Josh Ong

Journalist and Food Writer

United Kingdom

MA in Magazine Journalism.
Based in Cardiff and Bristol.


bitten - a food newsletter around South Wales and Bristol

Alium, Barry - Uncomplicated, humble cooking

The closure of Hang Fire Southern Kitchen came as a shock to quite a lot of people, myself included. At the time, I was working on the finale of an MA in journalism, in which I explored the past, present and future of fine dining in Wales.

Investigating the Wild World of Cardiff Deliveroo

I've never really been one for takeaways. I enjoy cooking at home, but if I want to eat a restaurant's food, I'd much rather just go and sit down and eat there. Tasting their hard work after it's been packaged and shipped across town, upon which it arrives at my doorstep tepid at best, isn't an ideal eating experience.


How four Welsh food businesses have adapted with heat-at-home kits

Heat-at-home kits have provided many businesses with an invaluable lifeline to continue trading under lockdown measures. As all businesses have seen their foot traffic reduced down to near zero, they have been forced to innovate to ensure that revenue remains flowing into their businesses.

How Matsudai Ramen kept delivering the goods over lockdown

Listen to this story James Chant founded Matsudai Ramen to resolve a creative itch that needed scratching. After turning 40, moving house, and getting married all within a short space of time, James knew he wanted a change of direction in life.

Hub Box launches first Welsh location partnered with Tiny Rebel Brewery

Cornish burger chain Hub Box launched their first Welsh location in Cardiff last Monday 9 November, partnered with local beer company Tiny Rebel Brewery. Hub Box's latest site adds to the growing list of redevelopment within Cardiff Bay's Mermaid Quay. The company, founded in 2012, has 8 locations across the South West of England, specialising in burgers and hand-cut chips.

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I tried Jollibee's ice cream-topped fries that went viral on TikTok, but I'll be sticking to the...

Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee has been rapidly expanding in recent years. It recently launched a viral product - ice cream-covered French fries. Fast-food chain Jollibee has been spreading quickly around the world, expanding from what was once a fan favorite in the Philippines to a multi-national fast-food empire with over 5,800 stores globally, according to the company on LinkedIn.

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