site, EX, to get writer Lucy Cleeve's take on the next generation job opportunities. Twenty years ago, when this writer was, ahem, finishing school, Facebook, Twitter and their social media buddies thankfully didn't exist.

Harper's Bazaar Singapore
Delicious Designs

Three world-renowned chefs are spicing up Singapore's already thriving culinary scene at this year's World Gourmet Summit.

Signs that you are an alcoholic

Image: Ourmutchi, Shirin / Seasons Agency "It's not like I was out of control, or getting so drunk I couldn't walk. I liked a drink to de-stress in the evening, but I didn't think it was a big deal," reveals Aileen*, a 33-year-old marketing manager.

EX Mag
Karaoke Kings

Find your K-spot with our top tips for mic domination.

12 best carry-on bags to take on your next flight - SilverKris

An itty-bitty clutch just won't do in the air. You need a bag with substance, style and deep pockets to keep all your onboard essentials. Look pristine and polished even at 30,000 feet with our pick of the finest carry-ons of the season. Who could possibly have a bad trip with this bright little beauty?

EX Mag
You Booze, You Lose

Guys from all walks of life have lost it all after the odd post-work bevvie morphed into a full blown booze problem.

Expat Living Singapore
Asian Beer Challenge: Blind tasting to find the best brew |

Two Englishman, an Aussie, a Singaporean and a Frenchman walk into a bar... The preface to a lame joke? Not today, my friends. Rather, it's our crack team of dedicated beer drinkers from around the world who we've assembled for a blind tasting of some of Asia's favourites.

Cool caravan holidays to bring the family on - SilverKris

Tired of the view from your room? With a hotel on wheels, it's not a problem. Modern travellers are embracing caravanning, 2017 style. Hazelgrove Farm, Ryde, UK Go retro in a lovingly restored 1960s Airstream Caravan, set on a small working farm on the picturesque Isle of Wight.

A unique proposal with Cosmopolitan Singapore

At Her World Brides, we've seen all sorts of proposals - from intimate ones at home, to show-stoppers (we've heard of proposals on a mountain, underwater during a diving trip, the mandatory ring in Champagne glass, and yes, Jay Chou, we're looking at you and your fireworks in London).

Expat Living Singapore
Jetlag: How to deal with the effects of long flights |

Ever suffered from desynchronosis syndrome? Of course you have; it's the scientific term for what we know as jetlag. Jetlag results from changes to the body's circadian rhythms caused by transmeridian jet travel. Translation: travelling long distances east or west changes the timing of outside light patterns, the cue that sets our body clocks.

Check Into 10 Amazing Glamping Experiences in Thailand, Australia & More - Female

Enjoy the great outdoors at these luxe camping sites which include a treehouse and a yurt. Exotic and picturesque locations aside, some even offer butler and spa treatments - certainly no roughing it out here. Just two hours from Sydney, this tree-fringed tent city gives an authentic Aussie bush experience.

Honeykids Asia
Double Duty Beauty Tips | HoneyKids Asia

We mums' have enough products in our bathroom cabinets and handbags to groom an army. So before spending more dollars in the beauty aisle, let's get what we already have working a little bit harder. Time for some double duty beauty tips

12 must-pack travel essentials - SilverKris

Frequent travellers have packing down to a fine art. And though it's always best to travel light, there are some absolute essentials (and some little luxuries) that are worth leaving extra luggage space for. Check out our pick of 12 of the best products to make your journey a pleasure, not a pain.

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How to find your passion | Career

Need to spark change and bring more joy to your life? Discover five easy ways to reconnect with your true essence and find your passion.