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Director of Content at, Freelance Writer, Photographer, and Line Editor

United States

In May of 2015, I was promoted from Creative Copywriter to Director of Content and Chief Copywriter for My new duties include researching, interviewing, and hiring new writers. I'm also developing long term strategies for the company's editorial and marketing content. I will continue to write serialized storytelling emails, landing pages, interviews, and social media content that markets and sells photography related products.

In February of 2016, I became the Partnership Manager for In this role, I will be developing relationships throughout different industries in an effort to acquire sponsorship partners for numerous Gurushots activities. In July 2017, I changed roles at GuruShots and became a Web Content Writer.

In addition, I write freelance blog posts, how-to books, quick guides, and specialized reports relating to the photography, food, and publishing industries.

I am a published short story author with published works in the horror, drama, science fiction, romance, and young adult genres. I am also writing a serial graphic novel on Instagram. It can be found at: @snapseedit

I worked many years as a professional photographer.

My interests lie in photography, writing, communication, advertising, public relations, storytelling, social media, video production, customer service, and business growth through an effective plan of communication for today's environment.

I spent four years living in Argentina.


Current - Most Recent Publications
Anticipation in Photography

This article is based on concepts from Effective Storytelling with Photography if you want to dig deeper for further training. I wrote the photography eBook "Effective Storytelling." I also wrote this blog post to promote it.

Where to Put Hands in Photos

This article is based on concepts from The Art of Portrait Photography, which I wrote. I wrote this blog post to promote the product.
Previsualization: Transforming Your Thoughts into Photos

This article is based on concepts from The Photography Snap Cards which are currently 86% off until Black Friday. I created Snap Cards which has become a worldwide success story for online photography training sales. I wrote this blog post to promote the product.
Night Photography Tips

This article is based on concepts from The Photography Action Cards which are currently 88% off until Black Friday. Also, try the discount code photoholiday20 at checkout for extra holiday savings. I wrote this blog post to promote the Photography Action Cards, which I created.
Door Photography Tips

This article is based on concepts from The Photography Action Cards if you want to dig deeper for further training. I wrote this blog post to promote the product.
The Dynamics of Diagonal Lines

I wrote this blog post to promote the Photography Action Cards, which is a product that I created.

Monochromatic Color Photography Tips

This article is based on concepts from The Photography Action Cards which are currently 88% off for a summer sale. If you conduct a search on websites like Flickr, 500px, or Instagram using the search phrase, monochromatic color, you'll see a confusing array of pictures that have been tagged with this art terminology. I created the Action Cards and wrote this blog post to promote sales.

How to Capture Leading Lines That Work

This article is based on concepts from The Photography Action Cards which are currently 88% off for a summer sale if you want to dig deeper for further training. Leading lines are a "first try" composition tool for many photographers when they attempt to consciously compose a photograph. I also created the photography Action Cards product.

Pick and Choose Tips for Photography Composition

This article is based on concepts from Understanding Composition if you want to dig deeper for further training. I wrote this blog post to promote my Understanding Composition eBook.

Low Key Photography Tips

This article is based on concepts from The Photography Action Cards if you want to dig deeper for further training. What is a 'low key' photographic image? There seems to be a lot of confusion about this. So, let's start with a definition. 'Low-Key Lighting' is where the term originates.

At Home Pet Photography Tips

This article is based on concepts from The Photography Action Cards if you want to dig deeper for further training. The act of capturing a fabulous photo of your pet is rewarding and well worth the effort. However, our critters often have their own agenda, which doesn't always mean posing for pictures.

Abstract Photography Exercises

This article is based on concepts from the The Photography Action Cards if you want to dig deeper for further training. If part of your photographic self-awareness includes a little voice that wants to play without rules or retribution, well then, abstract is the photo genre for you!

Color Isolation in Photography

This article is based on concepts from Creating Rich & Vibrant Color Photography if you want to dig deeper for further training. Color photography can be so confusing. Why does one color photograph knock the socks off of everyone who sees it, and another leaves viewers feeling bored and uninspired?

Minimalism: Home Photography Activity

This article is based on concepts from the The Photography Action Cards if you want to dig deeper for further training. Many of us are spending a lot of time at home in recent days. Why not use this time to learn a fun and exciting photography technique called Minimalism?

The Simple Long Exposure Tip Nobody Talks About

This article is based on concepts from the The Complete Guide to Long Exposure Photography if you want to dig deeper for further training. When I first started in Long Exposure photography, I became very frustrated. I purchased all of the right gear, and I followed the simple steps as listed with various online blogs.

Adjusting Contrast vs Clarity for Better Photos

This article is based on concepts from the Fundamental Photo Editing Guide if you want to dig deeper for further training. There's been a lot of debate online regarding the Contrast adjustment versus the Clarity adjustment that appears within most digital photo-editing software products. Both seem to affect the contrast within a photo.

Older Work

Anette Mossbacher
This Photograph Will Make You Cry and This One Smile

When selecting a photograph to decorate your home or office, you should consider this carefully. What message do you want the viewer to receive? Today, I am going to discuss emotion, specifically animal emotion, and how the animal emotion transposes to the viewer of your art décor photography. It's a fascinating subject!

Anette Mossbacher
Amazing Product Absolutely Makes Wildlife Photography Easier

I have been doing some freelance blog post writing for Wildlife & Nature Photographer Anette Mossbacher. Anette is from South Africa. She leads some pretty exciting tours and workshops. For this blog post, we talked about an important piece of her equipment.

Anette Mossbacher
Excited Photographers Love This Amazing Natural Paradise

I have been doing some freelance blog post writing for Wildlife & Nature Photographer Anette Mossbacher. Anette is from South Africa. She leads some pretty exciting tours and workshops. For this blog post, we talked about her recent trip to Namibia, Africa.
The Real Story Behind Your Camera Meter

I wrote this guide to help photographers understand how their camera light meter operates, what conditions can create an incorrect reading, and how to correct for it.

Apps Uncovered 15 July 2018 - Patterns & Textures

My photograph of some "simply stacked cardboard" was selected for the Apps Uncovered Feature over at It's pretty exciting because they have thousands and thousands of photos from which to make their selections. Feels pretty good. Also, I've been preaching this for years... there are great photos everywhere... you just have to be able to see them. "Selected by Bob Weil This week's Apps Uncovered presents what I hope you'll find to be an interesting selection of images...
Why is His Nose SO Big

I wrote this CTA email for a Photzy Quick Guide on the use of wide-angle lenses.
27 Award Winning Photographs and What Special Element They Bring to the Table

(I wrote this article to inspire GuruShots photographers.) "What does it take to win a challenge, or a Guru's selection? The competition is stiff on GuruShots. There are thousands of photographers, from around the world, submitting photos to every challenge. We have culled a selection of winning photographs, and we are going to discuss what is special about them."

Snap Cards Special Offer -

OPTION#1 You keep doing what you're doing now, keep getting the results you've been getting, and continue praying that eventually you'll figure out this whole photography thing ...Or... Take control of your photography now. Grab these snap cards. And change the way you learn photography from this point forward.
SNAP! Cards PLS emails 1-3

I wrote the 3 emails PLS for, which resulted in the most successful product launch in the company history.
Selected 5 times in 6 weeks!

For the 5th time in 6 weeks one of my iphone photographs has been featured in the Apps Uncovered profile on

Light Stalking
Why Leading Lines Are Trickier Than You Think

A lot of folks get into photography without having any type of art background or art training. Some might be telling themselves, "Hey, I know how to use a camera. Why do I need that?" The answer lies in one word- communication.
CTA Email to Sell Contrastly Product

I wrote this CTA email, which was one of two that went out to promote the entire catalog on Lightroom Presets being sold by
Printing and Sharing in Lightroom

I wrote this guide in response to an inquiry from a member who was having some trouble printing their photographs from Lightroom.
The Real Reason That You Should Be Using Manual Mode

This photography quick guide explores, and explains, the different shooting modes on a digital camera. It then describes how the "manual mode" can help newer photographers learn about how a camera functions.

Light Stalking Photography Blog and Community
2 Reasons Your B&W Photography Might Stink and How to Avoid Them

Have you ever entered a black & white photography contest, and then wondered, as you looked around at your competitors photographs, why does the competition look so awesome and my photo is a bit... you're not even sure... you just know that your entry doesn't have the snap and visual power of the competing photographs.
Quick Tip Email Promoting Fundamental Edits Book

I write these Quick Tips Emails to promote additional sales for existing Photzy products. I read the publication and pull some piece of relevant information from the book. I then pen an interesting email from the excerpt to promote a click-through.
DPinsiders 4 email PLS

I wrote the 4 email PLS to send Photzy members to this affiliate offer.
CTA Light - Book 1

I wrote the CTA email to drive Photzy members to this product offer.

Light Stalking Photography Blog and Community
Why Rhythm Makes This Photo Rock!

Photograph by Kent DuFault I believe that the reason for this is the use of rhythm in the composition. You might say to yourself, "Yeah! Self! There is obviously repetition here, and that's what everyone likes..." I am going to make the case that there is a difference between repetition and rhythm.
Better Black and White

I wrote this Premium Guide to Black and White conversion from a color digital image file.
The Art of Seeing

I wrote this quick guide for Photzy. It's one of my favorites, because I believe the "Art of Seeing" is a photographic skill that is slowly becoming extinct.

Light Stalking Photography Blog and Community
What Can Billiards Teach You About Light & Photography?

Light is malleable. Have you ever thought about that- that you could work light like a ball of clay? It's true. Light has 5 distinct characteristics that should be of interest to any photographer, and one undeniable truth that every photographer should know and understand. However, many don't. H...

Powerful Imagery Special Offer -

I wrote the sales letter and landing page for this offer. Mitchell Kanashkevich is an award-winning travel/documentary photographer. He is also behind some of the best-selling photography eBooks of all time. Mitchell's work has appeared in magazines such as National Geographic Traveler, Vanity Fair, Lonely Planet Traveler, Geographical UK and has made its way into private photo collections around the world.
The Art of Seeing

This Quick Guide helps a beginning photographer to develop their "eye" - their own way of seeing the world through their camera.
Understanding Shooting Modes

A beginner's guide to choosing the correct shooting mode for different types of photography.
Understanding Metering Modes

This how to guide helps photographers understand the metering modes on their cameras and how to properly use them.
Vegan Italian Meringue

I polish up up the cook's original manuscript. This includes editing and adding a storyline for entertainment value.
Understanding and Controlling Light

I wrote this quick guide to help amateur photographers begin the process of understanding how they can control light to improve their photographs. Photograph by Jim Pennucci.
To Kit or Not to Kit

I discuss the common practice of selling cameras which are bundled with accessories. I take a particular offer and break it down for the reader so that they can evaluate for themselves if they believe it's a value or not.
Dealing With Low Light

This quick guide was designed to give beginning photographers some basic knowledge on how to deal with low light situations.
Understanding Lenses

This article digs into the lesser known considerations for purchasing a photographic camera lens.
How to Remove a Double Chin

I wrote this Quick Guide to help beginning photographers, and photo retouchers, get a grasp for a simple (yet often required) retouching edit to remove a double chin from a subject.
Making the Invisible Visible

An interview with Portuguese Street Photographer, Vasco Trancoso. He shares his views on humanity, life on the street, and the future of photography.
When Photography & Art Collide

An interview with Internet phenomenon, Jessica Drossin. She discusses her creative influences, her thriving business, and much more. Cover photography Copyright 2015 Jessica Drossin.
Technology - Face It and Embrace It

An interview with professional British photographer, Sean Malyon: his work and his switch to mirrorless cameras. Photograph Copyright 2014 Sean Malyon.

The Dream of Turning Pro

The Dream of Turning Pro - One Woman's Journey An interview with fashion photographer, Lauren Gherardi. What Photographer Hasn't Dreamed of Turning Pro? And why wouldn't they? It's a seductive thought isn't it? Spending our days creating beautiful images - and getting paid for our efforts. This is the story of one woman who had the dream and her journey to success.
Product Launch email Seq. #1-3 Advanced Composition Book

This 3 email PLS launched the sale of the Advanced Composition Book. The ACB broke's record for best converting product. In three days, it sold enough copies for me to get my bonus. At one point sales were so brisk that it shut down the server. The PLS email campaign had an open rate of 42%. My boss told me that the landing page that I wrote (to sell the book) was sheer genius. If you would like to check out the landing page, you can see it here:
Homemade Peanut Butter

I polish up up the cook's original manuscript. This includes editing and adding a storyline for entertainment value.

How to Make a Bokeh-licious Valentine - Photzy

By Kent DuFault Figure 1 Photograph by Louri Goussev Today, I'm going to show you how to make a custom valentine photo with hearts of light, using just a few simple items. Your valentine will love it!

Is Program Mode For Idiots?

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting If you've been involved in photography for any length of time at all, you'll most likely recognize this scenario - You and a bunch of your photography friends are standing around the water cooler at work or the barbecue pit in your backyard, or the cookie table at the camera club meeting when the subject of shooting modes comes up.

How to Photograph Christmas Lights - Photzy

A Super Quick Guide By Kent DuFault Photzy, recently had a request from one of their readers for information on how to (effectively) photograph holiday lights on a Christmas tree and the exterior of a house.
Orange Custard Tart

I polish up up the cook's original manuscript. This includes editing and adding a storyline for entertainment value.
Getting "BALANCE" in Your Exposures

I wrote the CTA email to promote this Quick Guide on the Exposure Triangle. Photograph by emifaulk
Develop a Brand Name for a New Entertainment Complex

I developed 3 brand names for this entertainment complex that offers go-cart racing, laser tag, and a video arcade. Thumbnail Photograph by Magic Tuba Pixie
Chimichurri Chickpeas

I polish up up the cook's original manuscript. This includes editing and adding a storyline for entertainment value.

Depth of Field Simplified

Depth of field (DOF) is probably one of the least understood principles of photography. Most photographers seem aware of its existence, but few seem able to define exactly how it works and how to put it to use. We believe that part of the reason for this is because it is completely fluid, (meaning constantly...

So She Cooks
Chickpeas Crackers (Vegan)

I polish up up the cook's original manuscript. This includes editing and adding a storyline for entertainment value.
She's Tired of Candy. He's Tired of Cologne.

CTA email to drive traffic to the Photzy website. This email directs the viewer to a Quick Guide that I wrote for Valentine's Day. Photography by Pablo.
Night Photography

This Quick Guide teaches photographers how to begin taking photographs at night.
Rainy Day Photography Fun

Quick guide for photographer's that offers inspiration and tips for taking photographs in the rain.

5 Daily Exercises to Become a Better Photographer

Photography is fun because it is all about learning and advancing your skills. Self-improvement brings happiness and a sense of pride as we see our efforts improve. Improving requires practice and training. We've developed a list of 5 daily exercises to become a better photographer. These are quick tips that you could do each day....
The Creativity Catalog - Landing Page

I wrote the Creativity Catalog. It's a publication geared toward helping photographers that have suffered creative burnout. I also wrote this landing page to sell the product.
Single Product Launch email

Does Your Landscape Photography Have the Blahs? Product launch email for the Johny Spencer video course of using Lightroom for the post-production of landscape photographs.

How Framing Can Enhance Your Landscape Photographs

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting Photographing a beautiful landscape is an activity that touches just about all of us. Whether we're in our backyard, or trekking into a mountain range, a breathtaking view is always worth capturing. However, sometimes those photographs can be disappointing, as they don't accurately portray what our eyes witnessed.

Light Stalking Photography Blog and Community
Why The Color RED Made Me a Better Photographer

I wrote this advertorial blog post, which describes the power of the color red in a composition, and it leads potential customers to a CTA to purchase an eBook.
Psychology of Color Cheatsheet

A Bonus item attached to a product launch to increase the perceived value for the purchase of that item.

These Are The Secrets of Professional Food Photographers

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting Food photography is a highly specialized niche in the world of professional photography. A food shoot often includes a team of experts (including a food stylist) whose sole purpose is to make sure the food looks delicious and edible.


By Kent DuFault on in Shooting As a young photographer, one of the first skills we were ever taught was the importance of "framing". Now that we are one of the old salts and have mentored many young photographers over the last two decades; we see that framing is a tool that seems to be losing importance.
Wildlife Photography - A Primer

I wrote this quick guide on wildlife photography for photographers interested in pursuing that genre. Thumbnail photograph by Jan Tik

How to Find Great Photographic Subjects - A Case Study on Farms

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting Photographers are always looking for new subjects to photograph. We typically think of vacations, special events in our cities, national parks, zoos, or a trip to the sea shore when we want to go out photographing.

These Ideas Will Get Your Street Photography Rocking

Street photography is a great window into the human condition. Henri Cartier-Bresson, who was one of the founding fathers of modern photojournalism, and often credited with creating the term, The Decisive Moment, captures the eloquence of street photography in his 1957 interview with The Washington Post, he said,
Here's A Good Story For You!

CTA email to direct customers to their, Locker guides. Thumbnail photograph by Vinoth Chandar

When A Lack of Color is the Perfect Answer

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting Has this question ever crossed your mind? I wonder if I should shoot this in black & white? We think every photographer has been faced with this decision. And many folks today, in this digital world, would just tell themselves, "I can always convert it later".

These Are the Ways to put the WOW Factor into Your Portraits

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting Most photographers, at some point in their career, make a decision to begin photographing people. Your decision may be simply to include people in your landscape photography (for the purpose of establishing scale). But many of you will want to begin, or advance, your skills in the area of portraits.
The Magic of Old

I wrote this CTA email for Photzy's publication of the Quick Guide titled, "Photographing the Old and Abandoned".
Your Time Is Precious

CTA email to direct client list to marketing partner landing page. Thumbnail Photograph by Jargalsaikhan Dorjnamjil
Macro Photography - For LESS Cost!

Weekly CTA email to drive subscriber list to the website. Photograph by Sarah Cartwright

How to Photograph Boats, Ships, and All Things That Float

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting Who among us hasn't stood somewhere, and watched a boat go by, while thinking to ourselves, Wow! That would make a great picture. Think of the many opportunities available to you as a photographer, no matter what your location is.

How to Get Amazing Images from Shadows (15 Awesome Examples)

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting Photographing shadows is often overlooked as a creative subject for our photography, and we can understand why. Any photographer, or photographic professional, will tell you that photography is all about light. That's true. But we see beauty in that little ugly duckling called shadows.

Shoot stunning vacation photographs

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting We all love vacation. It's a time to relax and enjoy the things we love most. For many, that means lying around doing nothing, or perhaps reading a book, sleeping in late, taking extra long lunches in exotic locations.

How to Use the Color Red for Impact in Your Photography

Believe it or not, the first attempts at color photography date all the way back to the 1840′s. Over the years, various inventors improved the color photographic process by making it easier to produce, and by more stable under full spectrum lighting. It was in 1935 that color photography became mainstream when Kodak introduced their legendary film, Kodachrome.

Let's Capture Some Halloween Magic... -

As the sun drops below the horizon, and all the little ghosts and goblins descend upon your neighborhood, it's time to get your camera ready! But- you don't want to just line up your costumed subjects, and snap a pic. You want to infuse some creativity into your goblin photos!

Camera Shake: What Causes It and How to Eliminate It for Good

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting We've been involved in photography (both on the shooting end of things as well as in equipment sales) for more years than we would really care to admit. During that tenure, we've been asked hundreds if not thousands of times -"What went wrong with this picture?"

Portrait Pro 12.0 - A Gimmick or a Serious Photographer's Tool?

When I was asked if I would like to review the Portrait Pro 12 software package for, I got pretty excited. I became excited because - just like you; I like playing with new stuff! On top of that, I take my job seriously.

Minimalism - The Art of Less

Our first exposure to the Minimalist Art Movement occurred back in the early 1990′s. We were visiting a prominent modern art museum in a large Midwestern city in the United States. We had passed through an arch and entered a room which was occupied by a single large painted canvas.

The Secrets to Using Bounced Light to Make Your Photos Pop

In the pursuit of photography, light is everything. But, sometimes we're put into situations where the available light isn't very good, or it isn't enough, or, it's coming from the wrong direction. When faced with this dilemma, we have but one choice, to add light of our own. This can present difficulties.

Why do We Love Photography So Much?

By Kent DuFault on in Random We Love Photography - You love Photography It's why we're here reading this blog. Right? But, what is the story behind that love affair? Photography - The Early Years The origin of photography is credited to Thomas Wedgwood who developed the first working camera and the creation of permanent images in 1790.

Why You Need a Remote Shutter Release in Your Bag

Anyone who has been involved with photography for some length of time has heard of shutter release cables. But have you ever asked yourself why you need a remote shutter release in your bag? You should ask yourself this question because many photographers still purchase a remote shutter release as one of their last accessories.

The Beauty of the Super Long Telephoto Lens

So what is a super long telephoto lens. These lenses are in the 300mm and longer category. Some standard focal lengths in this category include the: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and up. by , on Flickr While it's true that this category of lens can hit your pocketbook pretty hard, there are...

How To Use The RAW Adjustment Brush For Added Impact in Your Photos

Most of us are aware of the creative power of RAW. But, for those of us that are new to photography, let's talk about what RAW is, and what it means to you as a photographer. In our digital world each camera system produces a "digital negative" direct from the camera's sensor.

So She Cooks
Vegan No-Bake Cheesecake

I polish up up the cook's original manuscript. This includes editing and adding a storyline for entertainment value.

Useful Tips on How to Photograph Winter Sports

With winter rapidly approaching those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, we thought it might be fun to pass along some tips on how to photograph winter sports. Going out into the cold with your camera presents its own unique set of challenges. And those challenges will vary slightly depending on whether you're...
Such Beautiful Eyes

CTA email to direct customers to their, Locker guides

Photographing puppies

We bet that just about every photographer (at one time or another) has had the desire to try photographing puppies. How can we resist? They're cute, cuddly, they smell good, they're silly, and they love to play, which can lead to all sorts of interesting photographic opportunities. But...

5 Essential Edits That Will Improve Almost any Photograph

As photographers, we strive to take a perfect photograph. We compose carefully within our frame, properly expose our image, and make sure our white balance is set right. But, despite our best efforts, there are 5 essential edits that will improve almost any photograph. The reasons why these edits might be necessary are varied.

The Art of Looking Down: How to Choose Your Shooting Position

By Kent DuFault on in Shooting The idea for this article, on the art of looking down, first occurred to us several weeks ago while visiting the historic city of Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is a popular spot for photographers due to the history and architecture of the area.

Product Introduction Email
This Camera Stinks!!

This Camera Stinks!! CTA email to drive subscribers to the Photzy quick guide for photographers. The guide is an instructional piece to help them better understand the ISO function on their camera. Photograph by Martinak15

How to Save Dreary Weather Photographs With HDR

We want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine the following scenario. You've been saving for the last two years to go on your dream vacation; a photographic expedition to a an exotic location, let's say China.

So She Cooks
Spring Veggie Wraps

I polish up up the cook's original manuscript. This includes editing and adding a storyline for entertainment value.

So you think you're funny

By Kent DuFault on in Random Stop for a moment and think about the last time you laughed so hard, tears were rolling down your cheeks. Laughter is a gift that we all cherish. Humor is as mysterious as the Heavens. Why? Because it's uniquely tailored to each and every one of us.
Product Launch email Seq. #1-3 Basic Composition Book

This was a three email product launch sequence. The marketing effort had an open rate of 48% and a click through rate of 18%. The book became Photzy's second highest selling product in two weeks.