Lorraine Vaney

Freelance Writer & Editor


Hello there, I am Lorraine.

I have been digging colorful stories under the Soviet buildings of Eastern Europe since 2018. I wrote features on youth culture, art, and urban life for digital media platforms based in Tbilisi, London, Berlin and Paris.

Now, my pen is exploring the puzzling territory of contemporary art, specifically performance art and contemporary dance.

Have a look at the samples below and get in touch: [email protected]

Taneční aktuality
There is nothing living in this room

CREATIVE WRITING/ART CRITIC: When it crashed, I was the first victim. Now the living room is upside down and the furniture are the ones being staged. You forced life in our soul-less core through the forceps of a dramaturgy. But is the living room living now?

Polis 180
Trendy Tbilisi: where Georgian fashion meets public diplomacy

FEATURE: Tbilisi has recently become the next trendy destination in Europe, thanks to its dynamic cultural life. The growing fashion scene has helped to bring new kinds of visitors to a country that was mostly known to adventurous hikers.

Post Pravda
Mellow Kosovo: Discovering Blerta Kosova’s sweetness

INTERVIEW: Blerta Kosova is a versatile and beloved artist from Kosovo, who used her voice and her vibe to level up the growing music scene of her home country, with experimental production and refined visuals.

Georgia Today
Urban Makeover: Tbilisi is Next in line

NEWS: It was just a matter of time before Tbilisi City Hall got involved in the first large-scale street art festival. From September 17 - 25, the Tbilisi Mural Fest is inviting local, German and Dutch artists to transform 10 of the most exposed walls in different neighborhoods into monumental paintings.

Georgia Today
Kartuli Hotel: Changing the Hospitality Game in Batumi

COPY WRITING: How can a new hotel, making zero advertisements, be almost fully booked at the end of the tourist season in Batumi? Bringing tourists and locals together in an arty way seems to be the winning formula, and a game-changer in the ultra-competitive Batumian market.

Georgia Today
"Time to Upgrade" at the Art Villa Garikula

NEWS: On August 30, the Art Villa Garikula held its annual International Festival of Contemporary Art "Fest i Nova". The festival is an international platform for joint projects with local and international artists-in-residence. The 11th edition, named "Time to Upgrade", welcomed artists from the United States and from the Russian Federation.

Georgia Today
Capturing the Vibe: What Does Tbilisi Sound Like?

FEATURE: On August 29, a new record appeared on the market. The Soundtrack of Tbilisi compiles 42 minutes of contemporary music from 11 Georgian artists. Each of them brought their own musical universe in a mix that captures the vibe of this fast-changing city, made of sharp dissonances and subtle harmonies.

Georgia Today
A Big Round of Applause for "Nathalie"

REVIEW: On October 16, the State Ballet of Georgia presented the world premiere of the much-awaited new version of the Danish ballet "Nathalie" or "From Siberia to Moscow."