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Jody Royer is a professional in publishing and content creation. He is a fiction writer interested in technology, mystery, and science. Additionally, Jody Royer is a freelance book reviewer and blogger.

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Fiction Writer Jody Royer to Share Sci Fi Book Reviews

Jody Royer MONTREAL, CANADA, February 24, 2023 /PRSearchEngine/ - Fiction Writer and Book Reviewer Jody Royer is excited to announce the launch of an all-new book review series. Shining the spotlight on local talent, the Montreal, Canada based Book Reviewer will be discussing works published by up and coming writers in the Canadian Science...

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Jody Royer is an Information Technology (IT) Professional based in the Montreal, Canada area. Royer is available on a freelance basis for computer diagnostics and repairs, as well as network management and security. Royer's interest was first sparked in the IT field when he was tasked with repairing his own computer for the very first time.

Jody Royer
Jody Royer Book Reviews

For many years, Jody Royer has reviewed the latest titles in Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Science & Technology Fiction. A prolific book reviewer, Royer's Reviews have been published in both print and online. Royer's Reviews: Sci-Fi & Mystery Novel Reviews Royer's Reviews is a print column and blog series started by Fiction Reviewer and Writer, Jody...

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For this barter, Jody Royer will proofread a final draft copy of your latest novel. In this workshop, Royer will be sure to look out for everything from grammatical errors to continuity concerns. The focus of this barter is constructive in nature.

Jody Royer

Jody Royer has been an avid reader all of his life. Now, he shares book reviews and recommendations in his local newspaper and on his official website. An aspiring novelist, Royer hopes to write and publish his own stories that blend his favorite genres together: science, technology and mystery.

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Jody Royer

Jody Royer is a fiction writer based in the Montreal, Quebec, Canada area. A lifelong fan of science fiction / Sci Fi, Royer has always preferred stories with out-of-this-world elements. From fantasy driven narratives to technology centric stories that seem to tell the future, this author loves reading and writing it all!

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It's safe to say that techn ology has been a focus for Jody Royer, both personally and professionally, for as long as he can remember. Today, he keeps up with the latest tech products, including the current best practices in IT to diagnose any problems that come up.

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Jody Royer is an avid reader and prolific book reviewer of Science Fiction / Sci-Fi, Technology and Mystery novels. Coming from an IT background, Royer fuses his professional expertise into his reviews of more technical Sci-Fi props.