Judith E. Angerman

Freelance Magazine Writer Specializing in Health and Psychology

United States

As a professional writer living in Los Angeles, Judith has freelanced on the subjects of health, psychology and art for magazines.

Her articles have appeared in Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, American Health, Weight Watchers, The Artists Magazine, New Body and others.

Switching gears, Judith began to focus on her other love: art. Her sculpture, fine art, spray paintings and graphic art are in many private collections.

She's often asked, "How can you be a writer and an artist?"

"Writing and creating art are similar in cerebral planning and execution. The actual process is equivalent," Judith explains. "As a writer or an artist, you are challenged with creative parameters: the canvas, the paper, the screen. What will it say? What do you want people to know, to feel? How are your thoughts and visions unique? That's the job of both writer and artist."

I'm back!
As a recent widow, Judith began freelance writing professionally again. She is currently working on positive and inspiring articles on surviving widowhood and her tips for online dating for newbies.

You can reach Judith at:

[email protected]
@jelartnet Instagram and Twitter

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