Lori Miller Kase

Freelance journalist

Lori Miller Kase, a Connecticut-based freelance writer, specializes in health and also writes frequently about the arts, food and parenting. A journalist for more than 25 years, she has been published in a wide range of national and local publications, including Discover, Vogue, Self, Eating Well, Parents, The New York Times, The Boston Globe Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Brain,Child, Reader’s Digest, Health and Hartford Magazine. She has also written for internet sites such as The Atlantic, Aeon, The Review Review and Beliefnet. She has been awarded for "Excellence in Journalism" by the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists.

United States of America



Discover Magazine

How Good Is Good Cholesterol?

High HDL levels don't always mean a lower risk of heart attack. Annabelle Rodriguez's research suggests that the "good cholesterol" may not be so good for everyone.


How DIY medical testing could save your life - Aeon Opinions

Dozens of companies offer direct-to-consumer tests on saliva, urine, blood or cheek swabs that can indicate either the presence of or the genetic susceptibility to disorders...

The Atlantic

Using Music to Close the Academic Gap

Researchers are finding that music instruction not only improves children’s communication skills, attention, and memory, but that it may even close the academic gap between rich...


3 Surprising Reasons Your Gut Health Matters

Scientists are discovering that your gut health impacts so much more than just your digestion. The billions of bacteria in your gut can impact your entire body. "Gut bacteria...

Brain, Child

The Concussion Conundrum

Concussions have always been a known risk factor in contact sports, but increasing evidence suggests that kids are returning to play too soon after sustaining these mildly...


A Bacterial Link - Cancer Today

The microbes living in your gut may explain how diet affects colorectal cancer risk.

Hartford Magazine

Beyond the Dark Clouds

Hartford Hospital's $3 million Depression Initiative offers hope and healing for people with mood disorders.

Health Monitor's Living with Cancer

Finding the Healing in Humor

Pam Lacko considered herself lucky: After a hysterectomy and six rounds of chemotherapy, she survived ovarian cancer. Then she learned that she carried a gene that put her at...

Reader's Digest

Winning the War on Cancer

A blitz of medical breakthroughs may end this deadly disease once and for all.


Is Mammography Good Enough?

Mammograpy -- the standard for breast cancer -- misses 10-15 percent of cancers, more in young women. Lori Miller Kase explores the benefits and limits of this imperfect science...


The Tiniest Miracles

When she entered the world four months too soon, Amanda McTighe was no bigger than her father's hand. Miraculously, she's alive and thriving, thanks to medical breakthroughs...

Harper's Bazaar

Weight Game

Over the last 100 years, our affair with the scale has intensified. But despite reports that dieting is not good for us, we remain hooked. Lori Miller Kase examines the history...

Town and Country

Everybody's Nightmare

Brain tumor: the very words bring us face to face with our worst fears. But new treatments and surgical techniques bring new hope -- or at least, more time.

Reader's Digest

The Magic Power of Sleep

How it makes you happier, healthier, sexier -- even skinnier.


The Best Way to Get Pregnant Fast

How to achieve perfect timing (and have more fun doing it)


Plans for Mail-In Kit To Check for AIDS

Several companies plan to offer mail-in testing kits for the AIDS virus, stirring concern among public health officials and drawing criticism from many doctors and groups...

Food and Nutrition


These chefs have a message for you: quit throwing out perfectly good food - The Boston Globe

INSIDE THE KITCHEN OF COPPA, chef Jamie Bissonnette's trendy South End enoteca, sous-chefs pause during food prep to pull out cellphones or scraps of paper and jot down notes...

Eating Well

All Juiced Up

Philip Wong and Ann Yang are Fighting Food Waste, One Bottle of Juice at a Time