Keith Frady

Freelance Writer

United States of America

Freelance short story writer of weird fiction. Can be contacted at [email protected]

A Kiss

135: I want to be with him every single day by bronx. | Flickr Johnny sighed. "It can wait."‚ÄčThe moon hung in the night whole and round and bright as the toll of a church bell promising salvation. Its reflection floated lazily on the lake's surface, rippling when Blake or Johnny ran one of their naked feet through the water.

Short Stories

Meerkat Press

On a skull-shaped tropical island deep in the Atlantic, five stories beneath a dormant volcano, Dr. Entropy admired his new portrait, contemplating Armageddon and its implied suicide.

Meerkat Press

John and Mary want each other to say "I love you."

Flash Fictions

literally stories
Ballad of a Ray of Light

"Out, out!" roared the unfolding supernova, its end birthing one last litter of photons into the universe. Out these photons flew, alongside their elemental brethren, into every direction of this breathless third dimension.


She sings "Amazing Grace" when she irons the blouse he hated, the white one with a stain on the left shoulder. She plays with this stain like children shape clouds.

Eunoia Review
Like a Piano

Atop the upright piano leans a store-bought, framed picture in which piano keys swirl around a quote that is supposed to be inspirational.