Karli Petrovic

Freelance Essayist, Writer and Editor

United States

Hello! My name is Karli Petrovic, and I am an essayist, writer and editor with a passion for profound storytelling. My job is to help clients find and share their authentic voice in articles, blog posts, newsletters, brand campaigns and on social media. Above all, I believe in the beauty of the written word and the power of prose.

What The Game Changers Changed | alive

(L-R) James Wilks, Dotsie Bausch, and Patrik Baboumian are just a few of the world-class athletes featured in The Game Changers. When The Game Changers made its Netflix debut late last year, the powerhouse documentary about plant-based athletic performance quickly became a hit.

Unbreakable Jewel | alive

In the early '90s, Jewel Kilcher from Alaska almost turned down the multi-million-dollar contract that would jumpstart her music career, enabling her to sell more than 30 million albums worldwide. She was only 19, and she'd already experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, severe health issues, panic attacks, and homelessness.

Finding Andy | alive

It's hard to believe that a member of a band that plays sold-out shows around the world could walk into the vegan café he co-owns on the South Waterfront in Portland, Oregon, and go unnoticed. But that's exactly what happens when I meet up with Andy Hurley on a sunny Friday in early summer.

Promenade Magazine
The Internationals/Manor on the Park

I wrote this article for a luxury publication distributed in high-end Manhattan hotels. This real estate piece was about foreign buyers that viewed New York City-based properties as an investment. It explores where international citizens are buying, why they’re buying and what they’re looking for. The two sidebars talked about $10 million-plus properties and a lavish pied-à-terre.

HOW Magazine
A Community of Creators

“A Community of Creators” appeared in the November 2013 issue of HOW magazine. The article talked about a concept called “design for good,” in which graphic designers often do pro bono or low-cost work for charitable organizations. Not only did the article promote the work of several creative firms, it drew attention to the programs they supported.

3 Common Objections to Ag Robots

A farm, like any business, is beholden to its bottom line. Costs seem to add up quickly: fertilizers, chemical or biorational inputs, tractors. And ag robots certainly don't come cheap. Many farmers question whether a picking robot that costs upward of $100,000 is worth the capital expenditure.

Print Magazine
Inside Story

This article for Print magazine, the nation’s oldest graphic design publication before it shuttered in 2018, delved into the ways three interactive designers used creative projects to tell stories.

KP Writes
Eulogies - KP Writes

The first was for my Gram. Ann Cardinale was a spitfire Italian with porcelain skin, green eyes and dyed red hair (she was a firm believer that emerald-eyed people looked best with fiery hair). She stood 4' 11," if you were being generous with your assessment.

Hoodview Heating
Autumn in Oregon

This is the most recent newsletter for Hoodview Heating, an HVAC maintenance business in Gresham, OR.