Jennifer Blue

Creative Content Writer for Digital Media

United States

I write scripts, copy and concepts for video, web and interactive media.

Get people reacting the way you want when they EXPERIENCE your message via CREATIVE videos, websites, interactive media, e-learning, print and blogs.

Call (206) 795-5453 or email [email protected] for engaging, interactive stories to connect audiences with your message – on pages, stages, or screens: big or small.

What else? I'm also founder/editor of 4Girls GLocal Leadership e-zine - an online magazine for young women worldwide. And author of Supergurls: empowering novels for teen girls: Series One: "Stitch 20/20."


Videos / Web Sites / Print / Email / Case Studies / Blog Posts / Social Media

Blue Soup Creative
Creative Scriptwriter, Copywriter, Ghostwriter

Experienced freelance scriptwriter, copywriter, ghostwriter in Seattle. Jennifer Blue writes marketing, video, websites, interactive digital media, e-learning, branded communications, brand voice development, messaging frameworks, product demos, executive blogs and case studies.

Blue Soup - archive portfolio
Corporate and Commercial Creative Storytelling

Award-winning interactive storytelling. Blue Soup concepts, writes and directs inventive media to inspire action and elicit emotion. Get your business experienced - just add Blue Soup to your next video, website, learning portal, product demo, digital media, animation, TV spot, or live event.


Aptos Documentary

While I can't actually show you the 12-minute documentary for Microsoft's new default font Aptos, I can say it was a blast to write the video script. And... I can share a link to this fabulous comedic video (which I had absolutely NOTHING to do with) because it's a great example of how a seemingly "small" change in business can create a HUGE impact with your fans and followers.

Microsoft Viva Insights 

Empower your organization with data-driven, actionable insights to increase productivity and performance. The hybrid workforce experience report is designed to help leaders support the well-being and productivity of their teams.

SAP Concur on LinkedIn: Evolution of Concur Travel

BusinessTravel may be changing, but so is SAP Concur! That's why we're so excited to share we will be demoing the new Concur Travel experience live at #GBTA2023. Stop by our booth (1730) throughout the event to get a sneak preview of our new look and feel! | 11 comments on LinkedIn

Rolls Royce Engines - solution story
Sky High Internet of Things

Video showcasing collaboration with Microsoft to create new digital capabilities. Flight delays are disruptive, costly, and a familiar headache. But for an airline, the impact is exponentially larger. Rolls-Royce has over 13,000 engines for commercial aircraft in service around the world. Using the Microsoft Azure platform, they've transformed how they use data to better serve airline customers with comprehensive engine maintenance services that help keep aircraft available and efficient.

Bing - animated video
Safe Search - How It Helps

(click title to view video) This video is for kids. When you’re online, safety comes first – so, we’ve got some great tips about how to stay safe when using Search. The Internet is a reflection of what’s out in the real world. Just like there are good and bad PEOPLE you meet in life, there are good and bad PLACES to visit online. One way to protect yourself is SafeSearch. It protects you from a lot of the bad, but not all of it. So keep it turned ON.

Amazon Live Education Hub
Amazon Live "Creator Series"

How to create and profit from branded livestreams on Amazon. Showcase your products and features to new audiences through interactive live videos. Inspire viewers to buy with shoppable videos that drive them directly to product pages.

Tombolo Institute / Bellevue College
Your Bridge to Future Work

Built by professionals, taught by professionals: Tombolo Institute at Bellevue College is your bridge to the future of work. If you’re considering a shift or pivot in your career, now is a great time to take a closer look at your options and try a foundational course that can help determine your future and advance a new career. Your future is calling...

Democratizing Access to Clinical Research

In medicine, there’s a place for technology. And a place for people. Site RX uses both to help patients interested Clinical Trials get qualified and connected with these additional care options. Diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s need cures, but only 14 percent of trials reach recruitment targets within specific time periods. SiteRx automates the patient matching and referral process to close that gap.

Microsoft - Viva Insights License
Improving the Hybrid Workforce Experience

Now managers and leaders can help support the well-being of their teams. Do you know how hybrid work is impacting employees' experiences? Do they feel connected? And is management in synch or out of touch with what they want? Viva Insights upgrade gets you best practices to prevent burnout, recommended actions to improve well-being, and insights to help make everyone's hybrid work experience better.

Microsoft Power Automate
Process Advisor in Power Automate

Picture this. Your business gets back all the time it takes for those repetitive activities people do every day… your teams are focused on what’s most important, and automation is doing the rest. To know what to automate and where to start, use Process Advisor in Power Automate. It removes the guesswork.

Microsoft Teams Room - Collaboration Solutions

Yealink offers a wide range of collaboration solutions that bring the Microsoft Teams experience to every workspace and user. In this video, we discover Yealink’s latest collaboration options that feature Teams-enabled video conferencing, whiteboarding, and collaboration solutions.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare | Microsoft
Virtual Health, Patient Insights, Care Collaboration Videos

Enhance patient engagement, empower health team collaboration, and improve clinical and operational insights with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Facilitate patient access to secure portals and mobile tools to help patients interact directly with health teams, and simplify routine tasks for better patient satisfaction and care transparency. Better experiences. Better insights. Better care.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service
Deliver always-on service anytime, anywhere

In times of uncertainty, depend on Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Customer Service Insights, Field Service and Remote Assist to help you deliver exceptional ...

Impulse Souvenirs - Your One-Stop Souvenir Source

Quality Custom-Made "Original Artwork" Souvenirs Designed for Your Location! Retail-ready Items to meet your customers' unique souvenir needs. Our artists capture the essence of your attraction or destination for one-of-a-kind memories!

Microsoft - Cloud Computing
Microsoft Azure for Research

Big Data fuels your research. Join researchers from across the sciences harnessing the data-crunching power of the Cloud. This is "Azure Robot Motion Graphics" by RUN Studios on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Johnson Controls - day-in-life video
Keeping Things Cool

See the solution in action... This video is told through the voice of the technician. Do you know that BUILDINGS consume 47% of global energy? Half of that is consumed by chillers. Using Johnson Controls Smart Connected Chillers, technicians can manage performance from any location + FIX issues before they become costly. Thanks to advanced IoT and analytics, diagnostics at their fingertips help them proactively identify issues, perform repairs, reduce downtime, and save on costs.

Carl Zeiss - vision video
Zero Footprint Workplace, Endless Possibilities

This video explores the vision that German company Carl Zeiss AG has created for their future. Carl Zeiss AG is bringing to life their Zero Footprint workplace, powered by digital, which allows them to open locations at shutter speed. Together with Microsoft, Zeiss envisioned a future that empowers employees to do their best work, anytime, anywhere, free of restraints.

Kennametal - global brand video
Innovation at Work: Making the Difference that Lasts

At the forefront of advanced materials innovation for more than 75 years, Kennametal Inc. is a global industrial technology leader delivering productivity to customers through materials science, tooling and wear-resistant solutions. Customers across aerospace, earthworks, energy, general engineering and transportation turn to Kennametal to help them manufacture with precision and efficiency. Learn more at

Schneider Electric - IoT spotlight video
Enlightening a Brighter Future across Nigeria

Ensuring access to energy as a basic human right is a bold idea. Lagos State Electricity Board is electrifying schools and medical clinics in Nigeria with SU...

Dynamics 365 for Retail - Features Overview
Engage Shoppers on Their Terms across Channels

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, use detailed insights to create an immersive customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail helps you drive b...

Microsoft - script for product video
Microsoft Dynamics for Retail

(click title to view document) Here's the script for the video to the left, so you can get an idea of what my video scripts look like!

AI Builder and Power Apps
Bring AI to your apps with

Meet Alex and Maya. Learn how you can give everyone in your organization, regardless of their technical experience, the ability to add AI capabilities to...

MS Dynamics 365 Service
AI Improves Customer Satisfaction

Learn how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights to increase customer satisfaction by leveraging innovative AI capabilities and to improve the customer experience by turning insights into actions. Find out more:

NYUPN and Optum - healthcare tech video
Analytics and Intelligent Choices for a Healthier World

Narration and interviews tell the story of tech making a difference in healthcare. NYUPN uses Performance Analytics with OptumIQ built-in to help identify high risk patients and intervene with the right treatment at the right time. Optum Performance Analytics assimilates disparate data so we can avoid care gaps and keep patients within the system.

Middle School Curriculum - teaching videos
Second Step Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

A video highlighting program's award-winning media content. A hallmark of the Second Step Middle School Program is its stand-out media component. Seventy videos woven throughout the program bring lessons to life, maintaining a standard of excellence recently honored with the 2018 CINE Golden Eagle Award for Children’s Programming.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice overview
Stay Connected and Respond in Real Time

Customer Voice is an enterprise feedback management solution that empowers organizations to capture customer feedback directly from surveys personalized for ...

Dynamics 365 Customer Service
Earn Customers for Life

Learn how built-in intelligence from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service delivers faster and more personalized support to add value to every customer int...

Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional - B2B video
Modernize Sales Productivity

In this video, you'll discover how to streamline your sales processes and seller workflows with sales capabilities embedded in Microsoft Office 365, mobile apps, and built-in collaboration. Dynamics helps you focus on what’s most important with customer interaction history, guidance toward optimal outcomes, and rich interactive dashboards that empower you to build sales momentum and boost productivity.

Microsoft - new product launch
Introducing Microsoft Portals

Microsoft is excited to announce Portals, a new capability of the Power Platform and a low-code Portal that allows you to extend Common Data Service (CDS) to external users. In this video, you'll learn the value of extending your CDS data to external users and how to get value from reusable controls, forms, and other time saving benefits to make great responsive websites.

Web Sites

Accessibility fundamentals - Training

At Microsoft, we understand the power of technology, and that's why we continue to innovate, create, and design in a way that gives everyone the ability to achieve more. Trainings like this learning path, which covers accessibility fundamentals, are an important and necessary part of Microsoft's accessibility strategy to support customers of all abilities.

NW Regen
NW Regen | Portland, OR

Get relief from chronic pain with non-surgical, regenerative solutions, or explore functional medicine for comprehensive primary care. At NW Regen, you’re never just treated; you’re understood and guided toward a life of reduced pain and enhanced vitality, led by the expertise of our team of specialists who believe in the power of personalized care.

Landing Page
AMD - Ryzen AI

LIGHTWEIGHT FORM, HEAVYWEIGHT PUNCH - Dominate demanding workloads with power and speed to create, play, and record in high resolutions with AMD Ryzen processors. TRUSTWORTHY TECH - AMD Rynzen 7000 Series processors are brought to you by the same company that powers everything from airplanes to electric cards to your favorite game consoles and the cloud.

Industrial Real Estate Website
KBC Advisors

There’s more than one way to create the future. We believe in something few others do — complete COLLABORATION. Because our clients are worth it. Our focus and collective expertise get you into places impossible to locate, stabilize, build-out, capitalize, customize, and maintain with traditional real estate firms.

Leave & Disability Services Co.
Larkin | Leave & Disability Services Specialists

Businesses who truly care about employees partner with Larkin. Whether an employee is on leave growing a family, dealing with an injury or illness, or returning to the workplace with a disability, we'll be there - with our highly-empathetic leave and disability specialists and a totally custom approach.

Corporate Citizenship

As a signatory of the UN Global Compact, Sutherland actively works to uphold our responsibilities to people and planet through our corporate policies and commitments. Our Corporate Citizens program partners with local organizations to provide employees with volunteer opportunities that enrich and revitalize the local and natural environments of the geographies in which we live and work.

PayTrace | Embedded Payments
Boost Business - Partner with the B2B payment experts.

Embedded payments can streamline your customers' back-end payment processes while adding a new revenue source to your business. Boost Business with PayTrace B2B payment processing. Team up with our payment experts and 5-star support. Integrating payments in your software solutions will help grow your business.

Sonic Concepts, Inc.
Focused Ultrasound Architects

We believe that when pushed to look at things through a new lens, humans are more likely to come up with creative solutions, great breakthroughs, and game-changing achievements. Leading Through Innovation A lot of our interdisciplinary team’s ideas are “out of the box” – which is a required element to creating ingenious solutions to age-old problems and first-of-kind treatments.

Financial Services / Realtor Website
Buyer Capital

Buyer Capital programs make your offer the best offer by making it CASH. You put 10% non-refundable deposit toward the purchase price of the home you want. We purchase your home for cash or guarantee your performance. Increase your chances to beat out competing offers. CHOOSE FROM 3 BUYER CAPITAL PROGRAMS: Cash Offer - Performance Guarantee - Buy First

Virtual Reality Mental Fitness Solutions
Virtual Therapeutics

Unblock your full potential Breakthrough™ is a complete mental fitness training solution for everyone from the frontline to the C-suite. Using the unique strengths of virtual reality technology, our suite of applications has been proven to reduce attrition, combat ‘quiet quitting,’ and eliminate burnout because they're fun, intuitive, and much more effective than existing solutions.

True-Cloud DMS Website
Dealership Advantage

Focus your attention where it matters most. We help your boat dealership spend more time building relationships that create customers for life. Needing a way to remotely track and leverage all our people and resources, we partnered with advanced development engineers to create a solution that would work not only for us, but for any dealership wanting to expand and grow while keeping things hassle-free.

Stile & Rail Cabinet Dealer and Design Studio
Stile & Rail Design

We specialize in top-quality frameless cabinets for remodels and new construction, from the Pacific Northwest to the rising residential markets of Scottsdale, AZ and Dallas, TX. Our trusted, veteran cabinet design specialists work one-on-one with you to provide passionate, committed full-service from design to delivery of on-trend, top quality, Euro-inspired frameless cabinets.

Real Estate Broker Website
Properties NW

Knowing first-hand the joys of calling Gig Harbor home, we're committed to building lifelong relationships, one client at a time - through hard work, sincerity, stability, and earned trust. Expert consultation and personalized services for buyers—sellers—investors. Whether you’re ready to raise a family, add real estate to your investment portfolio, or get the most for your home as you transition, we have your interests top of mind.

InVision / Design Mockups
Onyx WiFi

Many homes today are littered with wireless devices, with no master control to tie them all together. You need a hub to manage your technology, not let it manage you. Try Onyx for the Whole Home.

Lighthouse Roasters - website
Inside Lighthouse

Brand voice and website copy for local roaster. Our quality beans are sourced for their flavor potential by our founder and coffee visionary Ed Leebrick, from coffee farms and collectives as dedicated to their people and product as we are. We then get to know each bean’s unique qualities, testing, roasting and blending to highlight each varietal’s fruit, acidity, nuttiness or spicy complexity, much the way a winemaker approaches blending fine wine.

Splash - nonprofit website
Splash - How It Works

Non-profit website copy. Clean, Safe Water - Splash takes what works for world-class restaurants and hotels—their technology, supply chains and standards—to make the same quality possible for kids living in urban poverty. There is no reason why kids can’t have clean water, other than old economics and assumptions. But the economics and assumptions are changing.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance - website
SCCA - Physician Profiles

Interviews. Brand voice. Emotional connection. Series of physician bios for patients and patient families to get-to-know their medical team. Sample: "I'm 100% committed to providing tomorrow's treatments, today. I don't treat cancer; I treat patients and their families - the same way I like to be treated." Specialties and clinical expertise The branch of medicine a provider practices and their areas of focus What is your approach to treatment?

Technology Creative Consulting Firm
Prowess Consulting

Dedicated to championing your solutions, our highly skilled engineers demo, prototype, test, and prove your products for real-world conditions. With core competencies in managed IT services, benchmarking, cloud services, network engineering, and more, we love designing innovative approaches to solving IT problems.

Thinkware - company website

Tech company corporate site. We're your CTO, COO and CMO, rolled into one THINKware provides executive leadership to transform your business, with a smile. We seamlessly jump in at any altitude to guide and deliver tech solutions across video, web, mobile, and native applications. We're direct, honest, confident and trusted. Need someone to engage at any level? We roll-up our sleeves; and offer you our extensive expertise in organizational transformation leadership.

TransWest - transportation website
Driving Business

Transportation planning and strategy website. We move your people, customers and clients between home and office, around campus and around town. We ramp up quickly and deploy anywhere the fleets, parking and logistics that are necessary to move your people safely and reliably between parking and worksite.

Bertschi - private school website
Bertschi School

Branded website for private elementary school. Being A Bertschi Kid -- It’s a way of being that stays with our students long after school’s out. Long past graduation, too. Bertschi kids thrive at becoming independent individuals who share and participate in community. Their stature may be small, but their ideas are monumental. More about our school »

4ggl - Non-Profit Website + E-Zine
4Girls GLocal Leadership

Non-profit global organization's website, brand and e-zine for 16-22 year old young women that reports Good News for Girls. 4GGL believes GIRLS are entitled to rights and to live with dignity. Developing girls into changemakers - to become future women leaders - is the solution to today's pressing issues.

Bodysurfing Hand Planes - online store
Santa Barbara Stoked

Shopping site for beautifully-crafted wooden bodysurfing hand planes. Each handplane has been inspired by bodysurfing the waves in Santa Barbara County and each design has been water-tested in multiple conditions and surf breaks to assure you will have the best equipment possible.

VIG - Virtue Investment Group
Real Estate Brokerage & Advisory

Owners of investment properties know that there's more to a listing than a price and picture. There's a story to be told... insights to share, numbers to crunch, hurdles to jump, data to reveal, and a buyer to sell. VIG delivers unmatched Commercial Investment & Net-Leased Real Estate Brokerage & Advisory services - emphasizing more client-first services to ensure a quality experience with maximum results.

Martin Selig - web site
Martin Selig Real Estate

Since 1958, Martin Selig Real Estate has been creating custom workspaces for some of Seattle's most innovative companies. Serving our tenants is our passion. We have more than 20 compelling office properties throughout Seattle, and dynamic projects underway. Let us find the ideal fit to help your organization thrive.

Office building - sales website
Elliott Park Campus

Micro-site for local, commercial office building. Two buildings. A one-acre plaza. 8 Floors of Stunning Views... and the flexibility to create CREATE A SPACE that's perfect for you. Elliott Park Campus is truly Seattle’s newest home for innovative companies. Green technology is incorporated throughout the campus, including outdoor spaces where people can gather for breakfast, lunch or a much-needed afternoon coffee or evening wine on the plaza. Tenants also love the personalized attention...

Museum of Flight - campaign site
Space Shuttle Home

Online mini-site public campaign. There’s no better Space on Earth. Where One Frontier Greets Another The Space Shuttle is set to share stories with a new generation. See how we can make it happen here. Help Us Bring the Space Shuttle to Seattle. As the US Space Shuttles begin to retire, Space Shuttle orbiters Atlantis, Discovery, and Endeavour (and the atmospheric flight vehicle Enterprise) are looking for new homes. The Museum of Flight has applied to NASA to bring one of the Space Shuttles...

Chasing - new product website
CHASING Underwater Drone

Product website. Introducing the World's 1st Intelligent, 5-Thruster Mini-size Underwater Drone. Record 4K UHD video and take 12 MP photos from 330-foot depths, at speeds up to 4 knots!

Custom Branded Team & Corporate Apparel
Cascadia Apparel

For 15 years, the PNW has known about our extraordinary customer service and fabulous award-winning embroidery at affordable prices. Now, we're going national. Our core values are always - innovation, quality, reliability, and transparency. Select uniforms and promo products here online.

Vector-Conversion & Embroidery Digitizing
Ignition Drawing

Experts in embroidery design digitizing and converting jpg, png, bmp, gif images to vector. Everything hand-drawn in 24 hours or less. We turn your fuzzy photos and bitmaps into clean, hand-drawn production-ready vector art and quality digitized embroidery files in 24 hours or less. Our industry experts and sophisticated ordering platform give you control with real-time information to streamline the process and minimize order errors.

CallPiper - product website
World's First TEXT Answering Service

Website and video describing new service for business owners. You transfer. We answer every call with a text! Automated, text-based answering service turns on when you forward your line to us. Our intelligent robot answers calls with texts to take care of callers after hours, while you're busy or away. We build a caller profile- you text back-n-forth at your convenience.

Realtor - website
The Perfect Fit

Neighborhood website for realtor. Finding the perfect fit takes a partnership. Seattle’s diversity provides a variety of unique communities with distinct charms. With me as your guide, we’ll discover what Seattle has by neighborhood and home style to match your needs. For homes that are an extension of your lifestyle — Partner with Jill Petersen > Looking to Buy? Homes are much more than financial investments. Whether buying up, downsizing, or purchasing for the first time, we all want...

J Schultz Pools - builder website
Extend Your Living Space

Custom builder website. Enjoy outside living spaces year-round with pools, gazebos, patios, and covered rooms from Schultz Builders and Pools. It's easy to extend home life and entertaining beyond the living room. Get out and share our fabulous weather with friends and family.

Seattle Waldorf - school website
Independent, Holistic School

Private school website. At Seattle Waldorf School, students become creative problem-solvers-imaginative thinkers who journey toward intellectual excellence, human compassion and artistic skill. As an independent school, Seattle Waldorf School offers a most holistic Waldorf education. Our modern curriculum is rooted in tradition-for children 18 months to 18 years.

Pretzelwagen - bakery website
Willkommen bei Pretzelwagen!

Website for local baker. Discover delicious, hand-made soft Bavarian-style pretzels — just like you’d find in the Old Country — at Farmers’ Markets, parties, and events city-wide delivered by The Pretzel Lady, Allison Barnes.In the 1600s, pretzels were known as marriage knots. During a wedding, couples would wish upon a pretzel and break it — just like a wishbone. Then they’d eat it to signify their “oneness”. Today’s newlyweds are even offering pretzels as an alternative to wedding cupcakes!

Epiphany School - website
Seattle Independent Elementary

Website for independent elementary. Epiphany is an independent, non-parochial elementary school in the Madrona and Denny-Blaine area of Seattle serving pre-K through 5th grade students.

Visit Seattle - meeting planner website

Website copy, story-telling, content. Why is it time to embrace the growing voluntourism trend? For one, it's a great way to turn team-building into a charitable opportunity. Also, it is a feel-good way to give back to your host city. At Visit Seattle, we make it easy to jump in with useful resources for meeting planners.

Visit Seattle - resource website
Meeting Planner Toolkit

Website copy. Story-telling. Content. Our expert Convention Services team has collected many useful resources we present here for your self-service review and use. From brochures and maps to temporary on-site support, the Meeting Planner Toolkit connects you with local resources to make your event a success.

Shine Your Strengths - coach website
Helping Children and Adults Overcome Barriers

Website for ADHD counselor. One out of every 7 people in our country has some sort of learning disability. Learning disabilities can interfere with how you learn, but they can't stop you from learning! There are many skills and strategies you can learn to use to improve your performance in any activity you choose to pursue. My practice is focused on helping children and adults who struggle with learning disabilities (LD) or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Visit Seattle - travel planner website
Travel Professionals

Website copy. Story-telling. Content. Our International Tourism team oversees a broad range of programs for leisure travel to Seattle, Washington State and the Pacific Northwest from both domestic and international origins. We're here to help travel trade professionals develop itineraries, arrange lodging and organize tours.

Print / Emails / Decks / Infographics / E-books

Company Overview
Sonic Concepts, Inc.

SCI DESIGNS, MANUFACTURES, and INTEGRATES custom ultrasonic TRANSDUCERS and ELECTRONICS to meet specific performance requirements for direct-to-patient FUS projects. Our GOAL & APPROACH is to work as an integral part of your startup team as early as possible in your project lifecycle to save you MISTAKES, TIME, and MONEY.

Integration Partners One Sheet
PayTrace B2B Payments

Transform your software into a profit generator. Build your business with PayTrace + earn more with every transaction you empower. Integrate PayTrace payment processing to streamline your customers’ back-end processes while creating additional revenue. Help all your B2B customers get paid faster, strengthen customer relationships, and increase your revenue overnight, with 5-star dedicated support.

Print Ad for Stroll Magazine
Properties NW

You’ve been there before. There’s so much to consider… Having a real-estate expert nearby when you need him is a huge perk to living in Canterwood. Patrick’s a great advisor. Having sold 2000+ South Sound properties that people love to call home, he’s also a local, raised in Gig Harbor, and has lived in Canterwood since 2012. When you want to talk over what’s realistic, what’s available, or what’s the next step, call him up.

Virtual Therapeutics
What Is Mental Fitness?

Today, 60% of employees worldwide are quiet quitting. Internationally, nearly 6 in 10 employeesreport disengagement —otherwise known as quiet quitting. Gallup estimates it coststhe economy $8.8T, or 9 % of GDP globally. Remember when work was fun?

253 Magazine - Properties NW - print ad
It's where you wanna be.

2-page advertisement for Pacific NW realtor. HOME. Houses vary, but the essence of HOME is shared. It’s where we relax, are kicked-back and our true selves. Home’s where we hang our hats, speak our minds and lay our heads—in comfort. It’s where we let our guard down, feel at ease, and our kids play with open hearts. It’s where we’re able to just be. We're here to get you there.

Breakthrough - Users Email Campaign
Virtual Therapeutics

This is a six-week progress report email that was sent to participants in a virtual reality mental fitness program. Each week, an email arrived to deliver stats about their usage, encouragement to utilize the program more, and tips about how meditation helps with stress resilience and workplace job performance and satisfaction.

PayTrace Digital Payments
7 Wins for Merchants Who Partner with PayTrace

Ready to streamline B2B payment processes? This handy PDF steps you through 7 key wins for merchants who parnter with the B2B payment experts who save you time, effort, and money. Accelerate your cash flow and grow your business faster with the combined power of a payment gateway, e-invoicing, payment processing, and risk management in one solution that integrates with your tech.

Real Estate - Proposal Brochure
KBC Advisors

There’s more than one way to create the future. We believe in something few others do—complete collaboration. And it’s because our clients are worth it. Our focus and collective expertise get you into places impossible to locate, stabilize, build-out, capitalize, customize, and maintain with traditional real estate firms. Life requires diversity. At KBC, we’re happy to be the industry’s exception and excel as a successful, privately owned, highly selective boutique firm doing industrial...

Virtual Therapeutics - One-sheet
Bloom - Virtual Reality

Taking care of your employees’ mental fitness is not just the right thing to do, it’s the best thing to do for your business. BloomTM combines proven meditation techniques and focused attention training in an immersive virtual reality world to deliver a solution that builds mindfulness, resilience, and improves individual and team performance.

(click image to view website)
Kraft Insurance - we've moved

Same hood. New location. Our practice is here to stay. Rest assured – we’ve only relocated, a couple blocks away. Our people are still intact, as is our commitment to you. (It’s just our old building is scheduled for demolition) Kraft has been creating custom policies since 1981... (click postcard above to view web site)

PayTrace B2B Payment Solutions for Merchants
B2B Payments - Onboarding Emails

Merchant Onboarding Campaign for Digital Payments - This is a 6-part lead onboarding email series developed for a B2B payment technology solution provider - introducing new merchant subscribers to resources, training, and other assets. the emails were delivered over several weeks to encourage employee adoption and engagement.

State of 'Customer Success' Industry Report

Customer Success is continuing to grow and mature. Since Totango began this survey in 2013, we have seen steady growth in the number of organizations adopting Customer Success functions. However, over the past 12 months and especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, that growth has been even more significant. This year, 76% of CS professionals surveyed said they had a team consisting of more than 10 people, and 91% said their team had grown in size over the past 12 months.

SafeTec - downloadable e-book
5-Step Guide to HazCom Compliance eBook

Best-practice guidebook for potential customers. Whether you’re working toward getting your organization in compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication (HazCom) standard on your own, or with a little outside assistance, the following five best practice steps will help to ensure your success.

PayTrace B2B Payment Solutions
PayTrace - Email Campaign

This is a 4-part lead generation / prospecting email series developed for a B2B payment technology solution provider - introducing potential ISV partners to their new ISV Partnership Program. Despite seamless payment processing readily available, many ISVs aren’t embedding payments into their solutions. Why not? Learn how to transform your software into a profit generator – for your biz and your customers.

VR for Mental Fitness - one-sheet
Virtual Therapeutics

Stress is Overwhelming Today’s Workforce. 90% of todays employees say they are stressed at work, costing companies an estimated $30B yearly in lost workdays alone. Breakthrough™ is an effective mental fitness training solution for everyone from the frontline to the C-suite. Using virtual reality, it is designed to bring out the best in your employees and strengthen your business.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance - news article
Tomorrow's Treatments Today

Physician-facing article about innovative Car-T therapy trials As both a research and cancer care center, SCCA is known for providing the therapies of tomorrow, today. Currently, more than 300 clinical trials are open to patients at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) that turn scientific research into life-saving discoveries and possible cures of cancer. Many of those trials focus on IMMUNOTHERAPY.

Bertschi School - community newsletter
Spring News at Bertschi

All reporting, stories, content for series of quarterly newsletters. WORLD PEACE GAME: Unilateral world peace may still be a dream, but the World Peace Game has landed—and made its mark—in Seattle. This fascinating hands-on geo-political simulation was such a hit that its lessons tumbled out of the classroom onto the playground and into dinner table discussions all across town. “When things got tough, we each had each other’s backs. And maybe, who knows? Grownups can learn something from...

City Forest Credits - industry news article

News article for industry journal. The City of Austin, Texas has declared bold goals when it comes to climate change, including Carbon Neutrality for City operations by 2020 and Net-Zero greenhouse gases by 2050. A committed group of stakeholders in Austin has come together to pioneer an innovation that can help ensure the health of our riparian forest buffers.

SafeTec - industry white paper
SafeTec Chemical Inventory

Whitepaper about the necessity of chemical inventories. Chemicals are everywhere... Do you know where yours are? With more than three million facilities employing over 43 million workers exposed to chemicals daily, it’s surprising how little most employers know about the chemicals they have on-premise. This paper explores the necessity, the benefits, and the process required to conduct a chemical audit at your facility.

Sun Putty - customer-facing product brochure
Sun Putty: Protect Your Skin | Protect the Environment

Multi-page brochure for 100% natural sunscreen line. Sun Putty has ZERO chemicals to contaminate our world. It’s paraben-free to protect living organisms. Sunscreen + packaging are 100% biodegradable!

American Diamond - educational content
Engagement Ring Guide

Education content for online diamond retailer. Located on Fifth Avenue in the heart of NYC’s diamond district, our company works closely with our longstanding network of diamond cutters and jewelry manufactures—providing the most efficient way for you to buy a diamond. Read our Engagement Ring Guide to learn what to look for and how to choose the perfect engagement ring, and our Diamond Guide for expert tips to help you choose the best diamond cut for your budget.

Natural Skin Care - retail one-sheet + brochure
Restore Balance: Good for Your Skin | Good for the Earth

One-sheet for skin care products. Restore Skin Balance made from 100% natural, ingredients • 100% plant-based, natural extracts • 100% active synergistic ingredients • Perfect for post skin procedures • NO synthetic chemicals • NO water, alcohol or petrolatum Hydrating - Healing - Skin nourishing Skin-renewing - Gentle cleansing Fights inflammation, acne and blemishes. See brochure here:

Ronald McDonald House - magazine article
Meet Cancer Survivor: Preston Fawcett

Article in the monthly Ronald McDonald magazine. Four months ago, Preston Fawcett was a happy 11-year-old 7th grader who was just starting his first year at West Valley Junior High in Yakima as an honor student. A few weeks later, he caught the flu. In October, his parents took him to the doctor for tests. The next morning a 6:45am phone call alerted them to take Preston to the emergency room for more tests. “The doctor said either something is very wrong with

Sony Ericcson - press release
Equinox Product Launch Announcement

Sony Ericsson delivers a stylish, chic phone this fall with the introduction of the Sony Ericsson Equinox™ phone at T-Mobile USA, Inc. This mobile device offers exciting features that encourage individualism through unique pulsating night effects that enable users to never miss a call or text message.“The Sony Ericsson Equinox™ phone echoes Sony Ericsson’s tradition of style, personalization and multimedia,” said Karen Morris, vice president of marketing, Sony Ericsson. “With a host of...

Sprint - newsletter story
Samsung Training Event

Come try out The Next Big Thing, enjoy a delicious mid-day snack, pose for fun fashion photos with World’s Fair models, learn how to use your new GS4 phone, and get your own phone customized at our FREE ENGRAVING BOOTH! Put the World’s Fair on your calendar today – don’t miss out on all the fun and take home fun S.W.A.G. to remember this once-in-a-lifetime experience! See you there.

Case Studies

AWS / Amzon Web Services .
Farmers Automatically Fulfills Millions of SKUs with Quantiful and AWS

Farmers is a thriving New Zealand-based department store known for its on-trend merchandise. To provide customers a superior in-person shopping experience, Farmers worked with AWS Retail Competency Partner Quantiful to automate sending requests for stock fulfillment without human intervention. Quantiful’s solution also allowed Farmers to automatically replenish more than 1.4 million SKU locations per week across 60 stores.

AWS / Amazon Web Services
Collegely Increases Performance with AWS IQ

Education is universal, but college isn’t for everyone. To encourage on-the-job education, collaboration, and community in the trades industry, startup founder Isaac Ewhuiknebueze created an online destination for skilled craftspeople and coined it Collegely. With help from OneData Software Solutions, Collegely migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for auto-scaling compute, optimized storage management, improved performance, and better security.

AWS / Amazon Web Services
Re-imagining Analytics with a Cloud-Native Approach

Going Scaleable and Serverless with AWS CDK: After growing 12 brands as an Amazon seller, Mykhailo Sorochev decided to develop the ERP NeonPanel, which automates and integrates accounting, inventory, and expense management into one solution for Amazon sellers.

Martin Selig Real Estate - tenant case studies
Tenant Experience

Case studies about satisfied commercial real estate tenants. Discover what these Martin Selig Real Estate tenants have say about their wonderful experiences with a landlord who is proactive in developing properties to meet their needs.

Microsoft Education - customer success story
Transforming Lives in Remote Canadian Communities

Written education technology case study. Kayas Cultural College is a First Nations college located in Northern Alberta, Canada. They prepare adult students living within the three communities of Little Red River Cree Nation with the necessary academic skills to pursue higher education or enter today's evolving workforce.

Handcuffed Creative - agency case studies
Mining A New Future

Series of creative agency's case studies: GatesNotes, Deloitte Digital, Microsoft, Nissan, Dell. Quickly and authentically build trust with the local community in order to create a poetic, candid student profile that resonates with viewers- connecting them to the struggles and successes of this rural population. Residents of eastern Kentucky are inherently wary of the media, so it was key that we establish a relationship with the community.

Microsoft - customer stories
Seattle Seahawks Make Smarter Decisions

Customer story link to blog articles. Seattle Seahawks make smarter decisions on and off the field with Sports Performance Platform It’s a game changer. By applying predictive analytics and modern machine-learning to sports performance, the Seattle Seahawks are putting their data into action – consistently preparing stronger players for game day.

Emma - Good Data case study
You’ve Got Metrics: How Emma Is Elevating Analysis

Case study for BI/Analytics software company. Emma is an email marketing service provider (ESP) that is changing the face of email marketing by empowering companies to know more about their users and reach them on a more personal basis. With Emma, you know if it’s a customer’s birthday, if they just purchased an item, or if they haven’t opened an email from you in three months, so you can tailor messages.

City Forest Credits - print journal article
City of Austin Case Study

Business news journal article/case study. Water is a precious resource in central Texas, and rivers and streams with healthy forest buffers are critical to both water quality and quantity — as well as a vital contributor to fish, bird, and wildlife habitat and our natural ecosystem. A committed group of stakeholders in Austin has come together to pioneer an innovation that can help ensure the health of our riparian forest buffers.

MS Surface - customer case study
Fast, Durable, On-the-Go Winning Technology

Video technology case study for racing team. "Windows 8 has huge advantages for us in that we can have devices which power on instantly. It's very quick to react, which is important with what we do for a living. There's no opportunities to be waiting around, especially if it's during a pit stop."

Schneider Electric - solution showcase
Nigeria's Blueprint for a Brighter Tomorrow

Online case study (print + video) for solar power solution in Nigeria. The challenge Today, about 1.2 billion people in the world live without electricity. Another billion have unreliable power, and 2.8 billion people use coal, wood, charcoal or animal waste for cooking and cleaning. Energy is critical for economic development and for powering basic social services like health care and education.

Good Data / Virgin America - case study
Bringing Multiple Data Sources Together into One Source of Truth

Online customer success story for BI company. As the Director of Digital Advertising and Analytics for Virginia America, Carl Burckhardt is responsible for optimizing ad spend to maximize revenue for Virgin America. To do so, he needed to know which investments were producing the highest return.“The ability to combine all of our data sources in one cloud solution is the ONLY way we could get the level of insight needed to ensure we make the most impact with every ad dollar.”

Microsoft Surface - customer case study
Indoor Cycling Studio Attracts Repeat Business through Technology-Driven Competition & Community

Tech solution case study. Flywheel Sports is using Windows 8 and Surface Pro tablets to motivate indoor cyclists to become repeat users of the tech-savvy boutique fitness studio. When the successful NYC-based company expanded nationwide and overseas, they chose to deploy a Microsoft multi-touch solution that instantly connects riders online and in-studio with reservations, performance stats, and other riders through a first-in-kind Social Booking system.

MS Surface - customer case study
Show & Tell at the Speed of (the beer) Business

Video script for local brewery case study. "As a brewery, we're growing fast. We believe we can grow with Microsoft. There are times when it pays to be and feel small, specifically when you're talking to accounts, as they want intimacy from a small microbrewery. But there are times when you need to seem bigger than you are, specifically when talking to big distributors. The Microsoft suite of products is our best chance, as a small business, to scale without breaking the bank."

AIRADIS - solution case study
Streamlining T-Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Technology solution case study. "We streamlined procedures to significantly improve operations. T-mobile campaign managers are more efficient and effective in their roles, allowing the marketing teams to focus on strategy," says Geoffrey Sidari. The AIRADIS centralized Campaign Management Service Center not only consolidates knowledge and processes, it equips T-Mobile with more advanced and enhanced metrics to track performance and improve future campaigns.

Good Data - contact center case study
How to Break Boldly Away from Call Center Tradition

Customer tech solution case study. In the world of telephony, change often happens slowly, and sometimes painfully. Ask any call center or enterprise IT manager tasked with selecting, maintaining and managing legacy, premise-based phone systems and software. Bolder Thinking addresses telephony pain points with an agile, cloud-based platform that eliminates the cost and complexity of expensive, traditional solutions—so managers can focus on running their business, not their technology.

Microsoft - grant winner short-stories
YouthSpark Stars

Short bios and case studies for grant-winners website. When young people have access to digital skills, they can help solve the world’s greatest challenges and innovate in ways that benefit themselves, their families, and their communities.More than 80 percent of the young people who benefit from Microsoft YouthSpark grants come from underserved communities, and more than half are female.

Microsoft Surface - education case study
Enabling Project-Based Learning and Collaboration

Education case study for private elementary. At St. Thomas School in Medina, Washington, students work in groups to solve problems, make decisions, and go on knowledge quests, while the teacher acts as facilitator and learning guide. A variety of technology tools are woven into every grade and every subject, depending on the developmental needs of students from preschool through eighth grade. Watch the video here:

Microsoft - education case study
Getting Students Actively Engaged in Achieving

High school tech print/online case study. Selinsgrove Area School District is a small public school district located in the picturesque Susquehanna River Valley in Central Pennsylvania. Last year, they received a state grant to help improve literacy in their schools. Selinsgrove used its literacy grant funding to supply students and teachers in the fourth through twelfth grades with Microsoft Surface tablets. You can also watch the video here:

Microsoft - education case study
Fresno Unified School District

Public school district technology case study. "About 40% of our students are English learners. The majority of our students come from poverty; our entire community qualifies for free and reduced lunch,” said school Principal Pam Taylor. “We are using this technology to prepare college and career-ready students,” said teacher Patrick Martino. "To be able to evens the playing field. There is no gap. There are no excuses. We have equal access to the same information that everyone does.”

Microsoft - education case study
Students Get Engaged and Prepare for the Workforce

Print/online case study. Willis Independent School District is in a small, rural community with about 60% of students economically disadvantaged. "The technology we can engage kids with at our schools is often not available at home. Internet service is not available for every kid at their house. If parents are not in a position to prepare their kids for the future technology world, I think it’s our job to make sure those kids are ready."

Blog Posts

Automating Your Accounts Receivable Process

What are the benefits of a streamlined workflow that saves you time, effort, and money? Three BIG benefits of streamlining and automating your AR process include saved time, reduced errors, and slashed costs. Let’s examine those three and continue to explore more benefits of an automated accounts receivable system that will impact your employees, your bottom line, and your ability to grow.

PayTrace Digital Payments
Meet up with PayTrace at SuiteWorld in Vegas

Learn how to expand the power of PayTrace to Oracle NetSuite with integrated, intelligent B2B payments. With integrated PayTrace credit card and ACH acceptance and processing, merchants can digitize, streamline, and automate AR processes to save time, reduce errors, and slash costs.

Sutherland Global
5 Ways To Get Successful At Customer Success

As switching SaaS providers continues to get easier, the goal of reducing churn and improving retention can be a challenge. To help, the primary goal of Customer Success (CS) is to ensure subscription customers achieve their desired outcomes while having an exceptional experience doing so.

6 Reasons Why Effective Automation Requires Human-Centered Experience Design

Experience-led business transformation - often powered by intelligent automation - is an integrated approach that involves business acumen, process consulting, data insight and design services to build automated experiences that grow value while strengthening the brand. There are several reasons human-centered Experience Design (XD) is crucial to delivering intelligent automation that achieves results.

Trends & Articles for Enterprise Growth
Work Smarter from Home

At Totango, we're about success. Your customers' and your own. So, now that everybody's working remotely, we asked around our virtual office for suggestions of how to be more successful conducting business at home. Our team shared the ideas used in their own homes to make their workday, work better!

3 Ways to Revolutionize AR

How can generating e-invoices and accepting payments from your ERP transform AR? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides small and medium-sized businesses with the tools to connect sales, service, finance, and operations. This ability enables businesses to work smarter, adapt faster, and perform better. However, payment processing is not part of the Business Central solution.

Amazon Relay / 2020 Blog Discontinued (please contact JBlue for copy sample)
Small carriers find success with Amazon Relay

"We started off with 6 trucks with Amazon Freight. Now, we're at 11. It’s going well." —Owner of New Hope Transport, Inc. Amazon Relay provides carriers access to our freight network, giving fleet owners and owner operators the opportunity to grow their truck driving businesses.

Which do we need: Microsoft Teams or SharePoint?

You want your company to collaborate and share documents-in the most efficient and useful ways possible. So, which Microsoft solution works best: Teams or SharePoint? Many businesses believe it's one or the other; they feel a need to decide. You don't have to choose.

Amazon Frieght / 2020 Blog Discontinued (please contact JBlue for copy sample)
Connecting small trucking businesses to our network

“For years, we weren't able to accomplish what we have accomplished with Amazon Relay. We started as an owner-operator, now we have a small family business that we are proud of. In less than 1 year, we have grown to 3 trucks and 5 drivers.” —Merci Tec, Melo Transportation Amazon Relay provides carriers access to our freight network, giving fleet owners and owner operators the opportunity to grow their truck driving businesses.

Ignition Drawing: The Vector & Digitizing Experts
Learn from the Pros

2020 Year-in-Review: From Full of Hope to Grateful for Loyal Customers Hear how the founder of Velociterra companies Ignition Drawing (Vector and Digitzing), Arrow Emblems (Custom Patch Supplier), and Emerald City Decoration (Contract Embroidery) weathered the storms of 2020, the Covid crisis, re-fit an overseas factory, and launched a series of new products to keep our 220 employees working, engaged, and contributing during the year everyone wants to forget.

Customer Success Soft Skills
Why Actively Listening Makes a Big Difference

Whether you’re meeting with customers, partners, or employees, digital virtual meetings are a mainstay. When we learn to embrace them and show up as our fully human selves, communication and relationships improve, regardless of location. And better relationships always bring better successes.

Amazon Freight / 2020 Blog Discontinued (please contact JBlue for copy sample)
Full Truckload Services

Amazon’s transportation network is now available to small and medium-sized businesses who ship across the lower 48 states. Shipping full truck loads through Amazon Freight is easy and fast for shippers. At Amazon Freight, we make shipping your freight easy. Reliable capacity and commitment, great rates, instant quotes, 24/7 service. Sign up and book now.

Electric Lightwave - blog post
FinTech Digital Di$ruption

Ghostblogging for connectivity enterprise. A huge influx of FinTech disruptors are looking to steal business from established banks and financial service firms. Watch out! “For a long time, new market entrants found it difficult to break into the financial services industry,” says PwC in a recent study, but all that’s changed. In fact, up to a quarter of finance business could be lost to these “fast-moving start-ups, focused on a particular innovative technology or process – in everything...

Best Customer Success Blog
Virtual Collaboration Essential to Company-wide Customer Success

With everyone scrambling to retain customers while working to attract new business, it pays to know what your customers want. The #1 way to be sure of customers’ needs is a customer-centric focus. No longer solely the role of the CS team; Customer Success requires collaboration across sales, executives, product groups, and marketing groups.

Women in Publishing Summit
Turn Your Book Into A Course

Miranda Lievers of Thinkific discusses the best way to get started, using expertise you already have. Miranda Lievers is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur devoted to the intersection of small business and technology. As co-founder and COO of Thinkific, she's helped 36,000 business owners earn 100 million dollars with online courses over the last year, while educating millions of students around the globe.

Electric Lightwave - blog post
Data Centers & the Cloud

Ghostwriting blog content. Picture a kite flying free in the sky, unattached to anyone flying it. It becomes a flying projectile vs. a useful tool. The Cloud is similar. Without on-the-ground, interconnected data centers efficiently managing all its high-density traffic, what would it be? Simply mounds of inaccessible data. How Data Centers Make the Cloud >

Zayo - blog post
Preparing Financial Networks for Brexit

Blog ghostwriting for connectivity company. Brexit is a year away and its impact on industry is uncertain. While politicians discuss plans to ease the panic, financial companies are simply NOT waiting. London is one of the world’s leading financial centers. But Brexit could put that status at risk. Many global banks based in London that do business across the EU may be forced to relocate to secure access to the single market. How may Brexit re-shape the financial industry? Industry...

Electric Lightwave - blog post
Networking at the Speed of Light

Ghostwriting for blog video launch • The fastest growing, most unique, most diverse Express Routes • 100G Connectivity, lowest latency, and improved Installation times • High bandwidth connectivity via private, public or hybrid WAN • Redundant dual core and dual aggregation routers • 4,000 route mile metro long-haul fiber network solution

Windows Gaming - series of blogs
New Windows Games

Click for series of game launch announcements. Get the latest in women’s tennis on your Windows PC or Tablet with this brand new app from the Women’s Tennis Association. Enjoy the latest stats, scores, news, videos, and player profiles. Stay up to speed with the most recent and upcoming tournaments. And get Live Tile updates when you pin WTA to your Start screen. Game, set, match! Bonus: create virtual fantasy matchups of your favorite players with the fantastically-fun Head-to-Head...

Integra - blog post
Healthcare Preps for Increased Cyber-Attacks

Experts say that the enormous amount of personal data stored by healthcare companies makes them one of the biggest targets for criminal hackers. The vulnerability of the healthcare industry to cyber-attacks increases as more patient records migrate to digital files. Now is the time to bolster security, stat!

Shine Your Strengths - branded site + blog
A Family Affair: Time Management

Blog ghostwriting/editing for ADHD counselor. I once worked with a family whose 11-year old boy hated doing homework ... This particular boy had ADHD and was on medication. I helped him plan for and track his assignments. In spite of this help, he continued to perform poorly.

Social Media

Digital Transformation - Social Ads
Sutherland Global

I worked with Sutherland Global for 16 months and wrote all their LinkedIn ads as well as Lead-gen Emails that connected potential customers to our latest blogs and infographics. Take a look at some of the ads and emails here.

Social Media - Instagram
Cascadia Apparel - Click here for sample posts

Showcase your logo via impeccable embroidery. CASCADIA APPAREL One of the values we're most committed to here at Cascadia is QUALITY. We're obsessed with product mastery and have assembled an expert team of embroidery professionals who oversee, execute, and deliver quality custom-embroidered uniforms, fan wear, crew apparel, and promotional apparel for Small Business across the US. Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, we're proud to supply some of the most in-demand brands of quality...

Social Media - Instagram
Arrow Emblems - Click here for sample posts

Today is the Festival of Holi in India. We wish all our Indian employees and customers a beautiful day. This full moon is celebrated as Holi, the springtime festival of color, love and the renewal of life. #springiscoming #holifestival #globalbusiness #celebratingtheseason #arrowemblems #wholesaleemblems #customepatches #patchesandpins #embroideredpatches #keychains #medals #magnets #chenillepatches #chenille For a closer look at the Holi Festival, check out the link in our bio today!

Social Media - Instagram
Ignition Drawing - Click here for sample posts

Glad to have attended THREADX this year in Scottsdale, AZ. , sponsored by SGIA. Connecting with diverse business influencers and peers, cultivating strong networks, staying informed and sharing learnings about the cutting-edge of new technologies. THREADX is about the big picture — branding, marketing, data, culture, business development and leading the crowd, increasing opportunity and injecting growth into business. A wonderful experience to rub elbows w/ other innovators! Specialty...

Facebook - video ad
Testimonial, Pyramex Safety

Pyramex Safety Products has been using Ignition Drawing for vector re-drawing services for years! Find out why, here.... Ignition Drawing: Artwork that works! We specialize in vector art & embroidery digitizing in 24-hours or less. - Always hand-drawn, no auto-tracing - Friendly, Seattle staff ready to help - Delivered in 24-hours or less​

Facebook - video ad
Ignition 5-Star Reviews

VECTOR DRAWING Hand-drawn, production-ready art in less than 24 hours! Our re-drawing specialists deliver your artwork just the way you need it to work, every time. Ignition Drawing artists turn your fuzzy files into clean production-ready vector art, great for creating high-quality logos and re-sizable imagery. Reach out to our Seattle-based staff with any questions. We never auto-trace, and our artists hand-draw each project to ensure the best quality vector art for all your needs.

Customer Testimonial - YouTube Commercial
Ignition Drawing

Meet PATRICK! Learn from one of our satisfied independent designer customers how and why he utilizes Ignition Drawing vector and digitizing services! "I love Ignition Drawing. Their website is easy to navigate. Their files are always super clean and easy to work with. And their response time is AMAZING! I use them whenever I need something digitized or vectorized. And it's been one of the BEST decisions I've made. It means LESS time on the computer and more QUALITY time with clients....