Kirstie Pickering

Journalist and editor

United Kingdom

I'm an NCTJ-qualified journalist with over a decade of experience covering business, tech and aviation.

Inside Manchester, the UK's fastest growing fintech sector

Manchester, home of six tech unicorns and the UK’s third biggest city, is one of the top startup hubs in the UK. Now, it has the fastest growing fintech sector in the country, which contributes more than £1bn to the regional economy.

Airport Industry Review
The new tech improving accessibility at airports

Greater accessibility at airports can transform the travel experience for passengers with additional needs. With more than one in five consumers having a disability, it’s important that airports continue to trial technology to make their operation as accessible as possible to all.

Inside the Scottish tech ecosystem

Famed as a nation of innovators, Scotland has nurtured successful unicorns like Skyscanner and household names such as FreeAgent. I explored Scotland’s tech ecosystem in 2024 and how events like EIE are central to its continued growth.

How to fix the UK’s creaking tech visa system

The UK continues to tackle a skills gap for crucial tech roles. At the same time, government plans to reduce net migration have caused concerns among startups that it will become even more challenging to secure the right talent.

How are startups supporting UK carbon capture goals?

The process of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) is specialised and complicated – and it is significant to help meet global climate targets. Startups are playing an important role in making the UK’s target a reality.

Airport Technology
What role are drones playing in Ukraine?

Cameron Chell, CEO and president of drone developer Draganfly, talks about the company's role in the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

How generative AI is gaining momentum in Mena

Generative AI has dominated headlines for almost a year since the launch of US artificial intelligence-powered chatbot Chat GPT in November 2022. The story is still evolving for other generative AI players – especially in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena).

Techspace: The Scaleup Culture Report 2023

For this Techspace report, I conducted interviews with scaleups about their changing ways of working and what is most important to businesses in 2023.

Business Airport International
Pets on Jets

I took a deep dive into what it takes to transport pets and animals on jets, from pre-flight essentials to entry requirements.

Seven fintech predictions for 2024

This year has been tricky for fintechs, but exciting new developments around AI and blockchain have showed promise for 2024.

Vertical Farming Today
Could container farms revolutionise the farming industry?

A container farm is a vertical farming system that is built inside a shipping container. I explored the companies operating in this field, the uptake of container farming and what the future holds for the sector.

Airport Technology
SAF and blockchain: what's the connection?

Eva Wan, head of aviation digital strategy at Shell Aviation, talks about the role for blockchain in the future of sustainable aviation fuel.

UKTN | UK Tech News
DSIT: How has the tech department fared so far?

The government created DSIT to "drive innovation" and focus solely on supporting the UK's science and tech sectors. But what has it achieved so far, and where do UK tech stakeholders think it can do more?

The digital nomad's guide to Estonia

Estonia's startup ecosystem is evolving - and they are keen to attract foreign talent. What do you need to know before moving to Estonia?

Spinout term sheets: Explained

What's typically included on the term sheet of a university spinout and what should founders keep an eye out for?

How to fund a university spinout

Four founders share the funding routes they took to finance their university spinout startups, from VC backing to grants.
Embedded Finance: What Is It?

I looked into this emerging diversification strategy and the benefits it can bring to startups in today's business landscape.

UKTN | UK Tech News
Revolut hit by fresh setbacks in 'super app' push

Revolut's CFO Mikko Salovaara has resigned from the company citing "personal reasons", the latest in a string of setbacks for the fintech as it pushes to become a global 'super app' and secure a UK banking licence.

Cost of living | NatWest

I worked with agency Dentsu on NatWest's cost of living content project. This three-month role involved writing articles to help its customers navigate the current economic climate. These ranged from a guide on how to support a loved one through the cost of living crisis, to a listicle of TikTok accounts to follow for money-saving tips.

You've just raised pre-seed funding - how should you spend it?

As a founder, it can be hard to know how to spend pre-seed funding - especially as the round is often the first significant cash injection a startup will get. I took a deep dive into the topic and spoke to founders and VCs to learn more.

Maddyness UK
Making public transport more accessible - Maddyness UK

When Jay Shen was preparing for a presentation as part of his PhD research into sensor technology, never could he have imagined that the day would end with an idea that would evolve into a startup with over 220,000 users and helping a sector that was desperately in need of innovation.

Business Airport International
Mind Matters

According to research on aviation worker wellbeing by Trinity College Dublin, only 47% say their mental health is very good or good. I investigated how mental health support is being approached by the industry, the fallout of the pandemic on mental health, and what more needs to be done.

Talent pools aren't just for talent management

Building a talent pool is an effective way to ensure your hiring yields the best results, both for talent and diversity. But who is responsible for managing the pool? I spoke to HR experts to find out more.

Passenger Terminal World
Natural world: a look into airports and biodiversity

What role do airports play in promoting and protecting the biodiversity of their surrounding areas? I investigated the efforts airports are making in the field and what more can be done.

How to expand into new markets during a slowdown

While investing in a new project can be daunting for startups during economic uncertainty, a huge number of businesses have thrived in adversity in the past - Airbnb, Beyond Meat and Uber. How could your startup continue to grow during the current economic uncertainty?

Which cities are best suited to digital nomads?

The number of digital nomads and remote workers is and because of this, so too is a need for the infrastructure to support remote talent. Data by global HR solutions provider WorkMotion found that 16% of companies worldwide already offer 100% remote working.

Airport Industry Review
What's inside Biden's new SAF Grand Challenge Roadmap?

As part of the US’s climate goals, the Biden Administration has published a new plan focusing on the role of sustainable aviation fuel in the future of US aviation. I took a look into what it means for the aviation industry.

In data: How founders are responding to inflation

Research into over 200 companies conducted by Figures, a compensation app for startups and scaleups, found 75% of companies headquartered in the US have already taken action when it comes to salary raises or bonuses.

11 Vienna-based female founders to watch

The startup world is bursting at the seams with talented female founders, yet they're not being rewarded equally. In Vienna, the story gets more positive. This article was branded content in collaboration with ViennaUP'22.

The Business Magazine
10 Thames Valley start-up companies to watch

I looked at the the ten most innovative start-up companies emerging from the Thames Valley that build on the region's expertise in data and track record of university spin-outs.

Business Airport International
Talent wanted

For this five-page feature, I explored how talent shortages and staff retention could be the biggest challenge facing business aviation over the next decade.

Maddyness UK
Transforming the secondhand fashion market with a plug-in - Maddyness UK

Restrictions over the past 10 months have meant that most of us have spent more time at home. This has led many to reorganise and purge unwanted items, but with charity shops closed and unnecessary trips to the Post Office avoided, how else can we rid ourselves of our unloved fashion?

Maddyness UK
Peer-supported AI app creates personalised rehab programmes - Maddyness UK

Good Boost is a mission-led organisation that provides affordable and accessible therapeutic exercise programmes for both in water and on land via an AI app. We spoke to its founder, Ben Wilkins, about Good Boost’s impact on the rehab realm and the importance of team motivation to propel its success.

Maddyness UK
The academy dedicated to elevating female entrepreneurs - Maddyness UK

The number of female founders is on the rise, and many budding entrepreneurs are in need of support to take that next step for their startup. In a quest to remedy this, Ceylan Boyce founded Academy for Women Entrepreneurs to coach business-minded women and support them in reaching their full potential.

On behalf of Cannes Lions
Cannes Lions Innovation Report

I was ghostwriter for the 68-page Cannes Lions Innovation Report 2017, which highlighted promising startups. The report was distributed ahead of the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Passenger Terminal World
Stop the traffic

Millions of vulnerable people are illegally trafficked around the world every year, many of them through airports. How are airports, airlines and charities working together to combat the problem?