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"I believe the children are the future. You can teach them well, but buddy, you have gotta let them lead the way." —Jack Black

Positive Mental Atttitude
Shine a Light

Debunking Mental Health Stigmas

The Patience of Nnimmo Bassey

For the forthcoming Paris Climate Treaty of 2015, Bassey expects "plus ça change, plus c'est la même," roughly translated as "same as it ever was."

Dollars to Donuts and New Deals

The activist group Extinction Rebellion's human roadblocks brought London traffic to a standstill in early February. In the US, Climate Silence and the Climate Mobilization Project continue to mobilize citizens to "cancel the apocalypse." Meanwhile, several of the Democratic contenders have signed onto the Green New Deal framework - projects which are estimated to take trillions of dollars.

Berkeley Science Review
From Noise to Signal

A seismic hum and what it could mean for the Earth Sciences community.

Women's Environmental Network
Tending the Career Flame During a Pandemic - Women's Environmental Network

Can you grow your career in a global pandemic? WEN put this question to the test recently at its late August event. Proving you can't keep a group of good women down, the event created a groundswell of energy that led to hundreds of new LinkedIn connections, a Slack channel with hot job leads, and a handful of potential new business collaborations.

Alternatives Journal: Canada's Environmental Voice
Carbon Capture — The First May Not be the Last

In the race to remove the trillion tons of excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, the treatments we choose for this problem ought to at least be slightly better than the problem itself.

Khoros Atlas
Lithium Look-Back: Social Media Strategies Summit - Atlas

Social Media Marketing: Promises, Promises More than a decade into the come-of-age story of social media marketing, we're starting to see signs of maturity. Yet, social still isn't delivering on its biggest promises. According to a survey taken in 2016, only 15% of CMOs report a positive and measurable impact of social.

Beware of Darkness

An eclipse used to cause a shitshow down on Earth. Vikings yelled to frighten away demon dogs that had been sent by Loki to feed upon the Sun and Moon. People bashed pots and pans together to scare Rahu, an Indian god. The Ojibwe shot flaming arrows at the Sun to reignite the pilot light.

Bay City Beacon
Pension System Balks at Calls to Divest from Fossil Fuels

While the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously since 2013 for full divestment from fossil fuels, the San Francisco Employees Retirement System (SFERS) has postponed its decision, even in the face of dismal returns. SFERS is now accused of "dithering" on the financial challenges of climate change.

Independent Lens
Banking on Seeds: Rare, Diverse, and Endangered

When National Geographic Magazine reported that about 94% of the world's vegetable seeds circa 1903 are now missing from the Earth, Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz promptly started work on a feature-length documentary about the seed saving movement.

Independent Lens
Remember These? A Look Back at Pollution Public Service Announcements

As a lead in to the Independent Lens premiere of What Lies Upstream , which is an exposé about what led to a major source of water becoming poisoned after a disastrous chemical spill and the government's response thereto, take a trip down memory lane to look at how we used to warn people about pollution, chemicals, and other environmental hazards.

JR and Agnès

During the riots in Clichy-sous-Bois outside Paris, JR was an 18- year-old street artist dodging fines for wheat pasting on buildings. Now 15 years later, the low profile JR keeps stays small in proportion to his growing body of work; he still will not be photographed, filmed, or interviewed without the signature dark glasses and a hat.

Women's Environmental Network
Games for the Wise to Make Merry & Bright - Women's Environmental Network

There's something so right about a simple kitchen cluster when baby, it's cold outside. If goodwill is in the air and you feel it everywhere, the winter holidays can't be far away, right? Should you want to organize your guests this year, we offer a short list of 5 climate-related ideas for your consideration.

Dan Pink: How Teachers Can Sell Love of Learning to Students

So how do educators help kids become problem-finders when they don't know what the problem is or where the next one might be coming from? "A lot of people hate this word but I think we have to take it seriously, which is relevance," Pink said.

What Can 135 Million Video Gamers Add to Our Collective IQ?

Flickr:Blakespot By Jennie Rose An estimated 135 million people play video games, spending three billion hours a week glued to a screen. But that's not necessarily bad news. In fact, playing video games may be part of an evolutionary leap forward, according to Howard Rheingold, educator and author of the book Net Smart: How to Thrive Online.

Can Kids Be Taught Persistence?

Flickr:Miish By Jennie Rose In his new book How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character, author Paul Tough makes the case that persistence and grit are the biggest indicators of student success. Being resilient against failure, he says, is the fundamental quality we should be teaching kids, and he gives examples of where that's being done.

SEED Magazine
50th Anniversary of DNA

A survey of the trivial, the provocative and the outright revolutionary since the discovery of the double helix.

A Beautiful Perspective
Can fashion find its moral fiber?

It takes 2,700 liters of water to grow the cotton for one "Nevertheless, She Persisted" or "We Should All be Feminists" T-shirt, often sewn by a worker making just a few dollars per day. "Let's take a look at where that T-shirt was made. Where are the rights of the woman at the other end?"

The First Rule of Suicide

September brings the end of summer vacation and the equally sobering National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. I wanted to write a suicide myth-buster, but from a mental health standpoint, it's a tough subject. Social stigma doesn't make it any easier.