Kelly Steenhuisen


South Africa

Environmental and esoteric writer.
When I am not writing about forest ecosystems, I'm writing spells to protect them!

I write and edit: copy/content, blurbs, social media captions, SEO content and articles.

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Environmental Articles

TRAIL Magazine
Is our enthusiasm for spekboom misguided?

Carbon dioxide draw-down is the main focus of spekboom planting. But it doesn’t recognise the bigger picture. It is no use drawing carbon into soil that cannot hold it. Microorganisms (specifically the mycelial networks of fungi) enable the soil to hold carbon instead of releasing it back into the air.

A Crisis Equal to Climate Change: The Loss of Biodiversity - EcoFoote

There have been 5 mass extinctions since the Earth's inception. Today, it's easy to think that climate change is bringing in the wrath of the sixth. However, there is a crisis equal in devastation to climate change; The loss of biodiversity.The integrated network of organisms and beings, from mammals and marine life to insects and fungi, is breaking, torn apart by human greed.

The Environmental Effects of COVID-19 - EcoFoote

It's only natural that we as humans are focusing on how the pandemic is affecting us - but what about the wildlife and ecosystems that are also taking a hit?The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact not only on us but on the planet as a whole.

Permaculture as a Climate Crisis Solution - EcoFoote

Did you know that the word permaculture follows the marriage of the words 'permanent' and 'agriculture'? While this rings true, it's even more evident in the practise itself. Harnessed and utilised for milenia, this age-old tradition is more than just an action. It's the intricate connection between the elements that make up the designs of entire human settlements.

Mushrooms as rain-makers - EcoFoote

Did you know that mushrooms create their own weather? Yes, you read that right. Not only do these flourishing fungi hold medicinal value, eat plastic, and can be harnessed to craft sustainable packaging, but they're also proven to aid in the battle against the fast approching climate crisis.

The Importance of Forests - EcoFoote

Preserving forests tackles climate change, global warming, the biodiversity crisis, desertification and drought, air and water pollution. So why are approximately 33 000 hectares of woodlands and jungle forests destroyed almost every single day? Human greed, selfishness, and convenience are killing not only wildlife, but the human race itself.

Could Mushrooms Save Bees? - EcoFoote

Did you know that mushrooms peppered the planet before any other major organism? In fact, mycelium is believed to be one of the first living things to begin converting our previously hostile host into the emerald paradise we know today. Now, mushrooms provide vital nutrients to our soil, enriching and uplifting its worth.

Esoteric Articles

Potion Slinger
A History of Tarot

For many people, the word 'divination' may conjure the image of wild-haired, goggle-eyed Professor Trelawney or gypsies in lavishly decorated trailers, speaking in mystical tones about impending doom.But tarot readers will tell you that divination can be a little more 'every-day' and a lot more positive. A tad more com

Potion Slinger
The Spirit of Palo Santo

Slivers of the sweet-smelling wood - Palo Santo - entered the landscape of new-age witchcraft a few years back and quickly polarized the scene! Nowadays, some believe that there can be no ethical sourcing of this sacred wood and some use it daily but know little about its origins.