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Multilingual content director, editorial strategist, editor, and writer with extensive experience in media, publishing, and communications. Strong background in developing data-driven editorial products, furthering brand growth for digital media, and innovative content planning. Experienced in writing feature articles and branded content for digital and print with a focus on lifestyle, travel, culture, and dining.


Travel & Leisure

Japan: Best ski resorts

Japan is a veritable wonderland for powderhounds seeking groomed runs, off-piste opportunities, and fabulous backcountry terrain. Here are the best ski resorts in Japan you should consider.

How to hike to Pineapple Mountain, Hong Kong’s Grand Canyon

Known as Por Lo Shan in Cantonese, daytrippers flock to this remote part of Tuen Mun for a glimpse of nature that invokes what some believe is a likeness of Hong Kong’s most iconic breakfast bun. See this fabled ravine for yourself with our guide to Pineapple Mountain, Hong Kong’s very own mini Grand Canyon.

Your neighbourhood guide to Kam Tin

From indigenous clan histories and walled villages to quaint flea markets and acclaimed restaurants, this little place has it all. Follow our neighbourhood guide to Kam Tin to find out why this quiet New Territories village is surprisingly popular among day-trippers.

Your neighbourhood guide to Sham Shui Po

As one of Hong Kong’s most quintessential and iconic neighbourhoods, Sham Shui Po’s identity is as diverse as the eclectic knick-knacks sold in the stalls on Apliu Street. If the sheer amount of things to do, see, and eat confuses and confounds you, let our ultimate neighbourhood guide take you through some of the must-visit spots of the Sham Shui Po area.

10 best places to see waterfalls in Hong Kong

Wading through rock pools, dipping your feet into pristine waters, snapping a few pics for the social feeds, and mostly, getting a true sense of nature in Hong Kong—what’s not to like about a waterfall adventure? Almost all of the scenic falls on this list will require a hike of some sort to get to, so strap your boots on and start adventuring!

Taipei, Taiwan: 7 unusual museums worth visiting

Taipei—the city of night markets, bubble tea stalls, endless queues at Din Tai Fung, and... weird museums? Taiwan’s capital may not strike travellers as off-beat, but there is plenty hidden in its folds to make you do a double-take as you plan your itinerary. Give the National Palace Museum and Taipei Fine Arts Museum a miss—these weird museums in Taipei are the ones to check out.

How to hike to Tai Mo Shan via Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls

Most daytrippers will make their way up the foggy mountain via Tai Mo Shan Road or the MacLehose Trail (Stage Eight), but the lesser-known trail via Ng Tung Chai village promises a much wilder and more adventurous time. Plus, you’ll get to see not one, not two, but four waterfalls along the way (and herds of cows, if you’re lucky)!


Hong Kong’s newest restaurant openings: 2022

We continue into the summer with our round-up of the best new restaurants in Hong Kong this year, from a German fine-dining concept and a tribute to soybeans to an American soul food escapade.

Where to find the best unagi donburi in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the unagi donburi may not have received the fanfare enjoyed by other Japanese dishes, but there is a small and growing appreciation for it. We uncover the best restaurants in Hong Kong for unadon.

Foodie Hong Kong
Chewin’ the Fat with Hetty McKinnon, cookbook author and food writer

As we steamroll our way into the Year of the Pig, barely holding onto our starry-eyed, “live and eat healthier” new year’s resolutions and sheepishly watching them slip through our clammy grip, there’s one bright star looming persistently on the horizon that gives us hope to carry on: the opening of Veda, celebrated vegetarian chef Hetty McKinnon’s first foray into Asia.

Foodie Hong Kong
Japan’s fluffiest pancakes have arrived in Hong Kong

Japan's fluffiest pancakes have landed in Hong Kong! A Happy Pancake HK is now open at Lee Garden Three. At their first-ever overseas shop, expect to indulge in jiggly pancakes topped with homemade Manuka honey-whipped butter, caramel syrup, cheese mousse, chocolate sauce, and more! 50.4K+ views on Facebook and Youtube

Foodie Hong Kong
Restaurant Review: Arcane’s new plant-based menu

We may have stumbled into Arcane on a dreary day, but no amount of rain clattering against the windowpanes could dampen our moods as we eagerly anticipated the most refined plant-based menu in our dining experience thus far.

Foodie Hong Kong
A 20-dish Spanish brunch menu, ranked

Spanish stalwart Olé takes a stroll down memory lane with its new celebratory brunch menu, filled with a staggering number of dishes.

Foodie Hong Kong
Everything we’re eating at Taste of Hong Kong 2018

Only one more sleep till the start of Taste of Hong Kong, which means it's high time for me to start making my list of foods that I’m going to try this year and checkin’ it twice.

Foodie Hong Kong
Restaurant Review: Le Rêve—elevated French-Japanese fusion cuisine

Le Rêve’s raison d’être is to present sophisticated, seasonal French-Japanese fusion cuisine in an appropriately elegant setting, without the lofty airs that would make one feel put out. It is in this quiet, thoughtful atmosphere, surrounded by engaging, caring waitstaff, that we sampled a six-course dinner menu that made its mark as one of the best meals we’ve had this summer.

Foodie Hong Kong
Restaurant Review: Momojein—rustic Korean cuisine with a modern twist

It’s been almost a year since Momojein’s last menu revamp, and although we were sad to see some of our favourites go (I’ll never forget you, potato pancakes), we fully trusted that the newest tricks chef Lim Hee Won had up his sleeves would be as impressive as usual.

Foodie Hong Kong
Greedy Grubs Abroad: What to eat in Hanoi, Vietnam

Just because I’m travelling to feast my heart out does not mean that I will abandon my penchant for finding the best foods at the most affordable prices. Few places on earth can make such a task more effortless than Vietnam.

Shopping & Beauty

World Sleep Day: 10 essential products for better sleep

Sometimes, the best solution to a good night’s sleep can also be the simplest. We’ve rounded up a host of our favourite products and apps to encourage falling asleep faster, sleeping longer and better, and waking up feeling well-rested.

Best places to get custom furniture made in Hong Kong

All ready to pad out your first (or second or third) real adult forever home? We've found the best boutique design and woodworking shops in Hong Kong to make your custom furniture and interior design dreams come true.

Culture & Literature

On the Job With: Tim Ho and Ian Choi, miniature artists

From office security guards to street cleaners, every job has more to it than meets the eye. For our latest exploration into weird and wonderful jobs, we chat with Tim Ho and Ian Choi—two miniature artists—about how to keep the culture of Hong Kong alive on a small scale.

Five Minutes with: Sophia Hotung, illustrator

We sat down with the Eurasian illustrator and writer, best known for her “Hong Konger” artwork series, to talk about her journey into digital art and how she juggles her work with her health.

On the Job With: Isabel Caruncho, Disney Imagineer

From office security guards to street cleaners, every job has more to it than meets the eye. For our latest exploration into weird and wonderful jobs, we chat with Isabel Caruncho—a Disney Imagineer and creative designer—about what it’s like to work at the “happiest place on earth.”

Japan’s CupNoodles Museum is now open in Hong Kong!

Hold onto your chopsticks: To celebrate the hundredth-and-eleventh birthday of Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Foods, the instant ramen giant has announced that CupNoodles Museum is now officially open in Hong Kong!

8 best books about historic pandemics, diseases, and outbreaks

We've exhausted our Netflix and even the Nintendo Switch looks unappealing so we turn our gaze to the blessed OG of all entertainment art forms: the written word. Here are the eight best non-fiction books on diseases, pandemics, plagues, and outbreaks of the past.

Copywriting, Branded Campaigns & Advertorials

Campaign Asia
Diversity Talks 2022: Progress over perfection

Campaign Asia-Pacific and Essence reunite for Diversity Talks 2022 as part of the annual Women to Watch campaign, exploring challenges such as aligning DEI with conservative markets, supporting women in the workplace, and how companies can embody their DEI values.

10 best yachts to charter in Hong Kong | Simpson Marine

Balmy weather and gorgeous sunny days are just around the corner, and hot Hong Kong summers promise an abundance of outdoor excursions and seaside adventures. Here are some of the best luxury yachts to charter this summer.

The Community Lab | Hysan

As a hub for limitless possibilities, we go the extra mile to foster tech to benefit Hong Kong and the world, bringing tangible business outcomes and long-term economic growth. Our shared goal is to integrate problem-solving technology with our vibrant community to achieve lasting impacts on our community's ​​living, mobility, sustainability, and economy.

Discover Hong Kong
West Kowloon Neighbourhood Guide | Hong Kong Tourism Board

This emerging neighbourhood connects the traditional craftsmanship, historic buildings, authentic dining and shopping experiences in the city to the new bustling energy of an international art and culture district. It boasts no shortage of gems for visitors to rediscover Hong Kong.

Brand Hong Kong / ISD
A taste of Hong Kong to take home | WRLDCTY 2020

Join Michelin-starred chefs Shane Osborn (Arcane) and Mak Kwai-pui (Tim Ho Wan) as they guide you through the best of Hong Kong’s East-meets-West culinary history. For that perfect five o’clock feeling, reward yourself by shaking up a simple but special tea cocktail or two with celebrated mixologist Victoria Chow (The Woods).

Brand Hong Kong / ISD
Experience Hong Kong’s bountiful nature with classical music | WRLDCTY 2020

Join the acclaimed Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra on a virtual tour of Hong Kong’s breathtaking hinterlands, accompanied by the invigorating sound therapy properties of classical music. Presenting an extraordinary side of Hong Kong rarely seen by outsiders, take in a performance of a lifetime with the award-winning musicians as they take music-making to new heights, supported by the natural sights and sounds of Hong Kong.