Lauren Tate

United States

Hello! My name is Lauren Tate and I am an up-and-coming author from the city of Detroit. I am a University of Michigan alumna. My first book—a small collection of poems "Fragments of a Full Memory" was self-published on Amazon in 2019. I have written my second book— a collection of short stories titled "Hair Me Now!" that is available to purchase on Amazon (2022).

My work mostly focuses on the stories of girls and women, especially those of color. Lack of representation in literature and on-screen inspires me to tell stories of brown girls and women and people of color— through novels, short stories, and poetry. It excites and challenges me to write everyday stories that are "othered" by society, to create a safe space for those in my community.

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An Interview with Author and Creator Lauren Tate | Her Campus

In the spirit of being a part of the Her Campus platform that works to create spaces for women to share their voices, I believe it to be important to do the same. Lauren Tate is a self-published author who not only shares her words with the world but also creates an environment for other Black women to share their written creations as well.

Fragments of a Full Memory
Self-Love is Not a Phase

Learning to love and accept yourself isn't a one-stop-shop. It's an ever-growing process.

Journey Near and Journey Far

This poem is one of many in a project I titled SHE, about a collective of women warriors who travel through earth as a community, de shattering labels, limitations and futures that have been pre planned for them.

Where are you brown girl?

A poem that opens up a conversation about our missing black girls who are being kidnapped and trafficked.

A Message for the Queen

A lone and outcast warrior named Imelda makes a bold journey to give a message to the queen…that could save the entire kingdom.


Two friends Dusk and Arlo venture out into a southern city and end up at thrift store where Dusk meets a mysterious woman with hair the color of tangerine.

Hair Me Now!

An African-American Ballerina combats her white friends’ internalized racism during a late practice.

Hair Me Now!
PWI (7th Grade)

A mixed girl navigates her hair and her blackness in a predominantly white institution.


Short Stories