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Digital Communications Manager at Center City District, the business improvement district for Center City Philadelphia, focused on telling stories about retail, restaurants, reports, and more through blogs, social media, and photography.

Center City District Blog
Will We Seize the Moment? A Recap of the CPDC June 2023 Meeting

As noted in our new report, Shaping the Future We Want: Economic Recovery, June 2023, Philadelphia has restored all jobs lost in early 2020 and even surpassed employment levels from February of that year. Now, business, civic and political leaders need to develop a plan for robust growth.

Center City District Blog
Key Takeaways from the State of Center City

"Philadelphia is a city with extraordinary assets, amenities and advantages... But only committed, proactive private and public leadership will enable the city to realize its full potential," noted Center City District President Paul Levy in his cover essay in the State of Center City Philadelphia 2023 report.

Center City District Blog
Center City's Recovery: A Recap of the CPDC April 2023 Meeting

“Good news is good news. Crossing that line to restore all the job lost in 2020 is a good sign,” noted Center City District (CCD) President Paul Levy in the kick off presentation of our April Central Philadelphia Development Corporation (CPDC) meeting.

Center City District Blog
Last Minute Holiday Gifts in Center City Philadelphia

Between the end-of-year scramble at work and school and the season's unavoidable hustle and bustle, it's easy to forget something from your holiday shopping list. We've all been there. But never fear! With all the festive happenings across the city, new and classic activities in the new year, and one-of-a-kind businesses right around the corner, Center City has the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

Center City District Blog
Ambassadors of Hope: Reducing Homelessness in Center City with Compassionate Outreach

Across the country, the homelessness epidemic has been a challenge for communities of all sizes. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's 2020 PIT Estimates of Homeless report, over 580,000 individuals in 2019 experienced homelessness across the country. To face this crisis on a local level, Center City District (CCD) established the Ambassadors of Hope program.

Center City District Blog
The Future of the Office District: A Recap of the CPDC December 2022 Meeting

The death of the office sector has been greatly exaggerated. While the last three years have profoundly disrupted the state-of-work in downtowns across the nation, as the rebound continues, questions remain. What form should office space take in the future? How should employers balance the interest in remote work with the benefits of in-person collaboration?

Slice Communications Blog
Social Media Customer Service Plan | Slice Communications

Today, customers have grown accustomed to getting near instant responses to questions thanks to search engines like Google, chatbots hosted on brand websites, and direct access to brands through social media. This has caused customer service to become even more ingrained into the user experience, to the point where a 2016 Microsoft report noted that [...]

PR on the Go | Medium
4 Drip Campaigns Your eCommerce Store Will Thank You For

When running an eCommerce store, one of the biggest necessities is website traffic - how are you making sales if you don't have anyone visiting your website? A way to fix this is by running drip...

Parks & Rec Business (PRB)
The Basics In Social Media - Parks & Rec Business (PRB)

Particularly after 2020, parks and recreation professionals are busier than ever. Increased traffic during quarantine and a long-standing funding deficit have caused professionals to focus on a park's physical presence and ignore any attempts at a digital presence.