Sullivan Pearson

SEO-Optimized Copywriter/Written Content Creator


Sullivan is an undergraduate student at Queen's University, studying in the Political Science program. He has been creating engaging content for a variety of companies, publications and websites since 2020. For more of his work (due to this site's 10-article limit) reach out to him via email.

Contact Information:
Email - [email protected]
Mobile - +1437-777-3161

PC Invasion
3 Best Budget Gaming Laptops of 2023

Want to know which gaming laptops are the best for players on a budget? We've scoured the market and have a perfect list for you!

Gamer Journalist
The Best Armor Designs in Minecraft

This guide is about comparing the best armor designs in Minecraft's newest snapshot. Also, it explains where to find every design Armor Template in-game.

Gamer Journalist
Five Essential Cards For Your Clash Royale Offense

Clash Royale is a card-playing, tower rush strategy game released by Supercell in 2016. The game has received millions of downloads and won the Google Play Awards Game of the Year in 2016, the same year that it was released. The main objective of the game is to destroy more of your opponents' three towers than they do yours.

Private Client (Finance)
Explaining 40 Year Mortgages

An explanation of 40-year mortgages, including the benefits and drawbacks, as an alternative to traditional length loans.