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Freelance script writer, essayist, researcher, and author

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JOHN REPPION is a script writer, author, essayist, and Weird Fiction writer, born in Liverpool in 1978.

Since 2003 he has co-written comics in partnership with his wife, Leah Moore, as Moore & Reppion. The duo have written for the likes of 2000 AD, Channel 4 Education, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Electricomics, IDW, and Self Made Hero.

John has written articles for the likes of Fortean Times, the History UK website, the Crime + Investigation UK website, Darklore, and Kerrang! magazine, and is a contributing editor for The Daily Grail online.

His fiction has been published in anthologies from Combustion Books, Ghostwoods Books, PS Publishing, Snowbooks, Swan River Press, and Vagrants Among Ruins.

John also writes occasional music reviews for the Sleeping Shaman and Sludgelord websites.



Dungeon Masters: How Role-Playing Games Influenced Heavy Metal - Kerrang!

Desert rock pioneers Kyuss took their name from a Dungeons & Dragons monster; one-man black metal band Isengard's logo was swiped directly from the Middle-earth Role Playing game; and, decades before Stranger Things, there were a host of groups named after the ultimate D&D baddie, the Demogorgon.

The Sleeping Shaman
Review: Monolord 'No Comfort' - The Sleeping Shaman

Gothenberg, Sweden's Sabbath-riff worshipping, groove Doom trio have been around since 2013, and their fourth full-length release is about to drop. is the band's first album since signing to Relapse Records, and it is almost certainly the best record Monolord have ever put out.


The Daily Grail
The Last Wolf in England - The Daily Grail

The official wolf hunting season in Britain once ran between late December and late March, but by all accounts the beasts were more-often-than-not killed whenever the opportunity arose. Indeed, wolves seem to have been hunted in the British Isles for as long as they and humans co-existed, but exactly when that period came to an end is a matter of some debate.

Crime + Investigation
Charles Dickens and Crime - Crime + Investigation

As Christmas draws ever nearer one particular work written by one particular author always seems to be on our minds, despite being published 173 years ago. A Christmas Carol has been adapted for radio, stage, and screen countless times and this year will doubtless see new versions (as well as a lot of repeats of previous ones). While many of us are aware that our modern Christmas traditions are heavily influenced by those of our Victorian forebears, what is less well known is that these...

History UK
Boudicca - History UK

I used to do a bit of writing for the History (UK) TV channel website, and one of the things I wrote a lot about was the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Most of the articles I wrote are no longe...


The Daily Grail
The 5th Young One: Pay No Attention to the Girl Behind the Sofa - The Daily Grail

In the early hours of Saturday morning, ignoring the blare of children's television, I muzzily and reflexively poked at the Twitter icon on the battered screen of my knackered phone. Down I scrolled through the dozens and dozens of updates I'd missed during my five or so hours of child-interrupted sleep until I came upon ...

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