Lisa Marie Cooper


During my decade tenure at Right Stuf, I wrote the bulk of the company's print catalog articles, product reviews, and more. Below is a sampling of my work from the catalog, marketing promotions, and Newtype USA/PiQ Magazine.

In addition to writing, I was Right Stuf's go-to copy-editor for everything from ads to subtitle scripts. If you ever want to learn how important writing characters with different voices is, I advise editing a subtitle script without names or visual cues!

At Positively Editorial, I break down editing, writing, and business proposals into easy-to-understand basics for both students and business people. Some of my favorites are included here along with a short sample proposal selling brand-new "Spork Technology" to the Soft Rock Café.


Biome Controller Quick Start Guide
A guide for a fictitious program demonstrating my technical writing skills.
Editing is Like Make-Up
No doubt you've heard the lament. Whether in school, the office, or an internet chat, someone is sure to complain that they don't need to edit what they write because you...
How to Write a Personal Essay (When You Don't Know What to Write)
It's the part of college applications you dread: writing a personal essay. The prompts are designed to apply to everyone, but bereft of better guidance at school or maybe just...
How to Demonstrate Understanding in a Proposal
A common item in a Request for Proposal (RFP) is for you to demonstrate your understanding of an element of the RFP. For example, the Soft Rock Café might ask that respondents...
The Soft Rock Café Green Initiative & Spork Technology
An example business proposal demonstrating my writing, marketing, and Microsoft Office skills.
Tales from the Ard-Kancha: Water Rights
A short story about a young administrative assistant who loves her job - in a Gaelic/Incan South America.
Welcome to Alice Academy
For the feature article in our Spring 2009 catalog, I wrote a faux welcome letter and a quiz introducing the characters and setting to promote the release of Gakuen Alice.
Right Stuf asks: What's your anime romance style?
To promote our Valentine's Day sale and engage our fans on social media, we created this fun personality quiz. The questions were a collaboration, and the intro and answers were...
Right Stuf Valentine's Sale 2015 Script
Preserving the Classics
For our feature article in summer 2013, I wrote a piece promoting our CEO's work in preserving three famous anime classics and the journey involved in getting them on DVD.
These Penguins Have the Right Stuf
Our 2012 holiday sale featured penguins in space. Our graphic designer put together some cute illustrations and I wrote a short story to go with them. It was posted to several...
ANIME TODAY #119: Talking About NINJA ATTACK! with Authors Hiroko Yoda & Matt Alt
Marie's Spotlight: Sengoku Basara -- "Sengoku Basara is over the top in all the right ways, and it’s already become my new go-to anime when I want to show a friend just how...
ANIME TODAY #109: Previews Season 2 of AnimeTV With Hosts Johnny Yong Bosch & Cristina Vee
Marie's Spotlight: Moyasimon -- "Unusual schools are a dime a dozen in manga these days, what with monsters and vampires and wizards all suddenly pursuing higher learning, but...
Anime Madness!
This March, we created and hosted an industry-wide bracket tournament, Anime Madness. I wrote the copy for the announcement, tournament page, and poll intros, and served as one...
Lisa Cooper's On the BL: Love to Transport
The column transferred to PiQ Magazine, and ran until PiQ ended its unfortunately short run in June 2008.
Lisa Cooper's On the BL: A New Year's Wish List
My New Year's column for Newtype USA.
20 Years of Right Stuf - Part 2
Just a year and a half after being hired at Right Stuf, I suddenly became the official historian when I was asked to write a two-part history for our anniversary. Lots of...
Uso Deshou! Set 2
Along with regular reviews, for episodes 10-76 of our podcast I wrote a short feature called "Uso Deshou," which challenged listeners to determine if the plot described was real...

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