Laura Mathis

Executive Communication Coach, Author and Writer

United States

Laura Mathis is an Executive Communication Coach, published Author, and Writer.

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Six Ways To Win Your Pitch Presentation

I recently attended an event in Austin called Philantropitch, a social impact fast-pitch competition. Nonprofits step onto the stage to gain access to capital and build awareness amongst new donors and volunteers.

Women-Only Events Don't Make Sense and Here's Why

Very recently, Rebecca Robbins, a San Francisco Correspondent, shared a report about an organization that wanted to take a different approach at an upcoming scientific gathering. Planners decided to only invite female speakers to the microbiome conference at the University of California, San Diego,

Esther's Follies
5 Austin Staycation Experiences-Starting at 7 Dollars!

Most people either don't use their vacation time, use it for boring things like recovering from an illness, or just can't seem to find time to leave town. If you want to stay in town for your next vacation and experience some fun hidden gems of Austin, this blog is for you.

Esther's Follies
Interview with Cast Member Ted Meredith

Ted Meredith is a veteran Esther's cast member, and right now is best known for his hilarious Donald Trump impression, which he shares every week for delighted audiences.

Esther's Follies
What is Esther's Follies?

For over 40 years, Esther's Follies in Austin Texas has been entertaining sold-out audiences with political satire, comedy sketches, Vegas- style magic and hilarious musical numbers. Esther's has been hailed as "Austin's answer to Saturday Night Live", with sharp insightful comedy performed by talented actors, entertai



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Sales Proposal Sample

A well written proposal demonstrates you have done your research and drastically improves your chances of closing the deal.

Predictive Media Network
Sales One Sheet

A compelling one sheet demonstrates to potential customers what you offer and why you are the best choice for their needs.

Predictive Media Network
Tip Sheet

A tip sheet provides your potential customers with easy to absorb information, providing resources or tools in summarized form.