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I am a professional writer and blogger specializing in health, wellness, personal development, and travel topics. I'm available to assist with website projects, business documentation, presentations, product reviews, e-books, and more.

Prior to launching my freelance career, I spent 20 years in the field of customer service both as a worker bee and as a small business owner. I am the editor and co-author of the spiritual anthology Traveling Toward Enlightenment, a web content writer, and a proprietary content developer in the health and wellness industry.

My upcoming book about the sometimes humorous trials of trying to become a better person is due out in 2018.

Please email me at [email protected] for help with your upcoming projects.

"Happiness does not depend on outside circumstances; instead, it is a choice."

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Health and Wellness


CBD in the News: Best Year Ever?

It's been a busy year so far for CBD (cannabidiol). Its widespread health benefits have planted enough roots among policymakers to make 2018 a breakout year.

Real Life Counseling

5 Natural Cures for Depression

When depression is part of your life it can sometimes feel like you're riding a roller coaster, with no way of knowing when the next drop will occur. This uncertainty is a...

Real Life Counseling

How to Use Mindfulness Activities to Raise a Joyful Family

For many people, family dynamics cause a good deal of stress, worry, and anxiety. You can often feel powerless to change the complex issues that arise when different...

Real Life Counseling

5 Natural Anxiety Relief Remedies That are Easy to Make

In a recent article ( 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Reduce Anxiety), we talked about five unique strategies you can use to decrease your anxiety, especially when the tried...

Project Wellness Now

Enchanted Eco-Therapy: The Phenomena of Forest Bathing Project Wellness Now - Project Wellness Now

"Between every two pine trees, there is a door leading to a new way of life." - John Muir Many of us enjoy going out in nature for a walk among the streams, flowers, and trees...

Project Wellness Now

Grounding - How It Keeps Us Healthy And Grows Our Joy

Remember running around the yard barefoot on the grass as a kid, feeling the warm earth beneath your toes? As it turns out, you were actually acting as your own "health...


Lower Back Pain: Taking Control with Movement

Proven strategies and techniques in place to help get the best results.

One Century Wellness

Longevity Starts With You

CLIENT FROM AUGUST 2017-PRESENT: Website & Proprietary Content Creation including presentation manuals, sales letters, and web page composition.

Enlightenment For Schmucks

Pollinating Self-Empowerment with the Queen Bee of Health - Enlightenment For Schmucks

A talk with wellness advocate Maryam Henein.

5 Top "Dis-eases" and Their Self-Management Strategies

Learning to "turn on" the strengths inherent in our DNA coding.

Patient Empowerment 10 Key Questions to Ask Your Wellness Provider

We've put together a list of 10 key questions you can ask which help make walking into your doctor's office or wellness center a more self-supportive event.


TAP into Travel Blog

Unmasking the Secrets of Stonehenge - TAP into Travel Blog

Many of us grew up being taught that Stonehenge was a Celtic structure meant to map the stars, a kind of ancient calendar that helped the people residing in the area with their...


Explore the Enchantments of Mississippi's Gulf Coast Barrier Islands

Hidden away off of Mississippi's Gulf Coast are six secret enclaves formed during a time when North America lay untouched by the hands of man's


Traveling Toward Enlightenment: Where the Road Intersects the Soul

A book that highlights how hitting the open road teaches us to open our minds & go for our goals.

TAP into Travel Blog

Oklahoma's Endearing Stretch of Route 66 - TAP into Travel Blog

Today we think of Route 66 as a nostalgic piece of history, but in its heyday, the highway represented a major step forward in connecting the country from Chicago to Los Angeles.

TAP into Travel Blog

Hidden Charms of Atlantic City - TAP into Travel Blog

" Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty, and meet me in Atlantic City." - Bruce Springsteen, Atlantic City When The Boss first sang with longing about an Atlantic City...


Top 10 Farmer's Markets On Maui

Maui boasts some of Hawaii's best in farmer's markets, ideal for enjoying a variety of the freshest produce and beautifully handcrafted products in the world. Here are 10...


Unmasking The Secrets Of Maui's Road To Hana

The famous road to Hana combines history, adventure, and folklore to create an unforgettable experience for everyone who drives its 64-mile stretch between Kahului and Hana. But...