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"You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. " Anne Lamott

Universal Orlando Resort Blogs

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Universal Orlando 3D Prints Protective Face-Shields for COVID-19 Aid

Jessica Harned, supervisor of advanced resort technology in the parks technology department at Universal Orlando Resort, sent a text to her boss on March 28th that said, "What do you think of us 3D printing face-shields to donate to our local medical facilities?"

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Discover the Behind-the-Scenes Story of the Toys at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

Two years before the orange doors of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes officially opened in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida, Maria Kazaros and her team were already hard at work to bring novelty jokes and pranks inspired by those of Fred and George Weasley to life.

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Mardi Gras 2020: Behind-the-Scenes of 25 Years of Party

I recently attended my first Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando Resort and it. was. awesome. Between the stunning performers in all their glittery glory, the delicious food that had me wondering how much jambalaya is too much jambalaya, and the thrill of catching as many beads as humanly possible - the entire experience was one heck of a party!

UCF Alumni Features

Music Education Alumnus Goes From the Classroom to Onstage With Sister Hazel

In 2012, Dave LaGrande '01 answered his ringing phone and was asked if he could play one (1) show with the alternative rock band, Sister Hazel. It's seven (7) years, six (6) albums and countless (countless) shows later and this week LaGrande will be playing at the House of Blues with the band.

UCF Alumni Today
UCF Alumnus Memorializes Pulse Tragedy Through Art

Last month, UCF art grad Forrest Lawson '18 bested more than 400 artists for top honors and a $50,000 award at a regional competition for his piece 6/12/2016, a sculpture he created to memorialize the Pulse tragedy, honor its victims and... #alumni #alumnispotlight #collegeofartsandhumanities

All Bark And Some Beer Too by UCF Advancement

It was always one of two things for Lainie Pekich '13, Paul Jaszczenski '03 and Kaia. They were either at a dog-friendly human establishment, where Lainie and Paul could eat and drink and enjoy each other's company, while Kaia was bored under the table. Or.

UCF Alumni Today
A Story All About How: UCF Alumna Illustrates Book Inspired by The...

Gladys Jose '12 knows the exact length it is from Will Smith's name to her own on the cover of the new children's book, Fresh Princess. She also knows that her name being on the cover of anything involving Will Smith is a pretty phenomenal thing. "Whenever I'm asked how this Fresh Princess thing...

UCF Alumni Today
Alumna's "First Miss" Takes Center Stage at UCF Celebrates the Arts

When alumna Sarah Schreck '18 talks about theatre, she can somehow, within seconds, bounce from talking about its power to create social change to emphatically saying "I will watch 'Xanadu' every month until the day I die." She's seen the ways theatre can be simply enjoyed, she's seen the ways...

Tenacious by UCF Advancement

Shannon Small '03, '09 was the girl who did her homework upstairs in the Visual Arts Building because it was quiet and the vending machine had Surge soda. David Small '02 was (one of) the guy(s) who spent a good bit of time in the computer lab, just playing games.

UCF Alumni Today
The Very Model of a Modern Theatre-Romance: A UCF Love Story

It's a theatre love-story old as time. The set-designer boy and the stage-manager girl, sneaking glances at each other backstage, finagling opportunities to work the same shifts in the shop, and spending early dating-days listening to musicals together. But for Nikki Blue '10 and Ryan Emens '10...

UCF Alumni Today
Come Fly With Me: Alumna Trades Airlines for TV Production

Megan Shub '09 worked hard to climb the ladder of success for a major airline, got right up near the top, looked around, and leapt right off that ladder to the bottom of the production-industry barrel. From account manager to 27-year-old intern. From... #alumnispotlight #collegeofartsandhumanities

The Cunninghams by UCF Advancement

Cyclists in their neon-green gear congregate outside - just a spot to sit and rest after a long ride. Budding entrepreneurs are huddled together over their laptops, teaching each other best tricks to building a website. And you just missed Michael's granddaughter, but she'll come back by same time next week.

Summit Magazine Articles

Publications I've Managed

Summit Church Series Synopses

Summit Church Blog Posts

Summit Church
For Her: Wading Through Together

Last year I spoke at For Her and it was the most surreal night of my 2017 and I met the Backstreet Boys in 2017, so there was some fierce competition. Female friendships have always been a challenge for me. I worry a lot that I'm too much and yet simultaneously not nearly enough.

Summit Church

In late 2013, Becky had just moved to Orlando and realized really quickly that finding new friends in early adulthood can be tricky. A freshly-graduated Jordan knew she needed an environment to keep up with her faith.

Summit Church

"You do not have because you do not ask God." -James 4:2 I am a very big fan of self-sufficiency. If I can do something for myself, I will do it with gusto, and if I can't do something for myself, that something will likely just go undone.

Summit Church
Nipping At Our Heels

Now, I don't want to be an alarmist, so let me explain myself. Four years ago, I became a student ministries volunteer. I was matched with a group of sixth grade girls who were sweet, sometimes rambunctious, always a handful, and just starting to explore what their faith could look like.

Summit Church
One Big Family

A few weeks before a niceSERVE event, a collection of words goes into the bulletin that says "Mark your calendars! niceSERVE is [insert date here]."

Summit Church
Brought Together

It's not at all a secret that growing up is rough. If you've already managed to survive your teenage years, you know that it's a chunk of your life that was challenging, awkward, and at times just flat out brutal.

Summit Church
Where God Wants You To Be

Didn't we just get all the single folks at Summit together and do the thing with the hearing topics tailored to us and the mingling in the Lobby and all that? Don't get me wrong- they were great.

Summit Church
From "That Church" to "My Church"

As we gear up for Partnership Class here at Summit, I had the opportunity to sit down with the three men who faithfully lead the congregations at the Herndon, Lake Mary, and Waterford campuses-Garry Abbott, O.J. Aldrich, and Sam Arocho.

Summit Church
Get in Someone's Corner

On any given Tuesday night you can find me running barefoot through the Herndon Lobby being chased by a posse of middle school girls chanting "8th grade girls...WE RUN THIS PLACE" I'll be a little out of breath, sure, but make no mistake about it- there's no...

Summit Church
The Prodigal Musical Goes to Fringe

When I sat down with the creative team behind The Prodigal Musical , it was obvious to me that these four are brimming with absolute excitement. It's feasible that 17 percent of that excitement was because Marco Randazzo, who co-wrote the musical, brought a ton of candy to share.

Summit Church
Surge at Southwind: The Place for Big Steps of Faith

I don't want to knock Disney here-mainly because I know there are huge Disney fanatics in this city, and perhaps the biggest fan of them all is on our Teaching Team-but I think Southwind Camp is the most magical place in the world.

Cars, Camdens, & Clutter: Some Thoughts On Counseling

"Perfectionism means that you try desperately not to leave so much mess to clean up. But clutter and mess show us that life is being lived. Clutter is wonderfully fertile ground -you can still discover new treasures under all those piles, clean things up, edit things out, fix things, get a grip.

Public Speaking at Summit Church

Book Reviews

The Tampa Tribune
Witty Palahniuk keeps you guessing until final act

"Tell-All," by Chuck Palahniuk (Doubleday, $25) Every time you pick up a new Chuck Palahniuk book, there are a few things you can predict. It's going to be gritty, sensual and sardonic, but mostly it's going to be unpredictable. Palahniuk's latest accomplishment - "Tell-All" - lives up to the high standards he set with "Fight Club" more than 10 years ago.

The Tampa Tribune
Mystery book airs personal issues

Clear the calendar, call into work, and hire a sitter - you've got a book to read and it deserves your full attention. Lisa Lutz may be as big as stars get in the galaxy of comedic crime novels, while David Hayward runs a small writing and editing business.

Nonprofit Work

Health Care Center for the Homeless
Committing to Change

Most college students carry the standard few necessities in their backpack-paper, notebook and a writing utensil. When Jonathan started school at Florida Technical College (FTC), he carried his own version of an essential in his backpack-the tent he was living in. Jonathan is a self-described "product of the foster care system."

Health Care Center for the Homeless
A Reason to Serve

Any reason to volunteer is a good reason. But our Information Technology (IT) volunteer Jerry has a very good reason. At Health Care Center for the Homeless we have a great team of tireless volunteers. They cover a wide range of duties that help our clinic run just a little bit smoother week in and week out.

Health Care Center for the Homeless
Taking the Orange Blossom Back from the Trail

Maybe you've seen our new logo around the past couple of months, maybe you haven't. Regardless, we'd like to take this time to officially re-introduce ourselves to you! Our organization, Health Care Center for the Homeless, now operates out of a handful of health centers throughout the Central Florida area.

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