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2007-Present - Freelance journalist for national newspapers, magazines and mainstream media websites; 2012-13 Tech Writer for Yahoo! News UK; Late 2011 Chief Editor for The X Factor website; 2000-2010 Helped create The Sun Online, was its Features Editor and TV Editor + wrote a technology and gaming column for The Sun newspaper/web for a decade.



Will your child grow up in a 'Smart Home'?

This week at the CES technology expo in Las Vegas there's been a lot of talk about Smart Homes. Samsung and LG are both investing in automated appliances that can be turned on and off or controlled by your smartphone. Such techno advances are no fad.


Huffington Post
Is The Sun Paywall a Triumph for Marketing Over Journalism?

With a digital-first generation growing up with no real interest in newspapers, their heritage or traditional brand allegiances, a paywall that is designed to stave off losses from a growing print decline could well eventually consign the journalism in both its offline and online arms to just a historic footnote on Wikipedia.
Will Apple's iPhone fingerprint reader be bad news for parents?

Apple has added a fingerprint reader to its latest iPhone 5S model - and for parents it's great news as it could stop your children making costly in-app purchases. The biometric security feature - built-in to the Home button to instantly unlock the mobile too - uses technology from a company Apple bought for a whopping $356 million last year.


Signals can get traffic out of jam

BACKGROUND From pinpointing traffic jams to telling tram passengers about interesting places to disembark, big data is helping to keep millions moving across Greater Manchester. Bosses at TfGM realised last year they had fallen behind in providing real-time travel information.

Developing products and services customers want

Whether you're a cash-strapped start-up or multi-million-pound business, research and development is vital. It fuels growth, keeps you one step ahead of competitors and ensures you understand your customers. But with many facing limited R&D funds, should your cash always be focused on an end product or is there ever room to take a bit of a gamble?