Kirstie Ganobsik

Content Creator

I am a professional writer and blogger specializing in health, wellness, personal development, and travel topics. I'm available to assist with website projects, business documentation, presentations, product reviews, e-books, and more.

Prior to launching my freelance career, I spent 20 years in the field of customer service both as a worker bee and as a small business owner. I am the editor and co-author of the spiritual anthology Traveling Toward Enlightenment, a web content writer, and a proprietary content developer in the health and wellness industry.

My upcoming book about the sometimes humorous trials of trying to become a better person is due out in 2018.

Please email me at [email protected] for help with your upcoming projects.

"Happiness does not depend on outside circumstances; instead, it is a choice."


Health and Wellness

Lower Back Pain: Taking Control with Movement
Proven strategies and techniques in place to help get the best results.
Longevity Starts With You
CLIENT FROM AUGUST 2017-PRESENT: Website & Proprietary Content Creation including presentation manuals, sales letters, and web page composition.
Pollinating Self-Empowerment with the Queen Bee of Health - Enlightenment For Schmucks
A talk with wellness advocate Maryam Henein.
5 Top "Dis-eases" and Their Self-Management Strategies
Learning to "turn on" the strengths inherent in our DNA coding.
Patient Empowerment 10 Key Questions to Ask Your Wellness Provider
We've put together a list of 10 key questions you can ask which help make walking into your doctor's office or wellness center a more self-supportive event.


Unmasking the Secrets of Stonehenge - TAP into Travel Blog
Many of us grew up being taught that Stonehenge was a Celtic structure meant to map the stars, a kind of ancient calendar that helped the people residing in the area with their...
Traveling Toward Enlightenment: Where the Road Intersects the Soul
A book that highlights how hitting the open road teaches us to open our minds & go for our goals.
Oklahoma's Endearing Stretch of Route 66 - TAP into Travel Blog
Today we think of Route 66 as a nostalgic piece of history, but in its heyday, the highway represented a major step forward in connecting the country from Chicago to Los Angeles.
Hidden Charms of Atlantic City - TAP into Travel Blog
" Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty, and meet me in Atlantic City." - Bruce Springsteen, Atlantic City When The Boss first sang with longing about an Atlantic City...
Top 10 Farmer's Markets On Maui
Maui boasts some of Hawaii's best in farmer's markets, ideal for enjoying a variety of the freshest produce and beautifully handcrafted products in the world. Here are 10...
Unmasking The Secrets Of Maui's Road To Hana
The famous road to Hana combines history, adventure, and folklore to create an unforgettable experience for everyone who drives its 64-mile stretch between Kahului and Hana. But...

Personal Development

Enlightened Entrepreneurship: How to Measure Success Using a Heart-Centered Gauge
Heartfelt entrepreneurial ventures have exploded on the scene, with some 55,000 U.S. adults switching to self-employment in each month of 2015 alone. What drives the vast...
Enlightenment for Schmucks
A Blog For Those of Us In The Remedial Class To Bliss
19 Ways to Conquer Low Self Esteem: 19 Influencers Chime in - Unlocking Potential
Ever wanted an expert opinion on self--esteem? What about several? Here's what 19 authors and influencers have to say about eliminating low self esteem.
How to Scare Gratitude Out of Hiding - Style on Vega
"Without exception, every person I interviewed who described living a joyful life... actively practiced gratitude and attributed their joyfulness to their gratitude practice." -...
The Hidden Why Podcast
Enjoy our podcast on passion and purpose with creator Leigh Martinuzzi
Journey of Enlightenment
We started Enlightenment for Schmucks to demystify this process...
Getting to Know Our "Gut" Chakra - Fiber Guardian
The following post is a guest contribution from Kirstie Ganobsik at DOES our digestive tract have a spirit? Many who have experienced irritable...

Social Issues

5 Countries Most Likely to Legalize Pot in 2016
The laws regarding marijuana use have become more lenient not only in the U.S. in recent years, but around the world as well. A variety of legislative moves are providing clues...
Henrietta Bell Wells: An Unintimidated Debater for Racial and Gender Equality
"I had to use my common sense." - Henrietta Bell Wells The first woman to participate in the first interracial collegiate debate in the United States celebrates a birthday this...
How to Win While Losing
There's a brilliant commercial out right in which people walking down the street past a kids' lemonade stand only notice the famous rapper and actor Ice-T...

In the News: Area Events & Attractions

Stop By One Of These Restaurants In Overland Park
One of the best parts about living near Signature Place apartments is the variety of great restaurants. While our city isn't the biggest in Kansas, it boasts a large number of...
Check Out The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio
Oak Park Place Apartments are located in the heart a community rich in history and celebrity. One of the highlights of our extraordinary Oak Park neighborhood is the Frank Lloyd...
5 Must-Attend Events of the Nantucket Island Season
Every year, visitors from around the globe come to enjoy the unique culture, history, and charm of Nantucket Island, which is located about 30 miles off the coast of Cape Code...
St. Patrick's Day in Starkville
Student Living in Starkville means enjoying a bit o' the green for St. Patrick's Day, and these three area events are sure to get you into the spirit of the holiday! St.

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