Writers, Editors, Storysmiths

Minneapolis, MN

A boutique copywriting team with a passion for language and storytelling.

Mail, billboard and signage campaign
Nuvera Wireless

All promotional campaign copy for gig-speed wireless rollout in rural MN

Health equity ebook

Ebook for major healthcare company on their commitment to health equity

Caregiver guides

researched and created all copy for three caregiver guides for Fortune 100 healthcare company

Web copy for a plastic films recycling plant
Myplas USA

Original web copy for a regional circular economy pioneer for recycled plastic films

Manitoba Harvest CBD
Manitoba Harvest

All web copy for national roll-out of major product launch from the global leader in Hemp Foods.

Travel guides
Radisson Hospitality

We researched and created more than a dozen travel guides for international destinations for a premiere hospitality brand.

Case Studies
Nonprofits Assistance Fund

Eight narratives of transformation commissioned to demonstrate principles of financial governance.