Jenn Edwards

Freelance Writer


I am a freelance writer specializing in the arts. Originally from Vancouver, I earned a BA in English Literature and a BFA in Dance, both from Simon Fraser University in 2010. I have spent the last decade working as a contemporary dancer, choreographer, and teacher, and the majority of my published work focuses on dance. I am also passionate about film, indie theatre, music, yoga, and figure skating. I write articles, profiles, reviews, biographies, grant applications, blog posts, artist statements, and promotional materials.

Cursed with wanderlust, I have lived in Vancouver, Berlin, Vienna, Toronto, and Newfoundland, and have toured the world on dance contracts. I'm always looking to explore new territory, concepts, and ideas, both on and off the page.


"Jenn E. is a highly motivated and conscientious writer, who knows how to research deeply and broadly. She is a pleasure to work with, and I am always happy when she accepts a commission or pitches a story idea."
- Kaija Pepper (Editor, Dance International Magazine)

"Jenn is an efficient, reliable contractor, who I can always count on to do a fantastic job. Her passion for the arts shines through in her writing, which is clear, fluid, and concise."
- Almira Bardai (Founder, Jive PR & Digital)