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"Stories are not just stories; they are the best invention ever created for delivering mental models that drive behavior." - Daniel Coyle




Company Week - Business Profiles


CopperMuse Distillery | Company Week

Founder and Distiller Jason Hevelone brought craft distilling to Old Town Fort Collins, and he hasn't looked back.


ICS Eco-SIPs | Company Week

Founder and CEO Brian Propp brings international development experience to the high-performance building industry, manufacturing custom panels as well as the Solargon smart cabin.


Dynamic Group Circuit Design | Company Week

CEO Christophe Febvre is driving growth with custom printed circuit boards and quick turnaround.


Hotbox Roasters | Company Week

Founder Dale Katechis is roasting 10 kinds of coffee and canning a cold-brewed recipe that packs a serious caffeine kick.


Summit Hard Cider & Perry Company

by John Garvey on March 6, 2018, 02:52 pm MST Fort Collins, Colorado Founded: 2012 Privately owned Employees: 14 Industry: Brewing & Distilling Products:...


SiILion | Company Week

The startup is working to significantly improve lithium-ion batteries for use in the electric vehicle (EV), consumer electronics, and niche aerospace industries.


Confluence Energy | Company Week

Founder and CEO Mark Mathis is turning beetle-kill pine and unwanted scrap wood into eco-friendly absorbents, heating pellets, and other products.


Solid Power | Company Week

CEO Doug Campbell is developing breakthrough batteries for electric vehicles and other markets. Just announced: an extensive joint development agreement with BMW!


Vartega | Company Week

Founder Andrew Maxey pioneering a chemistry-based process to recycle carbon fiber scrap into new material that's on par with virgin carbon fiber.


Prieto Battery | Company Week

Founder and CEO Amy Prieto's brainchild is a Lithium-ion battery technology which may prove a game changer due to its versatility and performance.


Sol Coffee | Company Week

Restaurateur Darren Wurtzburg, consultant Andrew Michler, and visual artist Frank Stanley launched a mobile coffee bar that's powered by solar energy.


Colorado Teardrop Trailers | Company Week

Founder and COO Dean Wiltshire manufactures four models of teardrop trailers, including a pair that are off-road capable, as well as offering rentals and custom builds.

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This month we're talking with our friends at LivWell Enlightened Health, one of the nation's largest cannabis retail chains and cultivators.

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Waxing On Cannabis with Point 7 Group: Industry trends, challenges, opportunities and risks -...

"I cannot stress enough that it is getting much more competitive from state to state." The competitive nature of the application process requires you to drop 4 - 5 figures just...

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Customer Spotlight: Your Healthy Pet - Retail Control Systems

Family-owned pet food & supply store in Newtown, CT with focus on high-quality food & treats, Your Healthy Pet has had a clear sense of purpose from day 1.

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The Healthy Side of Zero Energy: Buildings are for people

Many would argue that building features, materials and standards that improve people’s health and comfort provide a more compelling measure of value than energy savings....

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