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Laura Paterson

Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

I am a storytelling copywriter specialising in the retail, holiday and travel industries, with many high-profile names on my client list. I create compelling content to sell experiences ranging from the budget to the luxury.

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Online blog
A Guide to Faro

Located in the south of Portugal, Faro is the Algarve's ever-popular capital. Characterised by its stunning coastline, lush hills and valleys, and winding medieval streets, this city has plenty of beauty and culture on offer.

Monarch Airlines
Travel to Romantic Dubrovnik

Sitting on the coast of the Adriatic sea, the ancient city of Dubrovnik in the south of Croatia has much to offer for the most laid-back lothario. Because of Dubrovnik's easy talent to impress and seduce, this means that you don't necessarily have to work hard to!

The Caribbean

A favoured destination for celebrities and millionaires looking for a paradise getaway, the Caribbean lures its visitors with promises of golden beaches and clear turquoise seas. But by taking advantage of booking at off-peak winter time, you too can enjoy this tranquil holiday haven even on a budget.

FTD Digital
The Issue of Problem Gambling

For most people, online gambling is an entertaining activity that they can pick up and leave, whenever the mood takes them. However for some, knowing when to stop can become a problem. It is estimated that around 350,000 people in the UK suffer from a gambling addiction, and NHS statistics show that only 5% of these problem gamblers seek help, and of these just 1% get treatment.

App blog post
Making Scents: Selling Perfume in the Digital Age

Have you ever watched a perfume advert where impossibly good looking people cavort around almost as equally impossibly good looking locations, and by the end of it thought: “That's great - but what does the perfume smell like?”

Adding Colour to Your Home

Livening up neutral spaces in your home by adding colour may feel like a daunting challenge. But as you'll see from our guide, it's easier than you might think. Whether you want to make small changes or completely transform every room in your home, there's an edit for you.

10 Reasons Why Being A Pale Girl Rocks

So you're standing in the queue waiting to pay for the latest addition to your extensive shoe collection and suddenly the bouffant haired man or woman in front of you turns around... and you're temporarily blinded by an overwhelmingly orange light radiating out in your direction.

Car by Spa
The Rise of the Metrosexual: Is Your Boyfriend Stealing Your Beauty Products?

With many beauty products now being created and marketed for men, male grooming is certainly no longer a taboo subject. Skin creams for dry tired faces are one thing, but are men also starting to delve into our make-up bags for a touch of eyeliner and lipstick? Would they even be tempted by booking a mobile spray tan?

LA Fitness
How to Get a Flatter Tummy, Naturally!

Do you want to look and feel confident this summer? If the tummy is your problem area, you may find yourself wanting to hide under layers of clothing. But this summer, banish your baggy tops and your worries to the back of the wardrobe! Just follow our 10 top tips to find out how you can achieve a flatter stomach with the aid of beautiful natural methods.

John Lewis
Product copy

Built for functionality and offering great storage capacity, the Beko CS5713APB is an ideal fridge freezer for all your fresh and frozen produce needs. It also has an energy rating of A+, meaning it will keep your energy bills low whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

Allegra Coffee
Double Shot Coffee Co Review

We weren’t expecting to find many places in Covent Garden that could fit the description of ‘oasis of calm’, but Double Shot Coffee Co on Tavistock Street certainly transported us to such a place.

Kitty Bingo

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