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10Best Itinerary: Let Your Kids Ride a Train, Kiss Butterflies, See Dinosaurs

Ride a train, play with butterflies, climb a tree and visit a hippopotamus! San Antonio is a mecca of family focused fun. It’s all in a day’s adventure when you plan...


Austin's Hyde Park Theatre: Not a Bad Seat in the House

If you are looking for something a little eclectic, a little out of your ordinary experiences, but an incredible way to spend your evening, check out Hyde Park Theatre. Often...

Business Motivation, General Topics


5 Ways You Can Work It Like a Dog | Walkingspree

Watching my dog Maya is a great source of inspiration and positive emotions for me. Throwing a ball or a Frisbee over and over across a field for her to retrieve can sometimes...


Your 90 Day Self Appreciation Plan | Walkingspree

Let's face it. We've all got good intentions regarding our health and wellness. But it seems like there is always something else to do, things to get done and places to be. We...


Memorial Day Origins | Walkingspree

Memorial Day was originally called "Decoration Day." In the USA, we know it as a day of remembrance for all the brave men and women who have died serving and protecting our...

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10Best Itinerary: One Day of Kid-Friendly Fun in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas is known for its history and vibrant culture. Home to a variety of family-friendly activities and locations, it's no wonder that many consider San Antonio a...


10Best Day Trip: Explore the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Just 90 miles northwest of San Antonio, Texas, you'll find one of the most intriguing state natural areas you'll ever have the pleasure to lay eyes on. Enchanted Rock State...


History 'Comes to Life' at Sant Antonio's Menger Hotel

San Antonio’s Menger Hotel is not only a delightful step back into time but ‘time’ may also step up and greet you here. As the unofficial ‘Most Haunted...


Tony Parker's Nueve Lounge Noteworthy Nightlife in San Antonio

Tony Parker’s Nueve Lounge is the place to be for anyone with a love of dancing and mixing with a VIP crowd. Co-owned and named after San Antonio Spurs’ popular...


Prada Por Favor? San Antonio Fashionistas Rejoice

San Antonio, Texas may be pretty far south, but the fashionistas here know their stuff, and they know how to get a great deal. New York Exchange Boutique recently launched their...


San Antonio for Foodies

What's better than fresh veggies and a savory pizza? Fresh veggies, fantastic pizza and a glass of your favorite wine, that's what. Choosing fresh foods at local farmer's...

Fitness, Health and Self-Help


Using Photo Food Logs in Your Wellness Program | Walkingspree

Face it, you want variety in your wellness program and a good wellness program includes smart meal choices. It's Friday and after a week of rotating out meals with ground beef,...