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Marketing professional with 8+ years of advanced experience creating and managing compelling branded strategy and content for B2B & B2C marketing, social media, and sales. Specialize in customer marketing, growth, and retention.

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Teens and vaping: what parents need to know

Along with algebra and biology, vaping is something teens are learning they can do in class. Small vape pens are discrete enough so teachers won't always notice, and there's very little smell. If you are the caregiver to a teen, there are two aspects of vaping that should concern you: The potential toxicity of the chemicals used to create the flavors and the liquids themselves.

Word Play on Dr. Seuss Day: Notes for Marketing Writers

2nd March is celebrated as Dr. Seuss Day. Seuss wrote " Green Eggs and Ham" using only 50 words, and successfully got a whole generation of kids having fun learning to read. "I have great pride in taking Dick and Jane out of most school libraries," he once said, referring to the standard, dull reading primers of the 50s.

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How to love exercise when you hate working out

You know you need to exercise. You know it helps you sleep better, gives you more energy, improves your mood and helps maintain your weight. But you can't stand working out! That feeling is understandable. There are many reasons why keeping a workout regimen is difficult -beyond simply not liking it.

Blue Monday: Surviving The Most Depressing Day of the Year

We've officially rolled into 2018. It's mid-January. Monday. How are things going for you right now? For many, the difficulty of confronting yet another new year and what comes with it can be daunting: · The buzz of holidays, celebrations and vacations has fizzled out.

How to write content when you're NOT a writer - Lisa Shomo - Medium

Got your attention, didn't I? Let's face it: you need some content for your business. Why? Well, why not? Currently, you have nothing on your website save a good home page where you present your products, an about page, news page and a contact page. No content. "But...I'm not a writer!"

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Editor, Writer, Project Manager