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Katlin Schneider

Writer | Director | Content Marketing

Location icon United States

As a long time writer, my first passion is content creation. My goal is to craft quality, purposeful stories that hit the right audience right on target through written, online content and video production.

The Link Between Opioid Medication and Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers at Rush University Medical Center have found that opioid use might increase a person's risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Published Jan. 6, the study, titled " Opioid Use as a Potential Risk Factor for Pancreatic Cancer in the United States," is the first in the country to show evidence that opioid use may be an unidentified risk factor contributing to the increasing incidence of pancreatic cancer.

Custom Wall Art for Chicago's Moody Bible Institute

Lynn Gabalec, Art Director of the Moody Bible Institute, and Rhonda AuYeung, Production Manager, reached out to work with us to create custom Acrylic Facemounted and Vinyl Adhesive wall for their publisher and radio broadcast's Chapman Center. What we ended up making was branded wall art beyond anything we had produced in the past.

Armand Lee
What Trended at NeoCon 2019? | Armand Lee

What's new at NeoCon 2019? This year we saw a harder turn into "resimercial" office design compared to last year, lots of color, and a plethora of seating we'd like to take home and sink into. Read on to learn more about what we saw trending at Neocon.

Telling the Story of a Podcast Start-up

When Artmill creates wall art for businesses, we handle that project knowing the final product not only represents our efforts, but also the company ordering it. We're helping to tell the story of each company's history and growth through the creation of office art.

Seaberg Picture Framing
Artist Spotlight: Stephen Eichhorn - Seaberg Picture Framing

Some artwork tends to breath, feeling like a living thing beyond its subject matter or materials. Stephen Eichhorn has created such a collection of art featuring eclectic texture, vibrancy, and pure fun that the flora he has cobbled onto geometric cut-outs nearly dances of their own volition.

Acrylic Facemounted Patents at Pella

"What was really impressive was the professional communication back and forth and sending of the samples. Once we saw it, we knew we wanted to do black and white." The 8 ½" x 11" acrylic facemounted black-printed patents were locally installed in the Pella Chicago showroom in a 5x8 bold gallery wall configuration.

Armand Lee
Top 5 Trends at NeoCon 2018 | Armand Lee

As NeoCon 2018 winds down, those who were unable to attend might wonder to themselves, "What's the next big thing?" We traversed across the many showrooms and spotted what looks to be like the hot trends that you can pull into your design projects.

Designing to Communicate Your Brand

Having served the needs of multiple companies over 20 years, we've seen the unique ways office environments evolve to show off their internal and external branding. We ask our clients: what do you want customers to think of you when they walk in? How do you want recruits to think of your organization?

Office Furniture Center
Today's Modern Office Designs

The way we work today has evolved. We've noticed a shift not only in the physical layout of workplace design, but also in the social structure and working dynamics of businesses. From co-working spaces that promote shared ideas to individualized "pods" that provide comfort and privacy, understanding and encouraging how we work is the new workplace trend.In the past, the cubicle affected a positive shift in working styles.

11 Items Every Fashionista Should Have in Her Home

You are the queen of your own fashion kingdom. As such, you need to make sure your castle is equally en vogue. For you models of mode, you mavens of modernity, check out the chic home decor that every fashionista should own.

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