Lexi Dwyer

Writer + Editor

I'm an experienced lifestyle writer for major consumer publications who's known for submitting elegantly written, well-reported stories.

I began my career as an editor at Epicurious and later worked as both a travel editor and contributing editor at BRIDES magazine. Current and past clients include Google, Amazon, People.com, TODAY.com, The Bump, What to Expect, BonAppetit.com, Bravo TV and New York magazine.

I've also worked as a creative consultant doing writing, editing, research and brainstorming for organizations
like New York University, Manifest, Greenberg Traurig, LLP and music-rights company BMI.





The surprising ingredient you should skip for a healthy smoothie

Buying a smoothie at a juice bar instead of making it at home? Giving up control has a price.


Charcoal or gas? Meathead Goldwyn on the battle of the grils

Charcoal rules the South and parts of the Midwest, while gas is king in the Northeast and West.

Bravo TV

5 Classic Puerto Rican Dishes You Need to Know About

When you think about Puerto Rican food, what comes to mind? Rice and beans? Roast pork? Rum? There's a lot more that you're missing.


10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake

When it comes to wedding desserts, couples are breaking the mold (the cake mold, that is) and serving distinctive treats that reflect their taste and style.


'Random Snacks of Kindness' food truck serves up good cheer on four wheels

Snacks like empanadas and waffles are certainly tempting, but one food truck in the Dallas-Fort Worth area dishes out something even sweeter: Random Snacks of Kindness.


How to Bake the Chocolate Chip Cookie of Your Dreams

If you’ve ever scanned the offerings on a packed school bake-sale table you’ll know one thing: Not all chocolate chip cookies are created equal.


How to Make the Perfect Martini

In honor of this iconic concoction, we present the classic gin martini recipe—and three creative riffs on the basic recipe.


The Ultimate Aphrodisiac Menu

It's February, which means that in the food world, talk of aphrodisiacs has reached a fever pitch.


Here's how to drink Jägermeister like a grown-up—plus an awesome cocktail recipe

Forget the Jägerbombs you chugged in college (probably best for all involved, anyway).



Where to Honeymoon After Your Destination Wedding

After getting hitched across the country (or across the world!), where on earth do you head to next?


Photographer puts everything on hold to travel the country collecting stories of kindness

Acts of kindness are being shared as part of More Good Today, a website and social media journal dedicated to chronicling positive stories from people’s lives.


Have kids, will travel: TODAY's Family Travel Guide

Check out our family travel guide for the best cities to visit in the U.S. Find tips for your next vacation with the kids, including on where to eat, where to stay and more!


Hotel Review: The Dairy, Queenstown, New Zealand

Whether you're in Queenstown for paragliding or Pinot Noir, you'll be happy to know about a hotel that's a standout value.


So Swell: Learning to Surf on Oahu's North Shore

... As I waded in, the board leashed to my ankle, I kept getting yanked back. It felt as graceful as waltzing in ski boots.

New York Magazine

Park Slope's Sage Spa: An Elegant Haven in a Former Apartment

Biodynamic Weleda facials are on the menu, but many clients just stick to the skillful, sleep-inducing massages done with house-blended organic oils.



Yoga guru's morning secret is so easy, you can do it asleep

Tara Stiles is the founder of Strala Yoga, a global yoga studio that's headquartered in Manhattan.

Vim + Vigor Magazine

Is It Time for Weight-Loss Surgery?

Learn more about what it takes to qualify, what to expect afterwards and the key questions to ask yourself first.