Juhi Deolankar

Resident Physician

United States

Juhi Deolankar is a Resident Physician. In her free time, Dr. Deolankar dedicates herself to community outreach and global health efforts.

Juhi Deolankar
Results and Impact of the Global Fund

Juhi Deolankar shares highlights of the Global Fund's impact on the AIDS, TB and malaria epidemics faced worldwide. What is the Global Fund? The Global Fund is a global health initiative committed to accelerating the end of the AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria epidemics that continue to devastate communities around the world - particularly in underserved...

Juhi Deolankar
Juhi Deolankar Volunteer & Community Work

During her undergraduate and doctoral studies, Juhi Deolankar participated in numerous volunteer activities and community service efforts. She credits her volunteer work as fostering her lifelong drive to care for others, both in her community and globally. Both throughout her academic and professional careers, Juhi Deolankar has maintained an active commitment to community work.