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How to revive your home on a budget

A pleasant living space can make a huge difference to your wellbeing, but it can also leave a dint in your bank balance. If you're tired of tripping over toys and have grown weary of your walls, a spring spruce-up can really help to lift spirits until lockdown ends.

The virtual festival spreading lockdown joy

We've seen some heartwarming examples of kindness during the pandemic, from helping neighbours to thanking key-workers. The Little Surprises Company has thrived during lockdown, and in true community spirit they have shared their good fortune by gifting over 1,000 tickets to key-workers, to Restival - a virtual event that's all about 'creating joy'.

More than 200,000 older workers forced into early retirement

Getting made redundant is hard at any age, but can be especially daunting for older workers. It's rough having to start again after giving years of service to a job that you previously expected to do for life.

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The Impact of Malnutrition on Children | Empoword Journalism

Far too many children face a festive period of food insecurity. This will put them at an instant disadvantage when they return to the classroom, and leave physical and mental scars well into adulthood. Christmas often means two weeks of celebration and over-indulgence.

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Net losses

As a new lockdown is imposed, what happens to the estimated nine million people living in digital poverty in the UK?

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Mental health is in crisis - gyms must stay open | Empoword Journalism

The recent u-turn on Liverpool gym closures is a victory for mental health. Here's why. The coronavirus pandemic has put mental health in the spotlight. Many people sought help and support for the first time, unable to cope with sudden feelings of isolation and anxiety.

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