Liam Heitmann-Ryce-LeMercier

Copywriter & Proofreader | Content Creator | TEDx Speaker


A highly skilled interviewer, columnist, and public speaker with work experience in Australia, Germany and the UK. I have produced an extensive array of content for print, digital, and social since 2010, with a strong focus on LGBTQ+ issues and experiences. I am invested in lesser-told stories and amplifying those voices that are not often heard within society.

Having interviewed authors, film composers, drag queens and queer activists, I have perfected the ability to distil complex and challenging life experiences into written features that are compelling, insightful, and wholly original. My affinity for succinctness is met only by my adaptability, able to flawlessly emulate the specific style guides and house styles of the numerous outlets wherein my work has been published.

Time and again, I have proven myself as a writer who produces material ahead of schedule and beyond expectation.

I am always open to collaborations and freelance assignments. If you feel yours is a story worth sharing, please contact me via email: [email protected]


Showcase Pieces

CutCommon | the new generation of classical music
Hubris, hypocrisy, and Mahler's Fifth: How Tár makes classical music cool

"You cannot start without me." So asserts the eponymous Lydia Tár in the opening scene of Todd Fields' austere psychological drama set within the world of classical music, spearheaded by a thunderous lead performance from Cate Blanchett.

Prism & Pen
Shamelessly Queer: Tom Allen on Bromley, Berlin, and His New Book

For Bromley-born comedian Tom Allen, the fantasy world inside his head was always much more appealing place than the suburban "middle place" where he grew up. Tom spent much of the mid-90s buried in his diaries and the celluloid dreamscape of Fred Astaire movies.

CutCommon | the new generation of classical music
Film composer Antony Partos discusses his life in Australian music

It was on an aeroplane in June, 2010 that I first heard the music of Antony Partos. I was 13, flying from the United Kingdom back home to Western Australia with my older brother to spend the summer holiday with our dad.

INTERVIEW: Film Composers

CutCommon | the new generation of classical music
Could your favourite film score have been composed by your local councillor?

Artists can undergo an entire evolutionary cycle of job roles throughout the course of their film career, in front of and behind the camera. As in the case of Australian composer Christopher Gordon, music makers might dip their toes into completely different waters, too.

Prism & Pen
Hey, Barracuda! Queer TV in Australia, with Composer Bryony Marks

AUSTRALIA, BOTH AS COUNTRY AND CONCEPT, is something of a paradox. An enormous sunburnt landmass dumped at the bottom of the planet, a million miles from anything else, one would be forgiven for presuming the disconnected nature of its inhabitants.

INTERVIEW: Artists and Creatives

Western Australian Charity Orchestra
Breath of the West: WA Oboist Leanne Glover on a Life in Music and Australian Arts

For Australian classical performer Leanne Glover, there are strong links between the musicality of the human voice and the oboe, the chosen instrument of her professional life in music. It is the ties between these two forms of expression which afford her an even deeper understanding of the music she plays onstage for a living.

Chapter Z
Three Queens, One Castle: The Life of East London Drag Queens

A sneak peak into the home of trans drag artists Margo Marshall, Cazeleon, and SueGivesAFuck. As much as it may sound like the elevator pitch for a sitcom, 'three trans drag artists share North London house share' is in fact the day-to-day reality of three very special ladies.

Chapter Z
Bimini and Margo Marshall Return to the Gay Club That Made Them

Minority groups often demonstrate the strongest bonds of community, given their smaller population within a surrounding majority. This is especially prevalent for queer people, who have for so long been forced into corners – and closets – on account of who they are, and for their purported failure to integrate into heteronormative society.

Prism & Pen
Hornet CEO Harnesses Purchasing Power of LGBTQ+ Community

The loudest voices and strongest changemakers often emerge from the sidelines. In their efforts to be recognised and represented, and by dint of their diminished population, minority groups are required to surmount far greater hardships than most.

Growing Up Gay, with BBC Journalist Simon O'Leary

The best way to get somebody to do something is by telling them they can't. Instruct a five-year-old to have only two of those chocolate chunk cookies on the table and you can be sure, the instant you leave the room to answer the door, the entire packet will have been devoured.

Prism & Pen
In Lockdown with Le Fil: Queer Identity and DIY Music Videos

Keeping your mind active in lockdown is rather like being in a closet: it's very inconvenient and nobody ever asks to be put in one. Yet while the walls of a closet can eventually be smashed apart by the power of the personality trapped within, you can't do much with a pandemic.

INTERVIEW: German Startup Community

"What's Your Footprint?" - Tom Celig

An idea is a campfire: the initial spark of creativity will burn out into smoke if it isn't nourished with fuel. In the same way, an incredible idea will never be able fully grow without the input of others

"What's Your Footprint?" - Daniel Zoll

With every step we take, towards long-term ambitions or short-term goals, we leave behind our own personal mark on the world. These footprints serve as the lasting legacy to those around us, the people we share our lives and passions with

"What's Your Footprint?" - Matthias Koch

The path to career success is one formed of millions of different footprints. The journey towards our professional ambitions is one that involves crossing the paths of so many others, each of them trying to leave behind their own mark

Moments That Matter: Robert Milost

At networking events, there is always the potential to find new ideas and those promising flickers of creativity - we want to share with you these moments that matter, and why events can be so meaningful for those who attend them

Public Speaking Videos

LGBTQ+ Writings

Prism & Pen
I Met a Guy in a Gay Sauna in Berlin and Now I'm Going to Canada

Opening up to new opportunities - - I was asleep when he first saw me, passed out on a massage bed in the Ruheraum of the Boiler men's sauna. The room is no bigger than a train station Starbucks, housing two parallel rows of about ten beds, as seen through a glass wall allowing visitors to seek out a potential resting buddy.

New Word Order
I Was Quietly Outed... By Another Queer Person

Since starting my job as a waiter earlier this summer, my social net has broadened quite widely and randomly. I have stumbled into friendship groups with which I had wanted to mix for many of the fifteen years I have now lived in southwest England.

I Met My First (Ever) Boyfriend in a Pandemic

Remember when everyone wanted to do a ctrl+alt+dlt on 2016? Britain left the EU, a load of musicians died, the Australian postal service raised their flat-rate handling fee from 70 cents to a dollar (unforgivable), and some fat guy with crap hair became president. I don't think we knew how good we had it.

Gay New World: I Came Out at 16, Over Email

In July 2005, my Mum married my stepdad, and in October we moved to England. My birth parents were never married and so this made our relocation a little bit easier. Being eight-years-old at the time, I didn't register what was going on and remember only saying something like Oh wow, that's Stonehenge

Why I'm Still Self-Conscious About Kissing Guys in Public

I recently went on a date with a guy, my first since the world broke in March. After four months of isolation, I was delighted by the chance to flirt outrageously with the pretty, talkative person with whom I'd matched on Tinder.

I Had Sex with a Woman, Despite Knowing I was Gay

Between the age of 18 and 19, I travelled along the eastern and western coasts of Australia for eight months. I had only really explored southwest Australia by that point, and I wanted to see more of where I'd come from.

This Pen is Our Protest: The Responsibility of Minority Voices

Published in 1989, Where Joy Resides is an anthology containing key works of Christopher Isherwood's queer semi-autobiographical canon. Housing two complete novels and excerpts from three other stories, it is, unsurprisingly, the size and weight of a toaster.

Fuck That: The Problem of Promiscuity in Queer Culture

If you are a man within the LGBTQ community, I propose that the image above is a fairly common sight. Getting a guy into your bed is as easy as opening up Grindr, pinging a "hey" to the first acceptably attractive face you find, and providing the necessary data.

"You don't look very gay": Slipping under the Gaydar

By all standard metrics of 'gayness,' I satisfy the criteria. I have pierced ears, I wear a necklace, I practice a regular beauty regime, I know at least twelve Madonna songs by heart, and I carefully coordinate my outfits.

Delivered. - Deutsche Post DHL Global Customer Magazine

Buffalo Market (San Francisco, CA) - Organic Produce Supply and Delivery

Buffalo Market
How to Run a Successful Organic Restaurant

The idea of buying organic produce once seemed a very novel idea, with few consumers prepared to pay the extra premium for higher-quality ingredients. But now buying organic has become one of the leading food trends of the past few years, with sales of organic food in the US exceeding $55,000,000 in 2019.

Buffalo Market
How to Make the Best Zucchini Bread (and Muffins!)

Tender, slender, long and green, zucchini is the summer squash available for purchase all year round with a silky skin that makes it easy to peel and chop. Zucchini is also ideal for baked goods, thanks to its high moisture content, which isn't surprising given its relation to the cucumber, which is 96% water.

Buffalo Market
These 12 Chain Restaurants are Saving the Planet with Plant-Based Menus

Supported the world over since its 2003 inception, Meatless Monday is a movement dedicated to reducing the consumption of meat, with benefits ranging from the personal to the global. With animal livestock accounting for almost 15% of greenhouse emissions worldwide, changing your diet really could change the world.

Buffalo Market
Explained: Restaurant Slang and Food Service Terminology

Restaurants are fast-paced and challenging environments, with a countless number of issues that may arise at any moment: the quickest way to get a point across is with specific food service terminology. Communication is key, for a strong team that can work together is just as important as the food being served.

Buffalo Market
What Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know About COVID Relief Bill

One year after the COVID-19 outbreak was officially recognised as a pandemic, US President Joe Biden has signed the American Rescue Plan into law, with many businesses and restaurants set to benefit from this $1.9 trillion relief fund. A total of $28.6 bn will reportedly come to the aid of struggling restaurants.

Buffalo Market
7 Ways to Lower Food Costs in Your Restaurant

Food wastage is a costly business, as if running a restaurant weren't a pricey enough enterprise in itself. With up to 40% of all food served in restaurants ultimately ending up in the trash - that's somewhere in the region of 160 bn pounds annually - the cost of all this excess food accounts for $165bn every year.

Buffalo Market
Creating Restaurant Menus to Maximize Your Turnover

With so many of them out of action in this pandemic, most restaurants are likely to be closed for business or operating on a delivery-only basis. That means the only part of the dining experience open to your customers is the food on offer: now more than ever, your menu has become the face of your business.

Buffalo Market
Marketing Your Restaurant with Instagram

When it comes to marketing your business online, Instagram is the ultimate visual medium - which helps when a picture tells a thousand words. Users of social media platforms scroll through an average of 300 feet of newsfeed content every day, so you're going to have a lot of tough competition when standing out online.

Buffalo Market
Independent Restaurant Coalition Lead Q&A Web Event

On the one-year anniversary of US restaurant closures, leading members of the Independent Restaurant Coalition and the Golden Gate Restaurant Association came together last night for a public Q&A over Zoom, providing insights into how US restauranteurs are set to benefit from the recently signed American Rescue Plan

Moment Bulletin - German News & Culture

Moment Bulletin
Top 10: German cars

There is plenty to be said for the elegance of marques such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, all of which have produced some real gems over the past century. Here's a round-up of the ten best...

Moment Bulletin
Mercedes-Benz releases ultra-luxe Maybach S-Class

Following the September release of their newest generation of S-Class, the W223 facelift, Mercedes-Benz has given their high-end luxury saloon the millionaire's Pimp My Ride treatment in the form of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

Moment Bulletin
BMW unveils flagship electric iX SUV

Earlier this month, BMW released details of their new all-electric iX SUV which is due to hit UK showrooms at the end of 2021 - and estimated to leave a £100,000 hole in your pocket.

Moment Bulletin
Building a mood: Berlin on film

In the Berlin of old, citizens fared well to remember that rooms had ears. Before the fall of the Wall in November 1989, hundreds of thousands of spies and two-faced friends harboured tip-offs pertaining to any suspected dissident behaviour.

MXDWN UK - All That Matters in Music

Mura Masa Speaks up to Platform BAME Women in Music

Guernsey-born artist Mura Masa went against the curve yesterday, by remaining active on his social media platforms while many artists remained silent or posted black tiles on their feeds in observance of #BlackOutTuesday.

Ed Sheeran Donates £170,000 to His Former Suffolk School

Yorkshire-born singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has added another bucketload of cred to his watertight reputation as the Mr. Nice Guy of pop, by donating £170,000 to his former school for the purchase of new equipment and facility renovations

Easy Life Drop Two New Tracks on 'see you later maybe never' Demo

Leicester-based band Easy Life have shared two new tracks today, 'peanut butter' and 'petty crime', compiled in their latest demo release 'see you later maybe never'. Following the January release of their pop/poetic sepia-tinged demo 'Junk Food', anticipation is high for the band's latest drop.

Norwich Evening News - Columnist

Norwich Evening News
Enjoy the brilliant benefits of travel - while we still have time

Day-to-day life resembles walking along a familiar pavement in thick sandals. It is very comfortable and you know where you're going. Travel, however, is more akin to walking across sand in bare feet: it feels lovely between your toes, but isn't particularly stable...

Norwich Evening News
Mastering the art of persistence

At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card, if something is not difficult then it probably isn't worth fretting over. It's quite easy to ride the London Eye or swim with dolphins, and I don't think high-fiving Mickey at Disneyland is going to change your life

Norwich Evening News
Mum and stepfather - I see them as two pianos riffing together

I recently saw the film Call Me By Your Name, whose opening credits burst onto the screen with a piano composition by John Adams. Its title is "Hallelujah Junction" and immediately sets the tone of the film: a joyous dance of notes played by two instruments, out of sync yet beautifully in-key

Norwich Evening News
In My View: Student life is by no means easy

Those of you familiar with my articles may have noted that I have a particular agenda - to dispel the preconceptions of what it is to be a student. We are not all debt-ridden layabouts who exist on Netflix and ready meals

Norwich Evening News
Gay, for lack of a better word, is good

It is a secret to no-one that I am gay. I do not hide in closets, I am not quiet, and I do not convenience anyone's expectations. I am, however, still young and do not quite know who I am, and I do not expect I ever shall really know until I die, when I stop changing

Norwich Evening News
Social pressure can make university life frightening

On the face of it, university is the most exciting time in a person's life - the parties, the clubbing, the laughter, the chatter, the banter, the friends you make and the memories you share...

The DeadBolt - Movie, TV & Music News

The DeadBolt
No Mini Feat: Coventry "Italian Job" Tunnel Receives 50th Anniversary Honours

Despite the European promises of the title, 1969's The Italian Job was actually partially filmed in England. Its iconic car chase, featuring three original Minis loaded with $4m worth of stolen gold, was filmed in the traffic-jammed streets of Turin, on the roof of the old Fiat factory, and through some very dark and smelly sewerage tunnels in Coventry.

The DeadBolt
Down in the Trumps: The Donald Throws Post-Greenland Hissy Fit

After the backfire of a bizarre campaign to purchase Greenland, calling it a "real estate deal" that "strategically, for the United States, would be nice," Donald Trump has been lambasted by the Danish Prime Minister for his "absurd" idea.

Trill! Mag

Writings on Music

Australia and Classical Music: Returning Home to Chase a Dream

I have loved classical music for as long as I can remember. There is no specific reason for this, as I neither had musical parents nor any zealous teachers to push piano keys under my fingernails. Certainly, my family enjoyed music, but my childhood home was not occupied by radios in every room to stimulate my brainwaves

Berlin, Symphony City: An Analysis in Three Movements

Following the drug-clumsy misadventures of a young Australian who has recently moved to the German capital, this explores everything from casual sex, comedowns and the musical characteristics of urban rhythm.

What Colour is Music?

Every day, at almost every waking hour, I am listening to music. Buzzing in my ears or burbling out of a portable speaker, it is always there to lift my high spirits or soothe my frazzled mind. But it was while cooking dinner one evening that I asked myself: does music have a colour?

Berlin Stories

A Boy in Berlin: "Welcome Home, I Guess"

Arriving at Matt's apartment, Jonas realises his door is the same dark blue colour as Felix's, though this glossy coating far outshines the sun-scarred lacquer Jonas left behind this morning. Matt holds the door open, its surface reflecting onto Jonas the...

A Boy in Berlin: The City as Orchestra Pit

The train rattles appallingly and the scream of its wheels pierce Jonas's ear drums. Jonas is coming down. There is no perfume of voices here, no confetti sentences, only sweat. Jonas is no longer buzzing. The drugs are not fun anymore.

A Boy in Berlin: Sex, Drugs and Orange Juice

Jonas is buzzing. His fingertips sing with feeling, his feet are electric. The door crackles on his hand as it closes; he can feel the paint fizz in the canals of his fingerprints. Jonas is wired. He is dancing to the music in his head.

Wordsmith HQ

Away from the centre, from the anxious headache, The mad rush of Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Tiergarten, Bundestag, Pull me out, lift me up, and let me take...