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Director of Content at & Web Content Writer for

In May of 2015, I was promoted from Creative Copywriter to Director of Content and Chief Copywriter for My new duties include researching, interviewing, and hiring new writers. I'm also developing long term strategies for the company's editorial and marketing content. I will continue to write serialized storytelling emails, landing pages, interviews, and social media content that markets and sells photography related products.

In February of 2016, I became the Partnership Manager for In this role, I will be developing relationships throughout different industries in an effort to acquire sponsorship partners for numerous Gurushots activities. In July 2017, I changed roles at GuruShots and became a Web Content Writer.

In addition, I write freelance blog posts, how-to books, quick guides, and specialized reports relating to the photography, food, and publishing industries.

I am a published short story author with published works in the horror, drama, science fiction, romance, and young adult genres. I am also writing a serial graphic novel on Instagram. It can be found at: @snapseedit

I worked many years as a professional photographer.

My interests lie in photography, writing, communication, advertising, public relations, storytelling, social media, video production, customer service, and business growth through an effective plan of communication for today's environment.

I spent four years living in Argentina.

United States,US


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Apps Uncovered 15 July 2018 - Patterns & Textures

My photograph of some "simply stacked cardboard" was selected for the Apps Uncovered Feature over at It's pretty exciting because they have thousands...


Action Cards dPS Special Offer - Photzy

I co-created this product line for I also co-wrote the landing page displayed here.

Older Work


Effective Storytelling Special Offer - Photzy

"Those of you who have followed my writing and photography know that I'm a huge proponent of storytelling in photographic imaging. For those of you that are new to my writing,...

Behind the Lens: Meet GuruShots Member Joe Griffin

Conducting remote interviews, and then writing them, is a favored assignment. I love discovering what makes creative people tick.


Shooting With the Mitakon Lens - Photzy

I am a competent Copy Editor. This is a blog post that I edited for publication.

Why is His Nose SO Big

I wrote this CTA email for a Photzy Quick Guide on the use of wide-angle lenses.


These 3 Features on Your Canon Camera Can Help With Your Black and White Photography |...

by Kent Dufault, a GuruShots Master Black and white digital photography strongly revolves around the aesthetics of proper planning in the shooting stage, and also creating a...

27 Award Winning Photographs and What Special Element They Bring to the Table

(I wrote this article to inspire GuruShots photographers.) "What does it take to win a challenge, or a Guru's selection? The competition is stiff on GuruShots. There are...

Black and White Photography Tips: The 5 Cornerstones of All Great Monochrome Photos

(I wrote this SEO laden article for "So, you want to create jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, black and white photography- but you're not sure how to go about it....


Snap Cards Special Offer -

OPTION#1 You keep doing what you're doing now, keep getting the results you've been getting, and continue praying that eventually you'll figure out this whole photography thing...

SNAP! Cards PLS emails 1-3

I wrote the 3 emails PLS for, which resulted in the most successful product launch in the company history.

You Can Dish It Out - Can You Take It As Well?

CTA email


The Most Important Steps In Digital Photography

I wrote this advertorial blog post to help promote sales of the Photzy publication, "The Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing".

Does this sound familiar to you?

I wrote this CTA email for to sell an affiliate offer for

Getting The Shot: Creating an Environmental Portrait

I wrote this photography quick guide for Photzy. I also wrote this CTA email to promote the guide to the Photzy membership.

Light Stalking

3 Cool Things You Probably Didn't Realize That You Can Do With Masking In Post-Production

Swapping the color of an object, within Photoshop, is so ridiculously easy,when using masks, that you will probably go crazy and start swapping the colors of everything in your...

Apps Uncovered Award - July 16, 2017

I was awarded the "Apps Uncovered" selection for the 9th time in 2017.