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Washington Post

Why more publications should prioritize diverse perspectives

Even as hip-hop has become the dominant style of popular music in America, it is still unmistakably an art form deeply rooted in African American culture. And that has created...

The Undefeated

A look back at Latrell Sprewell's very angry 'Sports Illustrated' cover

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Latrell Sprewell? His 35-point performance at Madison Square Garden with the New York Knicks facing elimination...

Washington Post

Kali Uchis used to live out of her car. Now, she's one of pop music's rising stars.

October 25 Kali Uchis is highly particular. She likes the design of Adams Morgan's Line hotel but wishes the TV in her room could swing out from its wall mount. She enjoys Los...

Washington Post

‘Atlanta’ tapped into social media to create an all-encompassing viewer experience

“Atlanta,” FX’s occasionally surreal examination of human behavior, is acutely aware of the Internet. It’s fitting for a show whose creator, executive producer and star — the...


Is Meek Mill's Friendship With Trump Supporter Robert Kraft an Unholy Alliance?

An odd scene: 77-year-old billionaire New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft prances around a stage in a Commes Des Garçons hoodie while Cardi B fittingly performs "Money." His...


Ol' Dirty Bastard Would Be a Star in 2018

Wu-Tang Clan's loose cannon would have a tight grip on our attention in the age of viral celebrity.

Washington Post

'Menace II Society' and the price of respect

"It set the table for the whole movie, because the whole movie felt like that scene," Allen Hughes says of the harrowing opening to "Menace II Society," the 1993 film he...


'Reasonable Doubt': Jay Z's Quarter-Life Crisis

Success is rarely achieved without the grace of an epiphany. One of the earliest is the light at the end of the quarter-life-crisis tunnel. Even the most immensely successful...


How I Tried To Escape Reality

"I'm fine" is the biggest lie I've ever told.

SB Nation

Shannon Sharpe: Hall of Famer, Analyst, Meme

What truly separated him from his peers was his personality.

Washington Post

Earl Sweatshirt isn't letting fame hold him down anymore

January 24 For the rapper and producer known professionally as Earl Sweatshirt, self-awareness was once burdensome.


The Defiance of Spike Lee and Prince

The Prince spiritual that closes BlacKkKlansman is the culmination of a long friendship and a shared commitment to defiance.

Washington Post

Philly's place in the pop culture zeitgeist of 2018

Rocky Balboa has long been canonized in popular culture as the physical embodiment of Philadelphia, a city known for blue-collar underdogs with chips on their shoulders. The...


Kanye Fans Debate What to Do with All that Yeezy Merch

Sure, the tees and hoodies and sneakers are great. But what happens when your favorite designer goes MAGA? Kanye West's path to merch dominance started with his Yeezus tour:...

The Undefeated

The viral, meme-inspiring #InsecureHBO hashtag is as much a smash hit as 'Insecure' itself

Don't underestimate Issa Rae because of her awkward manner - she knows exactly what she's doing. Last month, an hour after the second season premiere of HBO's Insecure, the...

Washington Post

How Schoolboy Q took it slow and had one of the best years in rap

It was a mostly quiet conversation with Schoolboy Q until the national anthem protest of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was introduced. That point of...


'Insecure' Star Jay Ellis Opens Up About Life After the Backshots Heard Around the World

It's an overcast morning in late May and Jay Ellis has spent the past 24 hours in New York City...

SB Nation

Sean Taylor gave a generation of Washington fans a reason to love football

Everyone who went after Sean Taylor on the football field paid the price.

Washington Post

Boots Riley's career of confronting capitalism finally hits the big screen with 'Sorry to Bother...

"A lot of libertarians and ultra-capitalists like to put out this idea that competition makes for better creativity," director Boots Riley says on a scorching-hot Saturday in...


Jay Rock isn't a superstar, and that's perfectly OK

Top Dawg Entertainment's recently concluded Championship Tour was a victory lap for the consortium. Each of the label's key artists played distinct roles, as they have in its...