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Mike Lerchenfeldt

Dad of two from Rochester Hills

Teacher + Writer


Michigan Coffee
Review - Sabbath Coffee Roasters

There is a new coffee shop in Downtown Clawson. I relaxed my mind, filled my cup, took a sip, slowed life down, and celebrated all that is good today with the help of delicious specialty coffee.

Metro Parent
Incorporating play in your daily workouts

Exhausted. Tired. House is a mess after our kids pull out every toy that we own. Kids are a tornado that can hit at any moment without notice. Of course, we still love them, right?

Oakland University
New Zealand teaching experience

My experience was professionally and personally rewarding: I learned new teaching strategies, developed my listening skills and adapted my lifestyle to live and work in a new environment.

Meemic [+ PBS]
What motivated me to become a teacher

Why do I teach, you ask? I teach because it is a highly rewarding and fulfilling profession. Teachers have one of the most important, meaningful and purpose-driven jobs.

Lansing State Journal
Collaborate to improve teacher preparation

Somewhere in the U.S., standing at the door of a classroom, a new lead teacher greets her students on the first day of school. She smiles as she shakes each student's hand.

Michigan Education Association
My students are trying new things

We recently learned about energy waves. Students were asked the questions: Is there a relationship between frequency, wavelength, and speed? If so, what is it? If not, why?

Macomb Daily
Chippewa Valley teacher honored

A Macomb Township teacher has been selected to participate in an organization dedicated to speaking out about public education and sharing best practices to improve it.

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