Kevin Card

Freelance Journalist

Welcome to my portfolio, please check me out on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In via the icons located on the top right of this page. I'm an aspiring journalist who specializes in interviewing, research, and opinion pieces. My ultimate goal is to become an arts critic specializing in music reviews (and help to change the music industry for the better).
Photos created by me using GIMP 2.6. For inquires or story ideas please email me at [email protected] I will respond in a punctual and upbeat manner.


Local Band Gets Global Recognition
A news story on a local Maynard band and how they successfully marketed their latest CD ("1981") over in Europe and Canada.
Music Grads Find Hope in Tough Job Market
An inspiring piece on how different music alumni have found jobs in a tough market.
Awakening Biota, From Jokes to Sincerity
A news story on a strong local Marlborough band releasing their third demo.
Marlborough High Grads are Local Giants of Sound
News Story on excellent local Metro West Massachusetts band completing their second album.
Environmentalists Decry Mining
Environmental Activists decry mountain top removal.
Feminist Eleanor Smeal Speaks at Salem State
Women's rights advocate speaks about Women and the 2012 election.
Four Fastest years of Life: Kevin Card interviews Him Self
Personal interview with myself about time spent in college and how I struggled due to my Autism Spectrum Disorder. Photo actually credited to SSU Memes page.
Author Harriet A. Washington Reviews a Grim History of Medical Abuse
Harriet A Washington Discusses how African Americans were treated medically in American History.
Zombies vs. Vampires: A Modern Day Battle of the Sexes (Op-Ed)
How America's obsession with the macabre represents differences in gender desires.
"The Shadow Box" Proves to Be an Intense Journey into the Soul
A review on a very moving performance of "The Shadow Box" by Michael Cristofer.
Grace Kelley Wows Salem State Crowd
My first live concert review/interview of prodigious Saxophonist Grace Kelley.
"Lulu" by Lou Reed and Metallica Best Left Forgotten
A negative review of a true stinker.
Gotye, Somebody We Will Come to Know?
A review of Gotye's most successful album, before he became a "one hit wonder" in the US.

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