JR John

Freelance Writer (and pretty good at it too...)

As an online freelance writer, JR John loves nothing more than sitting on his beanbag and crashing away at his keyboard. Besides loving freelancing, he's also an avid reader and loves red pandas.
He knows SEO, keyword research, and search engines have been known to send him postcards thanking him for his efforts. There's literally nothing he can't do in the realm of web content writing.
JR John specializes in Internet marketing related writing, health & fitness writing, and SEO-related content. However, whatever you ask him to do, he'll do it!
For more information, take a look around his website: http://jrjohnfreelancerforhire.wordpress.com


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JR John | Freelancer For Hire!
Hi. I'm JR John. I love freelancing. And red pandas. That's me over there, to your right. I've been an online freelancer for just over a year now. And I do everything. And I...

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