Juliana Alvim

Bilingual Brazilian journalist

Subjects: sports, health, design, pets, zero waste lifestyle, vegetarianism, innovation, culture, education.

Skills include writing, editing and proofing (EN/PT); translating (EN-PT/PT-EN); managing content for blogs, websites and social media; instructional designing for distance education, among others.


Contributoria (Guardian Media Group)

Blog Sobre Nada - A Blog About Nothing - Personal blog (in Portuguese and English)

A Blog About Nothing
How 'Lulu' the app saved me

I know it may seem a little out of place to be writing about 'Lulu' now, after the buzz and the hype over the male rating app for women has significantly simmered down, but there's a point that has been rolling over my brain for a while and it's dying to be gotten across, so why not write a blog about it now (file it under "the year in review" if it makes more sense that way)?

Executive education beat for FGV Management - Matérias para o portal do FGV Management

Innovation beat - Matérias sobre inovação tecnológica - Sociedade Brasileira Pró-Inovação Tecnológica